My shiny car

My shiny car is a website that helps you detail your car and help you choose the optimal car accessories or parts. We are dedicated to helping you make best decisions for your car. We’ve all had problems with our cars in the past so we have this website to help you make the best decision possible.

One thing is to buy a good parts which will last you for a long time. Although this is very important, this site is not about that. Instead, this site is dedicated to the people who try to have the best car parts and optimal detailing for your car. We focus on many things connected with that – from cleaning to tire shine. We review some of the best products on the market to give you heads up at buying new products.

Taking care of the car is not as easy as one might think. Sure, you can simply take it to the car wash and let them do their job, but unless it is a very dedicated car wash, you want to do something more.

Car parts

We decided to make some descriptions and reviews of some popular car parts that you can buy for your car that will make a big difference in your car’s performance. They are there to help you. Those are the guides made for everyone who is looking for more information for their cars or vehicles. In case you want a guide about a specific thing, please let us know by contacting us. We are happy to help anyone and we are very satisfied if we find out that we made somebody’s life a tiny bit easier by writing a useful guide.

Guides are written by us by carefully analyzing a market and usually also comparing experiences of people who we know are using those products. With this we hope to give you the best information possible for your purchasing decision.

Car detailing

A large section of this website is also dedicated to detailing a car. This is in our opinion very important and we want to give you best guidances here. A lot of us have done quite some detailing and we can therefore advise others to do some detailing as well. We hope you will then find information about that very useful. In many cases we go into a lot of details but in some cases we also try to cover the topics only briefly. We do everything with you in mind so you will have the best time on our site.

As usual, we welcome you to tell us your opinions and suggestions by contacting us.

Cleaning the car tires

Before applying tire shine on your car’s tires, it might be beneficial to you to clean the tires. They should be cleaned well and products dedicated to tire cleaning are prefered to the casual whole-car wash products. Although there are some products which are good for virtually anything, not all of the are like that and the purpose of this site is to spread awareness about that and show you the products that are also good for tires. We made many reviews of useful products for easier decision making. The main things needed at cleaning tires are cleaning brush and soap. As we know, tires can be very dirty because of dirt from the brakes, road dirt and other things come on them and make them dirty. They can have some greasy, hard to remove dirt, so a degreaser is a good thing to have when cleaning tires. They might be useful in some other areas as well, but for the tires it is important to have them clean before applying tire dressing.

Tire shine