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Phosphoric acid for rust removal: Is it good or bad?

In order to answer whether the phosphoric acid is actually good for rust removal, it is best to know first how rust forms in metal. The answer is simple. The physiology of rust happens when a metal is exposed to moisture, oxygen and other rust forming elements such as exposure to water, oxidation of iron happens. Therefore, the result is the rust build up in metals.

With this explanation, we can definitely say that rust is a big problem and there is no way we can truly escape from it. So, most people nowadays recommend the usage of phosphoric acid in rust removal. Basically, it is very economical and can easily be found in households. On the other hand, scientifically, phosphoric acid has the ability to remove it since it can turn rust (iron oxide) into ferric phosphate which is a black coating. Phosphoric acid has a unique characteristic of dissolving rust speedily. It can also leave a coating of iron phosphate which prevents further rust corrosion in the future. More importantly, it will make the metal surface of your tool shiny with a hard and bright metal finish.

How do we use phosphoric acid for rust removal? Simply get a container and fill it up with phosphoric acid. Next, soak the rusty item inside the container and leave it there overnight. The next morning, scrape off the ferric phosphate or the dried black coating on the metal surface. Lastly, rinse it with water. Then, you can have your item rust free. This is very easy, indeed.

However, where can we find phosphoric acid? This chemical is commonly found in cola drinks, naval jelly, fertilizers as well as in molasses. This is the reason why it is a home remedy for rust since you can find the chemical in the household kitchens.

Furthermore, even auto body shops also use phosphoric acid in removing rust. They use it as a basic ingredient for treating metal before painting it. The reason is that this acid can remove wax as well as an oil which is necessary before painting a metal surface.

So, is phosphoric acid good for rust removal? The answer depends on your needs. It is a quick solution for your pressing rust issues. Also, it is economical and effective. Sources of phosphoric acid are readily available at the footsteps of your own home. A simple soak will do the trick. Consequently, if these are the criteria to weigh whether this chemical is a good shot at rust removal, it shows that it is a worthy home remedy that can offer a quick fix for rust in your precious metal tools. Above all, the benefits of using phosphoric acid are note-worthy.

Nevertheless, it is still highly advisable to get the best product available in the market that will deliver great results. It is better to give yourself a hassle free experience in rust removal through products that are tried and tested by consumers. You can try home remedies but if the rust issue you are facing is tough, it is recommended you opt for high-grade rust remover or reformer in the market.