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All you need to know about portable sandblaster


This machine is known now as the sandblasting machine has always been one that utilizes many abrasive materials to clean the surface at hand. Characteristically these machines use these particles in combination with an air compressor and a nozzle held by hand from which the combination of air and particles are released. As the sandblaster has evolved, sand is not even always used.

Modern sandblasters are not only limited to cleaning industrial-type surfaces but are also used for artistic purposes. Artists use these machines to craft unique designs upon a surface for aesthetic purposes. The process can still be dangerous for workers, making it important for sandblasters to exercise all precautions against lung disease.

Sandblaster Portable Speed Blaster, Sand Blasting Nozzle Gun, Gravity Feed Sandblast Gun, Speed Blaster with Extra Tip

The Lematec Gravity Fed Sandblaster is the one air tool built for versatility. It is used from industrial shops to DIY Homeowners.

For starters, Sandblasting can prove to be a great way to remove old paint and casting materials. For example, if an individual wants to repair or prime a surface, it can prove to be a good idea to have it sandblasted initially prior to applying said paint.

The result of such will be a smooth, sleek surface that will be incredibly easy to repaint. It’s also worth noting that sandblasting is the fastest and most efficient method that’s available when it comes to removing paint as well as other coatings.

Sandblasting can also prove to be a more convenient and cost effective way to remove contaminants such as rust from various kinds of equipment, tools and other items. For example, items that are covered with difficult materials that are hard to remove such as soot, water deposits, grease, and rust, can be cleaned within a matter of minutes via the utilization of a powerful sandblasting machine.

In spite of sandblasting many positive effects, it has some disadvantages associated with its utilization. Because sandblasting consists of the utilization of sand, continuous exposure without an adequate amount of protection can lead to the development of certain kind of lung diseases such as silicosis which stems from inhaling an abundance of silica, which is primarily found in sand. Another risk individuals within Permian Basin who utilize a sandblasting machine may face is the possibility of damaging the skin.

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Powermate Vx 009-0367CT Air Sandblaster with 50-Pound Hopper

Powermate Vx 009-0367CT Air Sandblaster with 50-Pound Hopper is a Non-bleeder type gun featuring a gravity feed system. This design ensures a continuous positive flow of blasting material. This tool is not for big projects but this is just taking care of small areas a little bit of work at a time.

In some instances, a metal object may need to have its surface profiled so that the subsequent coating will adhere. Sandblasting creates this surface profile, similarly to how it prime surfaces that need to be painted.

One of the major advantages that sandblasting has to offer is the fact that from the perspective of a professional, the process is fairly fast and quite easy. However, it is worth noting that the same thing can’t be said when it comes to utilizing a sophisticated sandblasting machine as a consumer due to a lack of adequate training and hands-on experience.

If the process is not conducted in a well-ventilated area, there’s a high chance that the individual may end up choking on the abrasive materials that are ejected.

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XtremepowerUS 5 Gallon Portable Air Sandblaster Sand Blaster W/ Gun

Ideal to remove paint, surface rust & oxidation. Can use for home or business applications abrasive media (glass beads, sand, walnut hulls & etc.) This is one of the tools that has a love-hate relationship. Simple to use but nasty to clean.

It is recommended to wear a respirator while working with this tool and be extremely cautious with the divot handle to press it quickly as fast as possible.

It features: Professional 5 Gallons Sandblaster Tank, Portable & Durable Comes with Handle All Steel Construction and Provides 30% more power over the typical siphon units.

If you have been contemplating about the possibility of renovating your home and or cleaning certain types of items such as rusty tools or sports equipment, the utilization of a sandblasting can prove to be extremely beneficial. Not only can they help to enhance the exterior appearance of your home, they can help to polish multiple items and tools that you may have lying around.

However, the whole concept of propelling tiny abrasive materials at high velocity against a substrate generates heat as well as sparking and static electricity. As such, extra precautions have to be taken when it comes to sandblasting certain types of materials such as metal.

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Unitec 007 Hand Held Sandblaster

This  Unitec Speed Blaster features an extra long life alumina ceramic nozzle. Additional features include: adjustable material flow valve, visible sand supply, and safety vented tank. This hand held sandblaster is gravity feed, portable, hand-held and compact.

Occasionally, the manufacture of a metal component will require its surface to be profiled so that the finished coating will adhere. Sandblasting is the ideal way to create this profile in a quick and effective manner.

The process also allows for the quick removal of surface contaminants. This could include dirt and grit that has managed to adhere to the surface over time, paint, and other coatings, or stains that have occurred due to weathering.

Many of the mediums that can be utilized for sandblasting are environmentally friendly, ensuring that you aren’t adding to the pollution already produced. One of the more popular of these mediums is bi-carbonate of soda.

Whilst sandblasting is widely used in a variety of industries (thanks to its alleged speed and precision in smoothing, cleaning or even removing surface finishes), there has been some speculation over its effectiveness in recent years.

If care is not taken when sandblasting, the substrate of the object can be damaged. This is because the process involves the removal of surface contaminants by wearing them away. Inexperienced users should definitely use a softer medium.

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Nesco Tools 410A Portable Pressure Sandblaster – 10 Gallon Capacity

This Nesco 10 gallon Portable Pressure Sandblaster is equipped with a nozzle and shut-off valve, pressure gauge, ceramic nozzle, 2.5 meters hose, filling funnel, water trap, 6 inches rubber wheels and canvas hood. The tank is 12 inches in diameter and 20 inches long. This tool helps in quick removal of the deposits of the contaminants on different surfaces. The powerful action of the process can remove deposits even from tough surfaces like concrete.

The powdery film left on the surface after sandblasting (with certain mediums) helps to inhibit ‘flash rust’ from forming, which occurs when metal is exposed to the air. This eliminates the need to coat the exposed metal immediately.

However, because of the size of the particles, it is not unusual for them to collect in the crevices of the component. This means that care needs to be taken when cleaning up, as the particles may remain if the finish is applied too quickly.

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages associated with the use of sandblasting for any workplace. So, it is time to weigh them up and determine whether such a process is right. If it is appropriate, ensure that the process is being conducted safely and correctly, minimizing the risk of incident.

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