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DIY Car Laptop Mount Instructions


DIY Car Laptop Mount Instructions

In our busy world, it is not possible to stay away from things like mobile phones, laptops etc. We have to carry them everywhere to remain comfortable and up to date. Laptops like mobile phones are portable form of technology hence we can have them in our vehicles especially cars to complete our pending work or entertain ourselves when we feel bored. Laptops are delicate devices therefore it is important to take care of them during travelling. There should be a proper space or stand for laptops so that they remain safe and it becomes easier for us to work on them. Laptops mounts fulfill the demand. Laptops mounts are present in vehicles like trucks, cars, vans etc for securing laptops. Their patented design is capable of offering flexible solution which delivers durability and strength in order to protect laptop which is most important technological investment of today’s generation.

car laptop mount

Car laptop mounts

Car laptop mounts are capable of turning a car into productive mobile office. Well there is a huge variety of car laptop mounts available in the market. You can find them easily online at affordable prices but what if one can design itself by sitting at home? Yes you heard it right! This will allow you to save your money. It is really easy and cheap process to make a DIY car laptop mount. It will not take your much time and money. If you were also planning to structure a car laptop mount for yourself in order to use your laptop comfortably in vehicle then you are on the right place and reading the correct information. Many people adopt ideas from their favorite or experienced laptop mount model to get quality results but on the serious note redeveloping model that is developed by a company is not a nice idea as it is going to be very complicated process. There are many ways to prepare a DIY car laptop holder without following any big brand’s laptop mount and to illustrate that we are going to discuss the easiest one here. We will show that how vehicle laptop mounts can be prepared with help of cup holder through simple and quick DIY actions.

DIY Car Laptop Mount Instructions are mentioned below in detail. It requires all necessary information linked with preparation of DIY laptop mounts. The information is shared in terms of steps to make things clearer and simpler for readers. So here we begin:-

  1. The first step is to go to market and buy two inch PVC pipe or the one that can fit your cup holders as there are two holders between front seats.
  2. Then buy a drain fitting, the drain should be a brass drain so that you would put bolts and screws through its slot during its attachment to tray.
  3. For tray, wooden cutting tray is a better option as it is thick and there is no need of finishing a wooden cutting tray. This choice will reduce your work load.
  4. Put bottom part with rubber feet on the top, in order to prevent laptop sliding.
  5. After getting installed, the rubber pads will have a nice grip on laptop.
  6. Nailing a small piece of quarter round molding into one edge of platform will help in preventing laptop sliding.
  7. Piece should be positioned in accordance with angle of tray.
  8. Quarter round positioning of piece is good option for those whose laptops tends to lean in backward direction a bit. Others can adjust accordingly.
  9. You will require help of your friend or someone to assemble the board for draining piece. You friend can mark centre of boards and afterwards positions of three bolts with help of drain as a template.
  10. The next step is to drill pilot holes lightly to counter-sink bolts. In this ways bolts will not stick or move up above surface of platform. Bolts can be secured with help of compression nuts and washers.
  11. The compression nuts and washers should be so chosen that they do not affect vibrations.
  12. The next step is to do smart work on fitting bottom pieces through ridges snugly into your cup holder.
  13. In order to trim way ridges at perfect angle, substance like knife or razor is required.
  14. Mark pipes where you want them to get attached. Next step is to pull them apart.
  15. Now use the PVC primer.
  16. After reaching above level, you are supposed to use glue just to keep them stick together.
  17. You can also use paint color of your choice to make your work more attractive and superior.
  18. There is no need to use glue on tray or drain piece onto rest of pipe because it would help you to adjust angle of tray more conveniently whenever required.
  19. Those who find gluing it can choose the same, but it will become too tight and angle adjusting will become very difficult.
  20. Small wooden block can also be screwed into plastic box surrounding cup holders in order to support elbow of pipe effectively.
  21. The stability giving to mount is sufficient but it may vary from vehicle to vehicle, therefore users can add more stability through more substances to ensure proper balance of their laptop.
  22. Wooden box can be trimmed further if in case required to deliver more comfort.
  23. To add more creativity, wooden trays of different patterns or designs can be used but it will of course add nothing in stability of tray.


We hope above mentioned information is useful and simple to understand. Laptop mounts can also be made from other substances but this method is the most appreciated by people as it is the least hectic one.

Following this method you can save your money without compromising with your entertainment level. Most people leave their laptop at home or do not use their laptop in vehicle because of absence of laptop mounts in their cars. As laptop mounts are not cheap therefore everyone can’t buy them. But after reading above mentioned steps, this problem can be sorted easily.<>