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Window Tint Film

The window film is a thin laminated film is one that can be installed to either the interior or exterior of any glass surface which may be cars, boats, builds or glass homes. Commonly manufactured in the form of polyethylene terephthalate which is a thermoplastic polymer resin – it is a very clear, having the best tensile strength and stability with the ability to accept a lot of embedded treatments.

Window films exists different categories too, being categorized by the components used in the construction. Terms such as dyed, metallized, ceramic or Nano is usually used by the common and business people to refer it. Usually installed by professional companies, there however exist D.I.Y kits available almost everywhere.

Window films may come in different grades, colors and thickness. It can also be used for a number of thing, such as thermal insulation, UV filtration, safety and security, privacy (seeing without being seen), protection from graffiti and finally used as decoration or signage

Now that you know what exactly is a window film, we will review the products below so that you can have peace of mind when deciding which one to choose.


Bofeifs Window Tint for Home Solar Film Heat Control Window Film 

Bofeifs is one of the new brands in terms specifically tint films. It does provide some large variety of product range for windows.

Pros and Cons

The pros that the Bofeifs window films have are that it gives you a greater amount of privacy during daytime as the film is made up of reflective matter. You can still see what is going on outside despite people not seeing you. The window films are also easily installed and have about 22% heat rejection that will cool your room or car.

The only con is that although reflective during the day, it is not during the night (can be bypassed by having curtains).

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Frosted Privacy Window Film Treatment: Translucent Static Cling Film for Home 

Manufactured by Window Whirl, a brand which manufactures high quality film that can easily fit any time of window.

Pros and Cons

It is ideal for night with the film completely blacking out the windows (even car windows). Pretty easy to install, as no adhesive is used. The material is pretty thick and durable while eliminating light completely. It is also ideal for companies who have night shift workers like nurses and so on, meaning passer-by won’t peek.

The only con is that sometimes, the film won’t stay stuck to the window glass in extreme cold weather.

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Fancy-fix Sun Heat Control Solar Window Films Dark Window Glass Tint – Black 

Fancy fix are one of the leading companies for making window accessories. They offer a huge variety of films and different types of it as well.

Pros and Cons

The pros are that is is made of premium quality material that is durable and scratch resistant. It does block 85% of the light, offering privacy during both day and night. It is adhesive free meaning if you have to remove it, there won’t be additional adhesive stuck to be scratched. It come with a manual and is very easy to install. As a plus, it is multi-purpose, can be applied from window (car), mirror to glass table.

As a matter of fact there were no cons for this product.

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TRUE LINE Automotive Computer Customized Pre-cut Window Tint Kit

TRUE LINE is one of the trusted automobile window film manufacturers around. It does offer many types of films and accessories for cars and sometimes windows (home or car).


Pros and Cons

This window film comes in a precut version for all the parts of your car, meaning you won’t have to lose time going around with your scissors or cutters. It is neatly rolled and can be easily applied to the windows without much effort.

The con is that you probably need an adhesive spray and squeegee to make it fit all around the windows. They also don’t make pre-cut for windshields, so you may have to buy an additional piece and cut it yourself.

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Fancy-fix Sun Heat Control Solar Window Films Window Glass Tint Click Here!

Another one of Fancy-fix product and we can assure it is pretty innovative like the others.

Pros and Cons

This transparent film being one of the best solution for heat control is made up of high quality material that is designed to let you see outside while protecting you from the heat. It reduced UV rays by about 90% and can minimize infrared rays up to 88%. The last pro is that since it is transparent, you do not miss the beautiful scenery your back garden offers or even the front of your house.

It is also self-adhesive meaning you won’t have to purchase additional adhesive spray to get the job done. Being easy to install, you won’t encounter any problems with it. It is also non reflective (inside) meaning the scenery is safe.

As a matter of fact, it doesn’t have any cons.

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We took our time and went through all these products keeping you in mind. We don’t want you to be clueless when deciding which one of a particular tint film to purchase. Now all window tint films in this particular review are all pretty good. Remember it depends on your taste, preferences as well as what you need it for.

Some people will prefer already cut ones, while others might prefer to buy big chunks and cut it to fit their different sized windows.

Well leaving all that aside, the one we would most like put our bet on is Fancy-fix Sun Heat Control Solar Window Films Window Glass Tint since it does all the job it advertises for and is pretty easy to install. It proves adequate protection against the UV rays while not muffling the window since it is transparent, meaning you will still enjoy your scenery while being protected which is pretty neat.<>