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Best Wheel Chocks


Wheel chocks

Wheel chocks, also referred as the wheel stops or wheel blocks are readily available in the market in a variety of styles, sizes and shapes. The wheel chocks could be easily made from different types of materials. They work wonders to prevent a vehicle from rolling forward or backward.


Buying Wheel Chocks

A good quality wheel chock will have the perfect bland of material type, wheel weight and size. While the other factors that come to play are the chock patterning or texturing. Some of the best wheel chocks that are available online are given below:-

Rage Powersports DH-WC-1 Portable Hauler Truck Rubber Wheel Chock

The rage powerports rubber wheel block chock has been altered exceptionally from heavy duty industrial strength rubber.

This wheel chock is designed and calibrated to securely chock medium to large trucks with tire sizes up to 44″D incorporated with a maximum load capacity of up to 40 tons.

The wheel chock works wonders to help prevent rolling and shifting during loading and unloading at shipping docks, loading bays, and more.

This wheel chocks restricts wheel movement and chocks them as per OSHA safety guidelines.

Things we liked

  • Exceptionally prepared from the heavy duty thermoplastic rubber with over 40 ton load capacity.
  • Resists oil, gas and lubes like water and other solvents.
  • In-built handle could be handy in tying off wheel chocks for quick removal.

Things we didn’t like

  • The quality seems to be compromised as there have been reported cases of splits.

Check price and availability here

Fasmov Solid Rubber Heavy Duty Wheel Chock

The Fasmov solid rubber heavy duty wheel chock has been prepared using tough ribbed rubber with a great endeavor, to provide a firm grip on almost all surfaces.

Approximate size of the wheel chock is 6.4 inch in length x 3.5 inch in width x 3.8 inch in height.

Well made, solid and non-slip wheel chocks enriched with excellent quality and holds well on to concrete, which makes it safe enough to use.

The non-slip oil resistant rubber prevents your vehicle from rolling. It could be used in addition to the ramps and other lifting devices.

Things we liked

  • Great addition to your garage projects. Added they are durable and are meant to stay in your garage for a long time.
  • Heavy duty rubber construction works wonders to prevent your vehicle from rolling.

Things we didn’t like

  • The one and only thing we disliked about the wheel chock is the stinking smell.

Check price and availability here

Camco 44414 Wheel Chock 

Camco’s wheel chock is designed exclusively to keep your trailer in place so that you can re-hitch with confidence.

The rubber chocker come as a pack of 2 and are loaded with the goodness of durable hard plastic incorporated with the UV inhibitors which makes it very easy to use and are effective as well as efficient in play.

The camco’s wheel choker could be used with the tyres which are up to 26” in diameter.

With dimensions 8.4×6.0x5.1 inches, the product derives its origin from the US and weighs 1.5 pounds which makes it a powerful competitor to support your vehicle with confidence.

Things we liked

  • Quite inexpensive for the cost, this wheel chock is light and easy to use with your trailers on the level ground and incorporates in your daily garage.
  • An inexpensive alternate to its heavy counterparts.
  • Solid quality and durable in nature.

Things we didn’t like

  • This item is very useful for wheel chocking on multiple surfaces, but it is not specified for steep grades.
  • The strong stinky smell remains a big problem to tackle with.

Check price and availability here

MaxxHaul 70072 Solid Rubber Heavy Duty Wheel Chock

With an overwhelming approximate size of about 8.0×4.0x5.0 inch the MaxxHaul’s product offers a compelling competition to the other wheel chocks available in the market.

Empowered with the solid rubber construction, it is a powerful wheel chock that could be utilized with your trailers on the level ground.

Extracting its apparatus from the non-slip oil resistant rubber, the wheel chock provides super traction to your vehicles.

The wheel chocks are light in weight yet durable enough to keep any vehicle or trailers at their correct positions on the level ground.

MaxxHaul solid rubber wheel chocks feature all weather construction and a rubber traction pad that make them the perfect choice to keep your vehicle or trailer secure in any climate.

Things we liked

  • These are strong wheel chocks, even for the military standards which ought not to break in worst case scenarios.
  • Keeps your heavy trailers at bay with its non-slip oil resistant powerful rubber.

Things we didn’t like

  • The product itself is great, but is incredibly strong stinky.

Check price and availability here

MaxxHaul 70073 Solid Rubber Heavy Duty Wheel Chock 

MaxxHaul’s wheel chock is prepared from the solid rubber, added on with an exceptional eyebolt.

With an approximate size of: 10.0×8.0x6.0 inches, it weighs 10 pounds, which is light in weight yet heavier in its usefulness.

This lightweight yet durable wheel chock is self-potent enough to keep your vehicles and trailers at bay on the level ground.

Made exclusively from the non-slip oil resistant rubber, it operates in all the weather conditions.

Things we liked

  • An excellent safety device, it is ideal for heavy duty vehicles.
  • With a very sturdy construction, the rubber has just the right amount of “grippiness” to avoid slipping on a concrete surface.

Things we didn’t like

  • The only negatives are the strong “new tire” rubber smell.
  • The eye bolt needs to be secured with a locknut instead of the plain nut they used.

Check price and availability here

Uses of wheel chock

Wheel chocks come in play to keep a vehicle from rolling when the opposite end is lift. Wheel chocks are at times used in conjunction with medium-large parked vehicles to make sure that the vehicle does not roll and is safe for the property nearby. The wheel chocks could also be used as off road chocks during construction when the builders and constructors are required to park their vehicles in tough areas that do not offer roadways yet and the land is uneven. In addition to this airplanes also incorporate wheel chocks to keep them from moving from their parked spot.

How to use wheel chocks when lifting a vehicle

1) Park the vehicle on a level surface while ensuring that the vehicle doesn’t move forwards or backwards.

2) Apply the hand break of your vehicle or the parking break.

3) Sort it out which way your car would roll if you were to lift up the end you are planning to lift.

4) Position the wheel chock in between the level-ground and the back end of the wheel (furthest away from the side you are lifting). Push in the chock towards the wheel to keep it securely in place.

5) Position the other chock on the front end of the same wheel and again, repeat the previous step that is to kick it toward the wheel to make sure it is secure.

6) To ensuring maximum safety, secure the other wheel on that end of the vehicle the same way. So, while you are lifting the front of the vehicle, you would be positioning wheel chocks on the back two wheels. Else, if you are lifting the back end of the vehicle, you would be placing chocks on the front two wheels.<>