My shiny car

My shiny car is a website that helps you choose tire dressing and other accesories for your tire. Having a good product for your tires is very important. Detailing a car can be done in many ways. Here we focus on tires and how they look on the road.

One thing is to buy a good tire which will last you for a long time. Although this is very important, this site is not about that. Instead, this site is dedicated to the people who try to have the best tire shine and other tire products. We focus on many things connected with that – from tire cleaning to final tire shine. We review some of the best products on the market to give you heads up at buying new products.

Taking care of the tire is not as easy as one might think. Sure, you can simply take it to the car wash and let them do their job, but unless it is a very dedicated car wash, this just won’t do the job. Taking care by your own is not only cheaper way, but also more reliable since you know what you do with your car.

Cleaning the car tires

Before applying tire shine on your car’s tires, it might be beneficial to you to clean the tires. They should be cleaned well and products dedicated to tire cleaning are prefered to the casual whole-car wash products. Although there are some products which are good for virtually anything, not all of the are like that and the purpose of this site is to spread awareness about that and show you the products that are also good for tires. We made many reviews of useful products for easier decision making. The main things needed at cleaning tires are cleaning brush and soap. As we know, tires can be very dirty because of dirt from the brakes, road dirt and other things come on them and make them dirty. They can have some greasy, hard to remove dirt, so a degreaser is a good thing to have when cleaning tires. They might be useful in some other areas as well, but for the tires it is important to have them clean before applying tire dressing.

Tire dressing

Tire dressing is applied to the tire only AFTER it was cleaned. In this way, it is applied to the clean tire without stains. The dressing only then assures the tire to shine as it is supposed to. Tire dressings come in sprays, gels and other forms. What is best depends on personal taste. There are many tire dressings and other tire shine products on the market. They differ also on two characteristics – wheter they are silicone-based or water-based. While silicone based tire shine lasts longer, it might not be so good for the tire. It is hard to remove the dressing (that is what is ensuring its durability) and the dressing will indeed have to come off once. If not sooner, that will be when you  apply new dressing. Besides that, it releases some oils that might harm a tire and they might spread to other parts of the car, which can harm pain and other things on car as well. With water based dressing, you can remove the dressing with water quite easily. Of course, if you can do it, rain can do it as well. Bad weather conditions will wash it off very fast and that is why such tire dressing does not last long. However, it is car-friendly if we can put it that way. It does not harm a tire or anything else on a car, so for the long term it might be better. All in all, there is a tradeoff you have to make between what is good for tire and what is a so called “easy solution.”

Tire shineThe tire shine will last different time depending on what kind of dressing you used. Silicone based might last weeks if not months; but as mentioned previously, that dressing will be hard to remove. Here, we compare both kinds of dressings, since the choice of which dressing you choose depends on your preferences.

There is an extensive article about the best tire shine on the market. Here, you can find all the general information about tire shines and also cleaning of your tire. Some of the best products are mentioned there as well.