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Discussing High Performance Exhaust Systems


Exhaust System – It is a piping that is used to guide the gases from the reaction exhaust away from the controlled combustion within an engine of stove. The whole system mostly transfers burnt gases from the engine to the exhaust pipe which may have single or double outlets. The pipe is carefully designed so as to carry toxic gases from the engine or machine. The pipe is also made of heat resistant material since the gases are extremely hot and can melt cheap material.

In most car or truck exhaust system, there is a manifold assembly that is designed to collect the gases from exhausts from two cylinders or more into the pipe. Often made of cast iron, it is made out of material saving design so as to use as little metal space as necessary and thus having the lowest production cost. Most inefficiency mostly occurs due to the combustion and nature of the engine and cylinder. Since most cylinders fire a different times, a different times their exhaust leave them so the pressure waves from the gas emerging from one cylinder may not completely leave the exhaust system.


High Performance Exhaust System Muffler for GY6 139QMB QMB139… Scooters 

Made by JRSAUTO, it is one of the emerging brands around.


Pros and Cons

The pros of this exhaust system is that it comes with the brackets already welded meaning you won’t have to buy any additional one. It mounts with most scooters of the same kind (Chinese scooters) from 50cc to 150cc, meaning you won’t have to worry if it is from china and have a GY6 engine. The exhaust is a very good one, coming in complete with the muffler, gasket. The pipe is carbon steel plated meaning it can resist to large amount of heat and resistant to rusting. Overall it does the job of an exhaust, which is getting the gases out.

The con that we found is that it works mostly with Chinese type scooters.

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For Chevy Camaro V8 6.2L 3” High Performance Dual Exhaust System 

Made by AJP Distributers, it is one of the new emerging manufacturers for this product.


Pros and Cons

This exhaust like most is made from stainless steel cutback, meaning it is resistant to high level of heat and not susceptible to rusting or being damaged easily. The piping and outlet is also made of heavy duty material that is already approved and ISO certified so you know you don’t have to worry. As a whole, it does the job it advertises for. The placement also not centered meaning you’ll be able to see from the rear mirror, not having you vision obscured by exhaust gases.


The con we found was that it does not come with installation instructions meaning you’ll have to pay a professional to get it installed.


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BBK 40210 1-3/4″ Full Length High Flow Performance Exhaust Headers System 

Made from BBK Performance, one of America’s trusted manufacturers.


Pros and Cons

This pros of this one are that since it is very good, most race cars uses them as exhaust system. The heavy gauge tubing causes an increased flow over the stock which results in an increase in performance and horsepower (speed). The sound is more polished as well as the long tubing allows it to fit perfectly to most car of this line. Made from heavy duty material, it is also resistant to rust and heat from high pressured combustion. For loud sound lovers, you are sure to be surprised by how loud it can be.

As a matter of fact, there were no cons for this product.

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High Performance Exhaust System Muffler for GY6 139QMB QMB139 1P39QMB 

Made by US.online999 it’s one of the emerging brands around.


Pros and Cons

This is one of the best scooter exhausts around as it does indeed add power and speed to your scooter without having any performance issues. It already comes with brackets welded to the pipes meaning you won’t have to buy additional ones. Made from chrome plated carbon steel, this exhaust will not burn your jeans as it keeps the pipe to a good temperature so your vehicle won’t be overheating from it. As an additional pro, it works on most Chinese scooters and is a suitable replacement for them.

The con is that you may have to do some modification if you wish to mount it on another scooter and it does not bolt-on to every scooter model either so you may have to get a professional do some modifications for you.

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High Performance Exhaust System Muffler for GY6 50cc-400cc 

Another one from the JRSAUTO series, and you know you are going to get an innovative product.


Pros and Cons

The pros of this exhaust makes it one of the bests to have around since as advertised it will indeed fit almost all scooter brands available on the market. If your scooter is within the 50CC – 400 CC and has a GY6 engine, then this design is sure to fit yours. The exhaust is also fixed horizontally. Made from weather resistant heavy duty material, you are pretty much assured that it won’t be after some time that you change it for rusting or rotting issues. The material is also heat resistant so you wouldn’t worry about for leg or foot feeling the heat as you change to the highest gears on the highway.

As a matter of fact, we couldn’t find any inconvenience so as to be considered as a con.


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After going through all these high performance exhaust systems, we’ve finally managed to get to a conclusion. Now before revealing our pick, just know that all these exhausts up there are all good and even if we picked one doesn’t mean any of the other 4 are bad in any way. It will all depend on the type of scooter you have and how you plan to use or modify them.

Now without any further ado, the one we’ve chose is the High Performance Exhaust System Muffler for GY6 50cc-400cc. The reason for this choice is that in addition to finding no cons about it, this exhaust system does fit to about 90% of the scooter models available on the market.

Now you can go through the review again and make your own conclusion and choice.><>