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Best and Coolest Car Wraps


A car wrap or color change wrap is a way to change the appearance of a vehicle, either your company vehicle or own vehicle. It is one of the best ways people have found of advertising their businesses are well as doing it just for fun since lots of colors can be fun to watch. Car wraps range from being used as advertising or wrapping your favorite football player onto your car. There are some main and then sub categories of wraps but let’s talk about the most commonly used one before getting into the reviewing. window tinting also covers under the car wraps.

Vinyl car wrap

A wrap or vinyl wrap, is a large graphic that is applied directly over the original color or pain of a vehicle. This allows you to change your car appearance very quickly. Your car can also return to the original condition when necessary.

Car or vinyl wrapping is made of three phases. The first phase of the wrapping is the design phase where the accurate measurements of the vehicle are recorded as well as the design of the graphic of your choice. The second phase involves laminating to protect the printed graphic from abrasions and sun rays. Then the final phase is the installation phase where vinyl is applied to your vehicle.

Now without any further ado, let’s review it so that you can have peace of mind when deciding if you want to go for it.


HOHO Holographic Rainbow Vinyl Wrap 

The HOHO brand known among car fanatics as the brand that makes one of the most beautiful car wraps. It does manufacture some of the best and coolest car wraps around. Let’s dive into the pros and cons for you.

Pros and Cons

This matte film has a micro-finish surface and is pretty much easy to clean, maintaining and install. Its main features are mostly being resistant to weather (rain and sun), grime, and scratch. It does have a pretty long lifetime as well since for outdoor use, it lasts around 4-7 years. It is also advertised as being very easy to use that even beginners can do it with some adhesive and some well-timed cuts.

The con we found was that, since it comes in pretty small quantity, you may have to buy more than one to get your wrapping done


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DIYAH Gloss Chrome Mirror Vinyl Car Wrap Sticker

The DIYAH brand, one of the emerging car wrap brand on the market, providing you with a large variety of unicolor wraps to choose from. The quality isn’t bad either


Pros and Cons

The DIYAH vinyl car wrap is very easy to install with its smooth and flat surface. Like the installation, it can also be easily removed without damaging your vehicle pain. One of the good things of DIYAH car wrap apart from being one of the best and coolest car wraps, is that it can easily be cleaned with soap and water. In addition to all of that, it is resistant to scratches and UV exposure. Air bubbles under the material can easily be flattened using heat and a squeegee.

The only cons we found was that it can come off easily in some cases as well as fading once exposed to sunlight for a long time although it advertised that it is UV resistant.

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Purple and Blue Car Chameleon Wrap Auto Carbon Fiber Wrapping 

Manufactured by ATMOTO another one of the emerging brands. ATMOTO does provide some of the best and coolest car wraps that looks like fiber (if you want your car to look cool) and possesses a huge range of carbon fiber-like colors for your car.

Pros and Cons

The ATMOTO carbon fiber wrap will let you do the relooking of your car into a more movie like one. Its chameleon wrap is pretty easy to install and advertised as having special air channels to ensure a bubble free installation. In addition to that, it comes in pretty large dimensions, meaning you don’t have to buy a lot to cover the whole of your car.

The cons we found were that, even though advertised as carbon fiber wraps, there aren’t actually any metal parts in it. It only makes your car looks like it is carbon fiber covered. Also in some instances it might come off easily when installing due to its texture.


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VViViD Snow Camouflage Vinyl Car Wrap Adhesive Decal DIY Air Release Roll 

VViViD is an already established brand and pretty famous in making the best and coolest car wraps on the market. Already established, it has a wide niche of customers since it offers pretty good quality and durable vinyl wraps. Let’s check the pros and cons it has to offer.

Pros and Cons

The VViViD camo is one of the best available on the market as it is made of a durable film that is ideal for long term wrapping solutions. It is also pretty much an economic alternative than painting or repainting your car. With a lifetime of 5+ years, it’s pretty much very durable. Like most standard car wraps, it too comes with the advantages like being waterproof, stain and UV resistant. And lastly at a width of 0.3mm, it’s easy to install around curves and corners.

For this one, we didn’t find any cons or inconvenience to classify it as a disadvantage.


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Going through all the vinyl car wraps above, we did find that all of them have the quality needed to be used by people who are new to car wrapping as long as they use the right equipment and follow the instructions. While going through all of them, we found that what we classified as cons can be bypassed by some trial and error with the material since it comes in different density.

So without any further ado and as you would have guessed by now, the one we would probably consider buying is the VViViD Snow Camouflage Vinyl Car Wrap Adhesive Decal DIY Air Release Roll since like you would have seen, it is the only one without a con.<>