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Loud Air Horn for truck


Loud truck know are also known as air horns are mostly pneumatic devices that are designed to create extremely loud noises for signaling purposes. It consists of having a source that produces compressed air, the latter going into a horn through a reed or diaphragm. As a result the diaphragm will vibrate due to the steams of air being produced. This will create sound waves since the horn will amplify it so as to make it sound much louder. The air horns are employed widely as vehicle horns such as fire trucks, trains, ambulances and even used as warning devices (sounds). Some larger horns are mostly used on ships.

When used for trucks, the air horn is powered by compressed air which results from the vehicle air brake system. There is usually a mounted cord onto the ceiling of the operator, and it gets pulled to open the valve which supplies carrying amount of air to the horn. However in modern trucks, the horn is usually activated by a button which happens to be onto the steering wheel. Nowadays some trucks have both electric and air horns which can be interchanged thanks to a switch on the dashboard. This is usually done to prevent the use of powerful and loudest horns in populated areas.


Zone Tech 12V Single Trumpet Air Horn 

This air horn is made by Zone Tech, one of the well-known brands around and their products are mostly innovative.


Pros and Cons

The pros of this air horn is that at 150dB, it is one of the loudest truck horns available on the market. If it wasn’t loud enough, in addition to its 150dB, it has a compressor integrated meaning you can probably blow everyone ear drums over and over. Coming with its 12V DC power means the mounting is pretty universal. It is also not fragile as it is made from very high premium quality material; meaning it is resistant to the weather and can take some beating. The horn is also extremely easy to install coming with all the hardware needed to install it as well as clear instructions.

The con we found that is that using huge bursts of sound using the compressor can do some permanent damage to it.


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Stebel – Nautilus Compact Mini Air Horn Black 

This horn made from Stebel Italy branch is one of the compact series and one of the best to have around.


Pros and Cons

The pros of this air horn is that being 30% less in size than its predecessors means that it is pretty convenient and easy to fit. As well as being smaller in size, it is designed to be thin making the installation really easy. The other very good pro we found is that it required only one fixing point as well as a single wire connection so no need to over complicate things. The sound output is also instant due to its air jet system. In addition to that, the protection patented system makes sure you can switch between high and low tone easily without damaging the air horn.

The con of it are that you’ll need an additional 12V relay to make it work.


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Zento Deals 12V Single Trumpet Air Horn 

Made by Zento Deals, this trumpet air horn is sure to pack a punch.


Pros and Cons

This trumpet air horn is one of the loudest truck horns around as it can reach up to 150dB. Made in premium quality material, it can withstand any kind of weather and in addition to that, the material provides it with strength to resist from damage, all while making it durable for the long term. Coming in its 12V DC power, it is mostly universal and can be used with most trucks. It will also give a cool look on your truck as it comes with its polished red compressor and shiny chrome. As you may have guessed, this horn is designed for truckers looking for the loudest air horns.


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Zone Tech Dual Trumpet Air Horn Classic Black Super Loud

The truck air horn from the Zone Tech line. As you’ve seen before it’s pretty innovative.


Pros and Cons

The pros of this zone tech air horn is that it is made from heavy duty material, guaranteeing the user of a strong horn which can brave the hardest weather as well as being a rust resistant one since the material has already been coated. Easy to install without much effort, this air horn already have all the necessary hardware for mounting meaning you won’t have to buy any extras. The compressor along with the horn will also give your truck a stylish perspective.

The con that we have found is that sometimes one of the horns doesn’t play any sound.


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Vixen Horns Loud 145dB Single Chrome Plated Train Air Horn 12V/24V 

Vixen Horns are known to be one of the best brands for years now and this horn is sure not to disappoint.


Pros and Cons

The pros of this vixen semi-truck horn is that it is one of the loudest on the market at 145dB. Since it’s plated in metal, it is resistant to rust and to all sorts of bad weather. In addition to that it does come with all hardware needed in the kit for installation, such as the electric air valve solenoid among other. It comes in 2 voltage too meaning you won’t have to worry that you use either 12V or 24V. It is very easy to install with the bolts and nuts since the instructions are pretty straightforward.


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Going through all of these loud air horns for trucks hasn’t been easy but we did manage to reach a conclusion by choosing one. So the one we would most definitely put our bet on is the Stebel – Nautilus Compact Mini Air Horn Black. Its con can be bypassed easily and all the other cons will cover this small DC inconvenience.

Now it’s up to you to make your choice, thankfully you can go through the review above again.