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Finding aftermarket steering wheel with airbag for your car

Why we use airbags

Airbags are used to help the passenger to reduce their speed to avoid injury during collision or accident. We know that momentum is product of mass (m) and velocity (v), and every object in motion have some momentum. Impulse is product of force and time, and is equal to change in momentum.

When car is moving with certain velocity (v) then every object including passengers has velocity of the car and has momentum in forward direction. When vehicle collide with an object and come to sudden rest, the passenger continues to move in forward direction due to its momentum. In order to stop the passenger you need a counter force. This force can be provided by dashboard or front screen but it will cause some serious injuries to the passenger due to large force and small impact time.

Airbag is used to provide force over time. If the time is large less force is required to slowdown the passenger which lessens the damage caused to the passenger.

Time lag between the car hit the object and person hit the steering is very small so there Is limited time for airbag to act upon.

  • When the collision occurs crash sensors sense the collision and decide whether to inflate the airbag or not in about 15 to 20 milliseconds. Usually minimum speed limit is 6 to 10 km/h.
  • If the result is positive air bag will inflate at about 25 milliseconds after the crash.
  • It takes another 20 milliseconds to fully inflate the bag for the person to land into.
  • After 60 milliseconds bag start to deflate and deflation process takes another 35 to 40 milliseconds for the person to be acted on by the airbag.

aftermarket steering wheel with airbag

Steering wheel airbag replacement

Once an airbag has been deployed by collision or malfunctioning of system, it is recommended to be replaced. While deploying air bags trips sensors and springs so they also need to be replaced along side airbag as well.  As you know different manufacturers feature different components and sometime different models have unique components. So be very careful while purchasing because it can be proves very costly to you. The most common components that need to be replaced are airbag control unit, the air bag impact sensors and clock spring.

Air Bag Control Module

It is known by different names like “air bag computer module” and “airbag diagnostic unit”. It has a chip board enclosed in a metal box with input output wire sockets. After airbag deployment some module can be reset while other must be replaced entirely.

Air Bag Impact Sensors

Impact sensors sense the collision impact or rapid deceleration and are places in various location of the vehicle. Only affected sensors needs to be replaced others may be reset.

Air Bag Clock Spring

It is used to provide electricity to airbag and other components on steering wheel. Based on the direction of turning of wheel it may contract or expand to ensure electricity connection.

Replacing the Air Bag

First make sure negative battery terminal is removed because this is the most common mistake and cause very serious eyes injury due to spark and airbag deployment during installation. From the fuse box remove all the airbag fuses and make a note on them. Now disassemble the steering wheel covering to access the old air bag. The process can vary depending upon makes and models. Next move the bag out and disconnect the plug on backside. Now install the new air bag connect the plug and fit the airbag very carefully into the recess. Now place back all steering components and bolt them.

Types of different steering wheels

Depending upon mechanical functionality there are two types of steering: recirculating ball and reck and pinion. The latter one is more commonly used on most common passenger vehicles. Steering may be powered or manual but power steering become more complex for both varieties. The thing here to consider is that steering is finely tune system and not just a simple handle.

Now a days steering wheel of different material are commonly available. Metallic wheels are more common many wheels are made of combination of metal and some other material like wood. Variety of griping surface is also available such as plastic, leather, rubber and foam etc.

Size and shape also vary from vehicle to vehicle. Banjo steering wheel is most common in early vehicles. It uses wire spokes to absorb shocks form tire.  Now a day many types of adjustable steering wheels are being used which include tilt wheel, adjustable steering column, telescope wheel, swing-away steering wheel, and quick release hub steering wheel.

Tilt wheel can be adjusted by moving in upwards or downward direction through an arc. While in adjustable steering column height of the steering wheel can be adjusted with only small tilt angle. Telescope wheel is provided with lock for adjustment which required losing the lock while adjusting. In order to facilitate the exit and entry of passenger swing away wheel can move 9 inches to the right.

These steering wheels are mounted on quick release hub or detachable hub. This allows the driver to remove steering wheel by simply pressing the button without using any tool. This system in very common in narrow space race cars because it facilitates the driver to get in and out easily. Car hefting is very common in these days so it also act as anti-theft device. The problem with quick release wheel is that you cannot use airbag with any type of the detachable steering wheel available. So in order to save the vehicle from steeling you are putting your life in danger. It is entirely up to owner and country law he is living in that which thing to compromise and which not.

