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Getting a wireless rear camera for car? All you need to know about them


A wireless rear-view camera, also known as a backup camera is one of the special type of video camera, specifically produced for the sole purpose of being attacked to the rear end or back of a vehicle so as to help in back up as well as aiding to see blind sports that would normally not be in sight. Designed so as to avoid collision, the area behind those vehicles are often described as being a “kill zone” due to the damage it can cause. The rear-view cameras are usually connected to a head unit display in the front interior of the car.

The design of wireless rear-view camera is very distant from that of other cameras because the image is horizontally flipped so that it shows a mirror image. This is extremely important so that the camera and the drivers view are the same, because without it, what the camera would be showing to be to the right, would be left to the driver and vice versa. The mirrored view also make it consistent to the display on the mirrors of the vehicle. The camera is most of the time pointing downwards in a wide angle so that the driver is able to view potential obstacles on the floor as well as walls and parking line and so on.

There has been a recent rise in the popularity of DVD players as well as GPS navigation, meaning LCD screen for care for the drivers’ seat are in demand. The screen both used for the cameras is compatible with the DVDs and GPS, meaning it is a win-win buy for you. The screen is wired in such a way so that when reversing, the display will switch to the back-up view and when not in reverse, it will switch back to normal. Cost effective wireless backup cameras are also available.

Now that you’ve broaden your horizons about wireless rear view cameras, let’s start reviewing them.


Pyle PLCM4375WIR Vehicle Camera 

wireless rear camera for car
Manufactured by Pyle, it is an innovative camera and pretty fashionable too.


Pros and Cons

This pros of this camera and all of the cameras coming up is that it is wireless. It is extremely easy to install with only 3-4 cords for the NTSC/PAL system output. With a maximum feet distance of 80 feet or around 24 meters, it is one of the best and works without any issues. When going into reverse mode, the camera switches on and the LCD display shows the rear end view without any problem. At just 1.22 pounds it is possible to mount it just above the license plate so as not to damage the style of your car. With a 200 contrast and brightness, you are sure to see even in the darkest areas. The LCD is pretty slim and light too meaning it is easy to set up and handle as we’ve found. Overall you won’t have to deal with any lag as video is instantly sent to LCD in live view.

The con that we found is that it is not 100% waterproof meaning it can be damaged when there is heavy rain, although that can by bypassed by using additional home supplies of adhesive tape or silicone glue.

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ZSMJ Wireless Backup Camera and Monitor Kit 9V-24V Rear View System For Car 

wireless rear camera for car
Made by ZSMJ, this product is pretty innovative.


Pros and Cons

The first and foremost pro of this rear end wireless camera is that it is waterproof meaning you won’t have to worry about driving in the rain. Most of other camera aren’t waterproof so the fact that this one is waterproof is a testament in itself. Next, end switching to reverse gear, the camera will automatically alter its display to show the back of the car to help in backing up and parking or even getting into the garage. The monitor is powered by plugging it to a cigarette lighter or a fuse box depending on what you prefer. The screen itself is bigger than most at 4.3 inches and is in LCD which can be attached to any surface with the provided pedestal. The pedestal is also removable for replacing or changing the mounting options you might have. The monitor having two inputs mean that you can also connect another camera to it for the front of your car. As you see, this camera is pretty innovative as the manufacturers has already thought of the different ways you might want to use it.

As a matter of fact, we couldn’t find any con with this one.

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Wireless Backup Camera for Truck, 170° Wide Angle Car Rear View 

wireless rear camera for car
Veclesus is the manufacturer of this multi-function camera which can be used for truck and car.


Pros and Cons

The pro of this rear view camera is that it has an embedded processor as well as its own operating system and has already adopted 2.4G wireless technology, as a result everything is controlled resulting in a low power consumption equipment. The wireless signal is also not affected or interfered with similar wireless devices, so no bug for you. The huge pro is that the camera is made of aluminum material which is pretty solid and it also waterproof at a rate of IP68 to ensure its use to extreme weather conditions. Withstanding to about -20 degrees Celsius meaning it won’t freeze at the slightest snow. And for convenience, it voltage design range from 12-24C meaning its use is pretty universal for a vehicle.

As a matter of fact, there were no cons for this camera.

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After having reviewed those three wireless rear view camera, we have managed to reach our conclusion although it was not easy. Like always just because we chose one doesn’t necessarily make the other bad. Now without any further ado, our pick was the ZSMJ Wireless Backup Camera and Monitor Kit 9V-24V Rear View System. It is pretty innovative and solid as well as waterproof meaning it ticks all the boxes. Now if you wish you can reach your own conclusion but not before going through the review.