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Best Touch Screen Car Stereo


A car stereo is mostly a piece of equipment that is installed in a car or any other vehicle so as to provide in car entertainment (in terms of sound) and information for its occupants. The stereos once consisting of only AM, now have many additions, which are mainly FM, tape players, DVD players, cassette players, Blu-ray players, Navigation, smartphone controller among many others. When it was just introduced, they had to be controlled from the buttons on the dashboards, nowadays, the latter can be done from the steering wheel as well as voice commands.

Although it was at first implement so as to listen to music and the radio, the car stereo is now part of telecommunications, hands free calling as well as many others.

Now that you have a better understanding of what it consists, let’s dive into the reviewing of the products below.


2 Din Car Stereo Bluetooth 6.2” Touch Screen with Backup Camera Rear View 

Made by DICN, it is one of the emerging brands of the market.


Pros and Cons

The pros of this car stereo is that it has a very large screen, which is also touch screen. Compatible with DVD, MP3, and MP4 among others, it does play a plethora of things, from music to videos and movies. It comes with features such as hands-free, steering wheel control which makes it really handy to have in the front interior of the car. The radio which also operates via touch screen has both AM and FM and it is possible to insert from USBs to SD cards for additional storage, music or videos. One of the best pros of it is that it support various popular languages. As an added feature comes the reverse camera to which the display which switch to the camera view whenever the car is in reverse gear. All of the hardware needed comes with the kit as well as then installation instructions.

As a matter of fact, there were no cons for this one.

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Pioneer MVH-200EX Double Din Bluetooth In-Dash Digital Media Car Stereo 

This stereo is made by Pioneer, one of the best brands on the market.


Pros and Cons

The pros of this car stereo is that it has a pretty decent resolution at 800 x 400 and the latter is touch screen. Along with the full display of 24-bit colors, it is rather user friendly. The display or monitor is also multi language meaning you won’t have to worry if you are from Europe or the USA. As with most stereo, it comes with the hands free calling feature which works pretty well. You may also connect your phone with it. The stereo is compatible with most sound and video format meaning you won’t have to worry about that either. You can also connect your back up camera to it and the display will switch to the rear side when the gear is into reverse. Overall it does all that it advertises for.

We couldn’t find any inconvenience with this car stereo to be considered a con.


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Double Din Car Stereo, 7-Inch Touch Screen Car Radio 

Made by IronPeas, another one of the innovative manufacturers.


Pros and Cons

This stereo like most others has a built-in Bluetooth which is pretty good for hands free call and for the pairing across devices. The LCD touchscreen is pretty convenient for use at 7″ and displaying any movie or video at 1080P. It is also possible for ease of access by the backseat with the use of its remove control. As 12V, the outlet and output is pretty universal. In addition to all of those, it works with reverse cameras, which is when reversing the display will switch automatically to the rear view onto the screen without a lag.

Sometimes the product might come damaged and finding problems such as display upside down, hopefully this is minimal.

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BOSS Audio BV9986BI Single Din, Touchscreen, Bluetooth, Car Stereo

BOSS AUDIO is one of the best in terms of stereo, amplifiers and speaker on the market.


Pros and Cons

This stereo from BOSS audio is one of the best, with its Bluetooth audio streaming as well as support most kind of sound and video format. It is also possible to boost the storage by adding USBs, SD cards as well as many other storage accessories.  The front panel is also detachable for convenience and works with its wireless remote too. As most stereo touch screens, the monitor is compatible with reverse camera meaning when the gear is in reverse, the display will switch and show the mirrored view of the camera. As an overall, it is pretty good for sound, display (camera) and design.

The cons are that it has a wide amount of problems with the different parts, from LCD screen malfunctioning and volume not going up or down or even stuck in the same place.

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Pioneer AVH-290BT Multimedia DVD Display and Built-in Bluetooth Click Here!

Made by Pioneer, it is another one of their innovative products.


Pros and Cons

The pros of these product is pretty ok, considering it has all the basic features you might need. Those features are USB direct control for IPhone and iPod meaning you can control the display with you phone as well as charge your phone as a plus. It also has the general hands-free feature for calling (receive and make) as well as audio streaming. The display is also touch screen meaning it is very convenient for use even by the front passenger seat. Finally the multimedia supports DVD meaning you can play some movies onto it.

The cons are that it doesn’t support all video formats.


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After having reviewed all those products, our ultimate choice was the 2 Din Car Stereo Bluetooth 6.2” Touch Screen with Backup Camera Rear View. The reason for our choice is simply that it is pretty innovative as well as doing all the jobs it promises to do and finally it has no cons.