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Programmable Musical Car Horns Reviews


A horn is mostly a device that produces sound and is usually mounted for vehicles like trains, cars, buses and so on. Car horns are electric most of the time and are drive by a circular steel diaphragm that is flat and has an electromagnet that is pulling it in one direct and another spring that is pulling it in another direction. The latter is most of the time attached to a contact or contact points as it will repeatedly interrupt the supply of electricity to the magnet which in return will cause the diaphragm to spring back the other way and thus completing the circuit again. This arrangement will make sure the circuit is opened and closed about a hundred time per second and will thus create a loud noise which can then be amplified by a horn to create the “honk” sound everyone is familiar with. Electric horns usually uses about 5 to 6 amperes of electricity and produce a sound level of approximately 107-109, however some can even go beyond that around the 140-160dB. The horns can be used one at a time but most of the time, they are also set up in pairs so as to produce 2 notes at a consistent interval. Called frequency pairs, the latter are designed on the 500 Hz and even 405 Hz to 420 Hz.

Nowadays there are musical horns that are already programmed to play a certain tone. The music will vary from horn to horn though and some can contain 2 to 3 interchangeable tones that are already known before the purchase. The latter do not use any compressor or anything of the sort.


Vixen Horns 46 Sounds Music 

Vixen are already one of the best manufacturers in terms of horns and this one is no different in terms of quality.


Pros and Cons

This pros of this musical horn firstly is that it comes at 12V DC meaning it is pretty universal since most cars or vehicles have a 12V fuse or port. The interesting feature about this one is the PA microphone system meaning this can also be used to make announcement along with the tones. With its 15 watts speaker, it can create a pretty loud sound of about 40dB without bleeding the ears, the latter being ideal for ice cream trucks and vehicle of the sort. Other interesting things are the different types of sounds which have 16 music (general), 4 special ones as well as 14 different types of animal sounds. All of the above along with its different buttons for each sound or music makes it the whole packet and a very god product.


As a matter of fact all the pros outweigh the ‘cons’ meaning there are no cons for this one.


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GAMPRO Car Recording Siren Speaker 3 Tones Car Siren Horn Speaker 

GAMPRO is another one of the innovative manufacturers for musical horns or sirens along with speaker.


Pros and Cons

The pros of this musical air horn is that it has 3 of the main sound types which are siren, alarm and fire. The latter is very loud and clear. What sets it apart from the others is that there is a recording function which is great if you plan on recording your tone manually. The volume control is also a great addition when needed to increase or decrease the tone since most horns these days come in already set up constant volumes. There is also a light indicator to let you know if it is switched on or off. Like most reputable musical horns, there is a build it PA speaker and microphone that will let you do announcement at parties or even if you are a retailer (seller) and selling products. This musical speaker is also easy to set up coming it its 12V DC power form and can be installed in either, car, jeep, boat and most types of motor vehicles. We also found it convenient that all the fittings were as described as well as an easy to understand installation manual. The high quality material it is made home makes it one of the most solid and rust free horns out there.

The con we found was that the PA mic system is sometimes not to the standard of the horn itself and being exposed to a lot of rain can damage the horn and clog it.

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Black Falcon 100 watt Siren 

LEDQUSA is another one of the most innovative brands around on the market.


Pro and Cons

The pros of this musical tone is that it is possible to connect it using long serial port and with the 15 feet one supplied, you are sure to get enough cable. The most interesting feature of it is that it has an all-in-one control panel in which you can choose the musical tone according to the number on the button. If you like fancy things then this is the one for you with its 20 backlit buttons as well as the different types of stickers. It does not lag either with its microchip built-in processor. With its 100-watt siren, it can produce a 50dM meaning it is pretty good among those of the same kind. Every switch is already pre fused meaning no handwork for you. Overall it is a very good product with its different tones and PA.


As a matter of fact, we couldn’t find any con for this one.


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Since we’ve reached the end of this review, it is time to reveal our pick. So the one we would most likely bet on is the Vixen Horns 46 Sounds Music.  The reason is simple since vixen is already an established manufacturer in terms of horns and its products are always of high quality and durable. In addition to that, while reviewing, we didn’t find any sort of inconveniences which we could consider as a con and thus our choice.