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Circuit Tester Reviews


A circuit tester or outlet tester is a device or gadget which is plugged into an electrical socket to check if it is wired properly. A circuit tester basically has a single light or series of lights that show the state of the wiring in the outlet. This device is used by the technician to verify that the wiring has been installed properly in the outlet. The light attached to a circuit tester glows when it comes in contact with AC i.e. (Alternating Current) and ensures the proper working of a wired outlet.


If you are looking for the best circuit testers, then you have come to the right place as we are reviewing five of the best circuit testers that are available in the market. Have a look on the following circuit testers to find out the best tester matching your own requirements:-

ATD Tools 5513 Heavy-Duty Circuit Tester

The 5 Ft long heavy duty lead attached to this circuit tester is of very good quality.

The light indicator is also bright and it can also detect low voltage current in an outlet.

This type of circuit tester can be used in various outlets such as in homes, cars, buses, or other vehicles.  Also this tested is already been used by many professional circuit operator as it is only possess 8 ounces of weight.

The dimensions of the tester are 12.3×8.1×7.2 inches.

Things we liked

1.       Heavy duty material is used in making of this product.

2.       The LED light is bright and beeper sound is also loud.

3.       Body design is simple and user friendly.

Things we did not like

1.       Ground clamp is not so user friendly and is a little bit difficult to attach.

Check price and availability here

Extech Instruments CB10 Circuit Breaker Finder

This circuit tester is widely used by professionals and is proving to be one of the best circuit testers available in the market.

It is used to detect any kind circuit breakers from 110 volt to 125 volt AC. It can also pin point the correct circuit breaker using the CB10 feature.

It’s LED lights flashes and an audible beeper voice is also heard on finding a correct circuit breaker.

Transmitter and receiver are attached together for easy storage. This product comes in a bag/kit which makes it easy to carry around without any hassle.

This circuit finder also tests GFCI circuits.

Things we liked

1.       This device has multiple user friendly functions.

2.       Availability of kit makes it easy to store the device systematically without any hassle.

3.       CB10 feature also available.

4.       Continuity Tester also available with this product.

Things we did not like

  1. This device is mostly used by professionals, not much used in common life.
  2. Different attachments can confuse the person who is using this device for the first time.

Check price and availability here

Astro 7764 Digital LCD Wide Range Circuit Tester 3-48V

As the name clears itself, this device is used to measure circuit tester form 3-48V.

Its small economic design is suitable for using on computers, cars, bikes, airplanes, etc. Expandable cord makes it easy to use and store.

The LED display shows the volt reading, which is a nice feature of this tester.

Things we liked

1.       Smart economic design with hard sharp needle head.

2.       Expandable Cord is convenient.

3.       LED display feature is quite nice.

Things we did not like

  1. LED volt reading is not always accurate.
  2. Ground clamp is not user friendly and convenient.

Check price and availability here

Performance Tool W2978 Hybrid Circuit Tester

This circuit tester comes with two LED lights i.e. Blue and Red for different volt readings. Blue light is for 12V and red for 42V.

It has an expandable cord and also a 360 degree view of lights through crystal clear handle.

It also possesses extra long 12 feet lead.

The dimensions of the tester are 12.1 x 5.1 x 1.7 inches and the overall product weight is 7.2 ounces.

Things we liked

  1. Smart design, easy to use.
  2. Two LED lights for different volt readings

Things we did not like

  1. Soldering done is of poor quality.

Check price and availability here

Voltage Continuity & Current Tester 6-12 V DC / 24 V AC Circuit

This product is for low voltage system such as car, loose wires, battery, etc.

It has long probe tester with indicator light and 5 Ft cord which makes it very user friendly. This product is widely used to check lights, broken fuses, switches, sockets, etc.

Things we liked

  1. Sleek body design makes this product easy to use.
  2. Clamp is of good quality.
  3. Bright LED light is easily visible.

Things we did not like

  1. It is only used for low voltage devices.
  2. Cord is not expandable.

Check price and availability here

Who Needs Circuit Tester Can?

The main reason to use a circuit tester is to ensure that electricity which runs through an outlet is actually AC. Most of our household devices run and work on AC. Using a circuit tester ensures that an electronic device only receive AC not DC i.e. ‘Direct Current’, which can cause damage to different electronic devices. DC can cause harm not just to the electronic devices but can also prove to be fatal for human beings and other living things. So a circuit tester is a very important device used to ensure that DC will not come in a wired outlet.

Who Should Buy Circuit Tester?

Circuit tester is a very common device used by electricians all around the world while installation of an outlet or for daily routine checkups.

If a person is looking to buy a new circuit tester for himself, then he or she should first consider taking a look on few specifications of a good circuit tester.

  • Circuit tester should have heavy duty lead and other components.
  • Circuit tester should also be able to detect low voltages.
  • Tester should be able to detect any contact between ground wire and DC.
  • LED lights used in circuit tester should be bright enough to be seen in sunlight.
  • Circuit tester must be checked and approved by the company before selling it.
  • Lead or cord attached to circuit tester should be long enough to be used efficiently by the user.

These few characteristics should be kept in mind before buying a good quality circuit tester.


In this review, the first priority is given to ATD Tools 5513 Heavy-Duty Circuit Tester as it offers good service at very affordable price and is suitable for all kind of daily routine works.

However if you are a professional, only then you should go for Extech Instruments CB10 Circuit Breaker Finder, as it provides many features and better results. Also it is easily portable which makes it even more attractive.<>