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Choosing car ladder rack


Ladder tracks nowadays are not an optional piece of equipment but rather a necessity, especially if you are a serious contractor. The ladder can boost your job productivity as well as other benefits. Contrary to the normal racks, the ladder rack will boost the space you have for your van, SUV or car. If you’ve ever tried to put a ladder onto a luggage rack, you’ll see the difference since a ladder on a luggage rack is not safe and will take more space than needed whereas a ladder rack is enough to fit your ladder safely. It is a good investment since it avoids you various trips back a forth. You can put your luggage in the trunk and the ladder onto its rightful place in a safer way. The ladder rack will also save you time across a working day if you use it since it is easier to load and unload from the top of the car. The ladder being a costly equipment is better onto a ladder rack since it is safer and will not harm anyone onto the road while driving since it is tucked and tied onto it. On the other hand if you put it on a luggage rack, the possibility of flying over the road side and even damaging your vehicle is high.

Now that you have some information about it, let’s get into the reviewing.


KKmoon Universal Auto Soft Car Roof Rack Rooftop

KKmoon is another one of the emerging competitors in terms of rack manufacturing.


Pros and Cons

The pros of this car rack is that it is easy to fit as well as requiring no tools. In addition to that, you have a free storage bag this is supplied to pack away the rack if you’re not using it. This rack in particular is pretty good since it does not only carry luggage, kayaks, canoes and so on but it can carry ladders which is extremely convenient as you get an all-purpose rack. The ladder or luggage can easily be fixed to the securing traps and it is very strong than your cargo will be fixed and secured in place. As a plus, this rack will fit most cars, except the 2 model sport cars but i doubt you will use a sport car to carry a ladder in the first place.

As a matter of fact, we couldn’t find any inconvenience for this rack.

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AA-Racks Model ADX32 Minivan Aluminum 2 Bar (50”)

AA are one of the most well-known manufactures for car accessories and equipment such as all types of racks and their products are always of high quality.


Pros and Cons

The pros of this rack is that like the other is it pretty much all purpose. Coming in 2 bars which is fixed upon the roof of the car, it is easily installed. The bars are also made from extruded aluminum which is extremely solid. This rack can carry from ladders to any type of cargo without flinching or tilting since it can hold a cargo load of 300lbs. The latter has also already been coated with anodized paint meaning it is rust and weather resistant. The installation is also extremely easy if you follow the instructions with the only effort being the drilling.

As a matter of fact, there were no huge inconvenience that we found which could be considered as a con.

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IZTOSS Self Inflatable Car Roof Rack – Ski Rack Luggage-Ladder

IZTOSS is one of the most innovative brands around.


Pros and Cons

The pros of this ladder rack makes it one of the most convenient of all since it doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle you have since it will fit on most. The innovative thing about it is that it is inflatable, meaning can easy be removed and put back. This is handy in the way that if you don’t want to damage the beauty of your roof top and need only a temporary rack, then this one is the one for you since it can carry up to 165lbs of weight meaning you can probably fit 1 or 2 ladders onto it as well as some luggage. Once deflated, you can pack it anyway even in a small back or backpack of the size of a shoebox. It is extremely easy to install since it is just pumping and attached.

As a matter of fact we couldn’t find any cons for it.

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Darby Industries 968 Black Roof Turbo Rack 

Darby industries are one of the best manufacturers around since they specialize in these kinds of car equipment and accessories, meaning you’ll get a very good product most of the time.


Pros and Cons

The pros of this rack is that it is extremely easy to fit and install as it is light weight. There is no drilling required onto your roof top since the latter is only attached onto the surface and will fit through suction pads among others. Being multi-purpose, it can carry a plethora of cargo, from luggage, canoes, and kayaks to ladders. All the mentioned cargos can be attached and removed easily from any of the two bars. The rack also comes with a high density foam that means that your roof won’t be scratched. The material is also sturdy, meaning you won’t have to worry about bad weather.

The con we found was that the foam is fragile and can break after some repeated use.

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Now that we’ve reached the end of this review, it is time to reveal our pick but first thing is that even though we’re choosing one of them, doesn’t mean the others are bad products since in fact they’re all pretty good. Now without any further ado, our pick is the AA-Racks Model ADX32 Minivan Aluminum 2 Bar (50”).  The reason for this is that it has no cons, is easy to use and is multi-purpose meaning you can carry more than just ladders.<>