Some steering wheel accessories

The most popular accessories are steering wheel cover, steering wheel, steering wheel spinner knob, horn button and central pad. The purpose of these accessories is to comfort the driver and enhance or match the interior of the vehicle.

Covers are used to enhance hand grip and look of the interior. Steering wheels are available with different size, shape and color. Spinner is fixed to the outer rim of the wheel and used to control the wheel single handedly. It is also known as suicide knob as it causes difficulty to control the vehicle in emergency. Horn button and central pad may also need to replace because of malfunctioning of horn button.

Some product descriptions and reviews


Below is the list of products that is currently not available on Amazon. We are working on a solution to show you the products that you can actually buy.

Grant 61036 Revolution Style Airbag Steering Wheel (Black Leather Grip with Silver Inserts)

If you are looking for a wheel with silver inserts to match your existing silver interior trim then Grant 61036 is the one you are looking for. You do not have to repaint the entire interior trim of the truck. This steering wheel with revolution style features stylish and modern design which will revolutionize the interior of sport utility vehicle or truck ant at the same time it will allow you to retain the safety feature of airbag.

This Mexican made OEM diameter steering wheel has black leather grip with silver inserts. This model is available with excellent spoke mounted control switches. Wheel is manufactured using original factory frame size. So you can enhance and customized the interior without compromising safety. You can easily remove and transfer the original air bag (SIR) module, horn switch, switch harness, switches, and shroud from the factory wheel to the new grant wheel. This beautiful piece has weight of only 4 pounds and has size of 16.2 x 16 x 10.2 (LxWxH) inches.it has made very easy to replace the old steering of your truck and install new one.

This steering wheel can be fit in following makes and models:

  • 2003-2006 GMC Sierra Pickup, Yukon, Yukon XL, Denali, Savana Van
  • 2002-2008 GMC Envoy
  • 2002-2006 Hummer H2
  • 2002-2004 Oldsmobile Bravada

Check price and availability here

Grant 61030 Revolution Air Bag Steering Wheel

Grant 61030 is one of the awesome steering wheel from Grant’s products. You can simply visit the Grant website for installation guide and you will find the installation video which is very helpful. Do not attempt to remove the wheel without required tools. It can prove very costly due to personal injury or damage to the product and once you have messed up the wiring structure it will become very difficult for you to identify the required wires. Old used switches do not give good look with new steering wheel so you should buy new switches as well. It will make the process easier as you don’t need to polish and shine the old ones and they will also make the wheel look awesome. Remove the old steering wheel replace all old switches with new one. Put the new Grant 61030 wheel on adjust switches connect all wires connection and tighten the horn mechanisms just like when they were removed. A person with average automotive skills needs approximately one and half hour to complete this process.

You should know that company does not accept core return from any online shop so do not claim any warranty if you are buying it from an online shop.

Dimensions of the wheel are 16.3×10.4×14.3 inches and it has four spokes mounted with control switches e.g. horn switches and multimedia control. Cover of the steering wheel is not leather, it is molded rubber but still give good look to the product. The way they design the wheel it offers more space getting in and out.

Check price and availability here

Grant 61035 – Grant Revolution Air Bag Steering Wheels


OEM Diameter Grant 61035 is available with black leather grip and burl wood style inserts. Just like Grant 61030 and 61036 it comes with original factory size and all other equipment like original airbag (SIR) module. Switches, switch harness, and shroud for original factory wheel can be removed and transfer to the new Grant’s model. This Grant’s model can only be used with original switches and company does not provide any switch with product.

Company claims that Grant 61035 comes with black leather covering according to some buyers it does not have any leather covering but some cheap rubber coating. So make sure while purchasing this item, first, is it original Grant’s model and second does it have the given specifications or not.

Grant 61035 model can be fitted in following makes and model:

  • 2003-2006 GMC Sierra Pickup, Yukon, Yukon XL, Denali, Savana Van
  • 2002-2008 GMC Envoy
  • 2002-2006 Hummer H2
  • 2002-2004 Oldsmobile Bravada

Check price and availability here