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All About Flat Bottom Steering Wheels


Flat bottom steering wheel are one of the new fashionable wheels available for your car if you want to add a sporty touch. Although it doesn’t make your car faster, it changes the view of the inside and might give more leg room to some people. In F1 cars, it helps a lot in terms of legroom for drivers. It also helps the driver (racer) know if the wheels are straight or not. So the benefits of having a flat bottom steering wheel in your regular car are that it gives you more room for your legs as well as giving it a sporty look if you are a sport person and want it.

Now before you decide to get one, let us review them so that you know all about flat bottom steering wheels before buying.

Flat bottom steering wheels reviews

NRG Steering Wheel – 09 (Flat Bottom) Black Leather – ST-009R

NRG Innovations, simply the leading brand and manufacturer among the flat bottom steering wheel series. It is one of the rare manufactures that have all about flat bottom steering wheels series. Let’s look at the pros and cons for this model.

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Pros and Cons

This model is probably the perfect choice to have your car look a bit sporty. With the increase in space between the driver and the steering, it give much more space of your legs. It is made from soft leather and a combination of red stitches. The wheel in itself is quality and is advertised as giving your car an extra edge of the control as well as the styling. The features that is has are mostly, a flat bottom, premium leather and a 5mm spoke.

The only con we have is that if you are not wearing gloves or some sort of hand protection while using it, then it has some chemicals that can cause toxicity.

NRG 320mm Sport Suede Steering Wheel Oval with Red Stitching 

Another one of NRG Innovations – one of the leading brands. For this steering wheel, although looks like the one above, it is a bit different and you can see that by comparing the two serial or model number. This ones’ model number is RST-009S-RS.

Pros and Cons

Now like all steering wheels of NRG innovations, it is mostly designed to make your car look on the sporty side as well as giving you enough legroom to feel comfortable within the inside. It also tries to provide you with the maximum comfort with premium leather around the steering wheel. Another detail is that it comes with a universal steering wheel adapter, meaning it is easy to fit onto your wheel adapter and adjust it to your height.

The cons are the same as above, certain material in it can cause toxicity, so like before, we advise you caution and wear some gloves or something while handling it.

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NRG Innovations ST-009CFBS Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel 

Here we go again with another Steering wheel in the line of NRG but make sure to check its model number since it’s another quality one. Let dive into the pros and cons.


Pros and Cons

The advantage of having this flat bottom steering wheel is that it is made of carbon fiber which shows its durability. And no they haven’t forgotten your usual leather handle bar. Like most NRG Innovations flat bottom steering wheel, this one too comes with a universal adapter. The universal adapter like mentioned before will enable to to remove your existing one and fit the NRG one so that you can mount the steering wheel on top of it and adjust to your liking.

Like the other 2 NRG Steering wheels before, the only con we’ve had is the toxicity risk from the material.

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JEGS Performance Products 70438 Steering Wheel Flat Bottom 

JEGS are another good brand that is assures you of quality steering wheel flat bottoms all while providing a variety of them.


Pros and Cons

What makes JEG steering wheel flat bottom one of the best is the fact that it has a 3-Spoke design with aluminum rims. In addition to that, it is pretty lightweight meaning less effort to steer left or right and is also pretty durable. It can be in either silver or black with a 5-Bolt Mounting level. And lastly like all flat bottoms, it does offer you enough leg room to drive in a relaxed posture which is good on long journeys.

As a matter of fact, we couldn’t find any inconvenience from this flat bottom steering wheel to consider it as a con.

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NRG Innovations ST-009CF/BK Shiny Black Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Click Here!

The last one of NRG Innovations flat bottom steering wheel to end this review.


Pros and Cons

Now this one is another one of the Carbon line and as you would have guessed, it’s pretty well known for its durability. Like most NRG Innovations flat bottom steering wheels, it does come it its universal adapter. You can adjust it to give you more legroom and also it is the only advertised wheel from NRG that has all hardware included for assembling.

The only con that we have as you would have guessed by now, is that the material it contains all around and even inside may cause you some sort of toxicity if you use the steering for long hours without protection which I’m pretty sure can be bypassed with some fiddling around.

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Now we’ve done this long review with you in mind, hoping it would help you in the difficult choice you would have to make. After some deliberating, we all agreed that all the flat bottom steering wheel above are all pretty good. Some cons (or the same) they have can be bypassed if you fiddle around, remove some components and replacing them and so on. But for the sake of the review and making a choice to help you, we chose the EGS Performance Products 70438 Steering Wheel Flat Bottom. It does the job it advertises and has no cons at all in this review.