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See some SUV tents for camping

SUV tents are basic requirement for those who love to travel with their family. Those who want to enjoy their camping with their family in their own personal vehicle must buy these tents. Many people don’t buy them just because they get confused with the huge variety of SUV tents that are available in market or don’t know how to compare such products.

If you are one of them then you are surely at right place. Here we are going to discuss five different products with their pros and cons. hopefully this review article will help you to make a good and valuable purchase regarding SUV tents for camping.

Hasika Awning Camper Trailer Roof Top Family Tent for Beach Camping SUV, MPV, Hatchback and Sedan Anti-uv Tents for Camping 6 Person is manufactured from 210T water resistant mesh. This product is light weight, stable and also compact.

Rightline Gear 110907 SUV Tent offer services with great comfort level. It has two gear pockets and a lantern hanging hook. Door size is quite large and privacy of user is also not hindered.

SportZ SUV Blue/Grey Tent with Screen Room (10X10X7.25-Feet) can transform vehicle tent into a good looking ground tent by completely eliminating vehicle sleeve. It consists of expandable carrying bag which offers great storage.

DAC 2 SUV Tent is easy to set up. Its outer door panels easily fold up and tie at corners for security and privacy. This product is very affordable and comfortable.

Winterial SUV Heavy duty Backseat Car Inflatable Travel Mattress for Camping/ Perfect for Minivan/Full/ Car Camping tent is very comfortable and easy to set up. It allows you to sleep comfortable and securely in your car.

Detailed description of each product is explained below

Hasika Awning Camper Trailer Roof Top Family Tent

This product is a wise choice for those who cannot compromise with quality. It has stable structure, large space and it is perfect for camping, boating, festivals, and sporting events.

Its plastic spraying iron pole does not corrode easily and is purely free from rust. It is a perfect product for camps because it is waterproof, and can remain stable in heavy winds and also acts like a shield against sun.

Things we liked

  1. Versatile
  2. Light weight
  3. Well built
  4. Easily portable

Things we did not like

  1. Difficult to set up
  2. Not so stable
  3. No proper instructions

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Rightline Gear 110907 SUV Tent

This product takes care of your privacy and comfort level.

The sleeve of vehicle disconnects easily, which allow users to leave tent behind when they go to enjoy their adventurous day.

It is made up of water resistant fabric along with tape sealed seams which is easy to set up and manage. It is a good product if parents want to enjoy their day with their kids.

Things we liked

  1. Easy to set up
  2. Good quality
  3. Good fit
  4. Weather resistant

Things we did not like

  1. Annoying zipper
  2. Design flaws
  3. Seal is not perfectly tight

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Sportz SUV Blue/Grey Tent with Screen Room

This product features steel and fiberglass pole structure that is for one person set up. It wraps around cargo area of vehicle, that allows total access to vehicle for complete storage and extra sleeping area.

It contains removable screen room that provides users bug proof livability. Steel pole structure of tent offers good durability and strength.

Things we liked

  1. Versatile
  2. Easy to set up
  3. Weather resistant
  4. Storage

Things we did not like

  1. Average quality

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DAC Explorer 2 SUV Tent

This tent is comfortable and affordable. Its features include high quality, great workmanship, and easy utility. It is fast and quick to set up. There is no seeum insect screen.

People, who love idea of camping but are afraid of sleeping on ground, must try this camp. It is also good for camping in a minivan. It is a good match for Subaru Cross trek.

Things we liked

  1. Ventilation
  2. Easy set up
  3. Well built

Things we did not like

  1. Not suitable for Pontiac
  2. Not suitable for dodge caravan
  3. Thin fabric

Check price and availability here

Winterial SUV Heavy duty Backseat Car Inflatable Travel Mattress

This product includes electric air inflator and can be easily deflated. It is a good option as outdoor camping recliner.

It is very durable and great product to be used by whole family. It is suitable for most minivans and SUVs. It features inflatable backseat car mattress.

Things we liked

  1. Sturdy
  2. Well built
  3. Comfortable airbed

Things we did not like

  1. It leaks
  2. Not heavy duty construction
  3. Costly
  4. Thin fabric

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How SUV Tents Can Help You?

The SUV tents carry a lot of benefits with them, due to which they are gaining popularity. Some main benefits of SUV tents includes:-

  1. These can make your camps an adventurous and memorable experience.
  2. They come under affordable range, so you can buy them easily.
  3. They are water resistant and comfortable therefore they will not ruin your camps.

Special Considerations

Some of the main things that you should consider before making a purchase are discussed here.

  1. You should check quality of SUV tents before buying it because a low quality one is total trouble.
  2. The tents should be water resistant and capable of handling strong winds and storms.
  3. These should be stable enough.
  4. The fabric should not be too thin.
  5. It should not be oversized and at same time it should not be too small.


In this review, our top choice is SportZ SUV Blue/Grey Tent. We have chosen this product because it is loaded with good qualities. It is affordable and also comfortable. It is versatile, easy to set up, and also attractive in appearance. It also features durability and strong construction.