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Car door guard reviews


Car door guards need to do two things: They need to act as a car door protector against scratches and dents and they need to look good by working with. They should not clash against or distract from the paint job. When it comes time to pick the right car door guard, someone might feel a bit overwhelmed at the choices awaiting them, but they should know that the process is an easy one, and can even be enjoyable. There are generally three variables to consider: shape, size, and color.

The Shape – this refers to the style of a car door protector, typically named after a specific shape that resembles one of three letters of the alphabet: U, J, or L. Before selecting the door edge molding, examine the edge it should protect. Look at how the door or hatch opens, and consider what it might be impacting, and where.

The Size – Car door guards that look proportional on one vehicle may appear under- or over-sized on another. The wrong sized door edge molding might not properly protect the car’s paint, either. Think about thickness, too, when considering the car door guard selection.

The Color – This depends if one wants the car door guard to disappear and do their job without being seen or they want it them to add a new visual dimension to the vehicle. Clear car door edge guards can help with the vanishing act, while chrome door edge guards can contribute to making more of a statement.

Status High Glossy Slim Door Edge Guards Bumper Protector Trim Guard Sticker Molding for Motors Auto Vehicle

Status Door Guard comes with two front door corner bumper protector guards, two rear door corner bumper protector guards, and a Magic Cleaner. Its size is (9.5cm * 2.3cm) for front door guards and (8.2cm * 2.0cm) for rear door guards. Available colors are White, Black, Silver, Metallic Silver, and are all made of ABS material. The product contains excellent durability & elasticity and is a universal fitment for all vehicle. Use it to protect the car from scratches & decorate it.

It is installed on the car front or rear door can protect car door edge from scratches and dent when open or close. It is also an ideal ornament for the car exterior, as it will enhance a more stylish look for the car. Clean out the places to be installed, then pull off the cover of the double adhesive tape and press tightly it on the door. For best results, clean surfaces prior to application. Make sure surface are dry and dust free. Make a sure film, from adhesive, then attach compact door guard to the desired area.

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Kurgo Car Door Guard

Kurgo Car Door Guard is adjustable from 23-28 inches wide and 18 inches in height. It weighs 0.44 lbs. and is a universal fit. It contains a large storage pocket and its pockets can be weighted to stop flapping in the wind. Also, machine washable and come in assorted colors.

Its care instructions include: Brush off loose dirt with a dry brush. Wash with cold water; if necessary, machine washes in front-loading unit with mild soap. Hang to dry.

For someone who the pooch is their number one car companion, they will need something that will keep the vehicle free from slobber and scratches. Dirty, furry paws can do some serious damage to a vehicle’s interior, especially car doors.

These easy to install, waterproof car door covers provide universal coverage and are adjustable to fit small and large vehicles. They attach with simple tabs that slide between the window and door panel. There are even storage pockets for all those car trip must-haves. Cleanup is simple; just throw them in the washing machine and hang to dry.

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Cowles T5602 Edge Trim, 18 Feet, Black

Cowles T5602 Edge Trim size is .21″ (w) x .31″ (h) x 18′ (l). The Edge TrimTM Flexible Edge Molding is designed to go on virtually any edge of the vehicle including trunk lids, hoods, doors, and grilles. A great accessory that offers protection from any nicks or scratches on the edges of the vehicle, while also accenting your vehicle. The edge molding is UV protected for longer life.

It keeps the edges on your vehicle nick free and accents the vehicle. The trim looks good as it’s shiny and black and along with the copious amounts of trim already on a car, this goes with the overall aesthetic well. It fits over the doors easily, is a breeze to install, and thanks to the adhesive on the inside it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon.

This kit comes with more than enough trim to do all four doors as well as the edge of the back door. It cuts easily with standard scissors. This trim is easy to use and self-adheres to the edges of doors to protect your other vehicles you are parked next to from clear coat scratches and door dings. Also, blends in great on a black vehicle.

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Car Sealed Strip Door Guard Buffer Black 4pcs

P-typed design, made of rubber material in black. It can be installed on the car door or window and is suitable for all kinds of cars or trucks. It can be eliminated the dust and the rain in the car. The longer one’s size is: 18.5 x 2 x 1.5cm/7.3″ x 0.8″ x 0.6″(L*W*T) and the shorter one’s size is: 13.5 x 2 x 1.5cm/5.3″ x 0.8″ x 0.6″(L*W*T). It weighs 6.4 ounces and its dimensions are 11 x 8.5 x 0.6 inches.

This product has a metal strip inside for stability and that metal is exposed to the elements. Consequently, it rusts within a few months and the rust is deposited on the door of the car and is dripping down into the paint. When one tries to buff off the rust strains, some spots will remain. Check your installation for rust stains. The stains might not be visible, in a dark colored car but they are there. In addition, when the rust constantly stays in touch with the paint job, at some point, it is going to eat through the finish and into the metal of the car.

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Full Size 12′ Clear U-Shape Car Door Edge Guard Trim

U-Shape Car Door Edge Guard Trim protects the door edge from nicks and chips if the door hits another car or opening near a wall. It is a do it yourself easy application and is 3/8″ tall 1/4″ wide. Manufactured in the USA of flexible and durable high-quality material. Its high-quality adhesive ensures that it stays on. Users can cut to the desired length for install requirements.

It works well as a bumper. There is some preparation that should be considered. One is having the plastic sit in the sun for some time before installing because warming up the plastic makes it easier to install. Start from the top of the door but do not take off and start again.

Within the bottom of the groove there is an adhesive, so limit smearing it within the plastic, it clouds the plastic and makes it more apparent on your door. Going from top to bottom will work well, as working an inch or two at a time will get a snug fit on the door edge.

When done use a clean cloth to rub the edging into place like burnishing, it makes for a well-formed fit. Lastly, cut the edging off at the bottom. Do not pre-cut as wanted to ensure the that the stuff made it all the way down to the bottom of the door.

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