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Best backup camera with night vision


What are car rear back up cameras and why are they useful?

The recent technology has helped our society move ahead in plethora of ways. Life is very different than it used to be 10 or even 20 years ago. As a modern era driver, we have a wagon-load of things like that helps us enjoy safe driving.

Generally, the modern day drivers prefer to utilize their rear view mirrors to reverse however utilizing the rear view mirror to reverse is every bit the same as a rear view camera, but with even less of a view. But by using a rear view camera, you’ll have better vision to see behind. A night vision rear view camera does exceptionally well in offering you the rear view vision at night with accuracy.

Here is the list of top 5 rear view night vision cameras that you could incorporate in your car to improve the driving as well as reversing the car specifically. You can also check the wireless rear cemera,

Esky EC170-08 Waterproof Night Vision HD CMOS 170°Viewing Field Car Rear View Backup Camera

Esky’s latest rear view night vision camera that offers a wide and a broad  135° view that’ll have you sure the rear coasts and bays are clearer the very next time you put your favourite car into the reverse gear.

The EC135-05 comes loaded with the goodness of as many as 7 infrared LED lights that helps the camera vastly while lighting would be insufficient for most of the other cameras.

The camera incorporates 420 TV lines of high definition and a perfect resolution that delivers a flawless and detailed rear view images.

This camera is exceptionally easy to install and use thereafter.

It is reliable and user-friendly customer support service is delivered by ESKY for this camera.

Things we liked

  • The camera is out of the box and is solid good quality.
  • Cheap and inexpensive as compared to the other cameras in the same segment.
  • Excellent image quality at night, with clear vision.

Things we didn’t like

The camera is not rain-proof, which might just reduce its durability.

Check price and availability here

Esky Car Rear View Camera Waterproof High Definition Color Wide Viewing Angle License Plate with 12 Infrared Night Vision LED EC135-12

This camera is engineered with a rock solid design and superb finishing with polished surface which is stainless and gives it a stylish look.

It’s a professional camera which comes loaded with the waterproof system which can be easily installed and used and it also gives high definition images, as it incorporates colored CMOS.

It’s useful in mighty dark places and solves the issue of bad car rear view effect.

Things we liked

  • This tiny camera supplies a great view, providing a truly 170 degree view.
  • Great image quality.
  • It’s worthy purchase in the prize range.
  • It comes loaded with an easy to use instruction manual.

Things we didn’t like

  • It’s kind of bulky. Even when tucked up under the tag light housing of a Ford Expedition it sticks out and is hard to miss.

Check price and availability here

CAR ROVER Night Vision Car Rear View Camera 170 Degree Rear-view Back-up and Parking Camera

The CAR ROVER’s latest night vision camera offers genuinely high quality images and clear rear view vision.

The camera comes loaded with the waterproof design which enables it to be used effectively for outdoor use with no harms.

This camera is very easy to install and quite convenient to use.

Packed with a high quality imaging chip it offers 1/4 color coded display.

The camera supplies with the barrier-free strong transmission signals up to 100 meters, and has high definition resolution of about 420TV lines.

The latest rear view night vision camera offers a wide and a broad  170° vertical and 90 degree horizontal view that will let you to clear the rear coasts and bays are clearer the very next time you put your favourite car into the reverse gear.

Things we liked

  • The camera is a high quality and a very basic hook up with a clear view night and day.
  • It is very easy installation and waterproof making it last longer and be more durable to the weather.
  • Good quality solid metal case and simple mounting.

Things we didn’t like

  • You cannot get rid of the alignment lines.
  • The cable that leads from the camera to the first connector is not very long. The BRZ has a tiny trunk.

Check price and availability here

Car Rear view Backup Camera with 8 infrared night vision

Tiker’s reverse backup cameras are designed exceptionally to adjust well all the vehicle types and are made of the finest quality.

Sustainable design for all weather conditions – The long lasting and strong use standards of the rear view camera has the capabilities to tolerate all the worse weather conditions.

The company’s special IP68 shockproof and water-resistance makes this an essential safety accessory for your automobile.

As many as 8 LEDs and LLLs camera provide unique night vision.

Things we liked

  • Unmatched HD colours – Full High definition colours with the rear-view camera is unmatchable. You could easily view objects in their true colours without a hassle.
  • The 8 LEDs complimented with LLLs makes it a competitive customer in the market.

Things we didn’t like

  • The camera fogs up when it is raining out
  • The complete lack of instructions! It definitely is a simple install but any instructions at all with the camera would have been appreciated.

Check price and availability here

2017 Updated Dinly High Definition Backup Camera

You could easily adjust the rear view camera on your plate lights with screws and washers altogether. The camera comes loaded with the goodness of auto white balance with an effective DC 12V Power.

This comes jam-packed with the rear-view backup parking reverse colour camera complimented with the night vision illumination added with the 7 Infrared Night Vision LEDs.

The product is backed up by an exceptional customer support service

Things we liked

  • A good product with clear pictures and is waterproof which makes it durable to use for years.
  • It is easy to assemble and install with a user-manual that guides you in the right direction.

Things we didn’t like


  • Wireless doesn’t work up to the mark. There is too much interference for the wireless to work.

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When should we use the reverse camera?