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Musical Car Horns – Everything you need to know about them!

Horns are a necessity for all cars. But many people tend to get irritated by the monotonous honking they hear every day. But what if your car lets out a popular melody instead of the irritating horn? Musical car horns definitely make honking sound quite melodious and far from monotonous. Though every vehicle has a specific horn system that comes along with it marking the sound specific to its make, you are free to mark your own identity using musical car horns which can be fitted into a truck or a motorbike too.

Electronic car horns have made honking far more audible and melodious. Some horns come with distinctive and popular sounds that can mark your identity in your locality where you drive. The best part is that these electronic car horns are easy to install and come with complete instructions that help you install it in your vehicle, internally or externally, as required, within a few minutes.

Vixen Electronic Horn & Public Announcement (PA) Speaker System – VXS6200

Vixen has come up with an amazing electronic horn and PA system which produces as many as 46 distinctive sounds including some popular musical melodies, animal sounds, alarms, sirens and special sounds. The entire system is very friendly to install and handle. The interface comes with 5 options to choose from – Animal, Alarm, Music and Piano for the horn and the Mic option when you want to use it as a PA system. Vixen horns come with 16 melodious musical sounds, 14 animal sounds, 12 sirens and 4 special sounds that make it distinctive from the others available in the market. You can plug in the speaker and microphone to the base easily and use it as a PA system, especially when you are in a picnic, some sports event or in an emergency situation. In the Piano mode, you can play your own music too!

All you need to plug it in is a 12 volt 1 – 1.5 Amp Ac to Dc power adapter which you can use in your boat or truck too. In fact, if you have some party going on and want some musical sound for your games, Vixen is the perfect partner. You can plug it in your home or yard provided you have a 12V plug. It is quite loud to be distinctively heard and you can also set it up easily on a golf cart too. The entire system comes with the control panel, the speaker, the microphone, necessary wires to connect these parts and the power adapter.

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Spec-D Tuning AH-6052 Musical Air Horn Plus Compressor

Spec-D’s trumpet air horn is amazingly easy to install and it is quite loud. It fits perfectly for your cars, truck or golf cart. Air horns are preferred by many people because they are much louder than the electric ones. Air horns make much louder sounds and its loudness depends on the number of trumpets and their sizes. Spec-D’s “La Cucaracha” Musical air horn plus compressor comes with 5 trumpets of different sizes which creates a good mixed pitch of air horn. Typically, air horns come with a combination of trumpets, air pressure, tank’s capacity and the duty cycle of the compressor. All these elements decide on how loud the horn will sound and how long the horn will hold that sound.

Spec-D’s “La Cucaracha” musical air horn is made of ABS plastic which makes it sturdy and coated with chrome finish that makes it look stunning. The trumpet’s length varies from 6.20 inch to 11.10 inch and the work air pressure is 0.08~0.12MPA. It requires a 12V plug and produces 125+/-5Db of sound which is pretty loud. The full set comes with 5 trumpets, compressor, plug, tube and mounting hardware so that you can easily install it anywhere. It makes the sound of ‘Dixie’ from ‘Dukes of Hazzard’. The size is conveniently small enough to fit most of the cars and vehicles.

So get it if you want you’re honking to sound louder, but just make sure that you don’t get into unnecessary trouble where loud honking is not permitted!

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Four Sound Musical Horn for Motorbike

Motorbikes rarely get a choice for musical horns. Most of the bikes come with a typical honking sound which sounds pretty monotonous. With Four sound’s musical horn, you can now get rid of your old boring honking sound for your motorbike and get some exciting loud sounds instead. Getting a louder sounding horn for the bike is definitely safer and when you can get a variety of musical sounds along with it, things get even better.

Four Sounds musical horn comes with 4 musical horn sounds for your motorbike. It comes with a panel which can be stuck to your motorbike’s exterior, the wires that connect the parts and the speaker which can be mounted easily too. All you need to do is to press one of the 4 colored switches on the panel board to sound a different musical horn. It requires a 12V DC for operation and is made of plastic, metal and electronic parts.

Just make sure that you install it safely on your bike where moisture or dirt does not seep into the electronic parts. You can set it up such that water or dirt does not get into the system or wiring so that the musical horn would last much longer keeping you safe and exciting just as exciting biking is.

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Dixie Air Horn Chrome – Dixieland Premium Full 12 Note Version

Dixieland Premium full 12 note version air horn in chrome finish is the perfect treat to those looking to get rid of their monotonous car horn. Here there are 12 amazing musical melodies from the movie ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ including the very famous Dixie sound. It provides an output of 125 Db of sound which is loud enough for people to hear you clearly. This is the perfect air horn system to replace your old boring horn.

Dixieland’s air horn comes with a pre-wired relay socket which helps you install the whole system that consists of 5 trumpets, each of a different size, made out of ABS plastic and coated with chrome. The high-output compressor makes the sound loud enough to know the people that you are coming! It comes with a complete installation kit including the mounting hardware which lets you install the entire system without any issues. There’s a horn button which lets you do the honking easily and it comes with a 10 ft wire which lets you install the switch anywhere on the car convenient for you to sound the horn. The power fuse, the wired connectors, labeled wires, and complete installation manual with images makes installation simple. You can mount it on your car, truck, golf cart, ATV, bus or any vehicle, provided you have a 12V outlet to plug it in.

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