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Dog hitch

Dog hitch is just like a staircase provided for the animals especially for dogs and cats and also for your children who is starting to learn in stepping up and down. Everyone who has pets at home can use this, especially when you wanted to bring your pets on your travel and outings. It is provided for an easier step up or steps down of your pets on your cars.

Advantage of dog hitch

  1. Dogs or cats will stay at the back of the car.
  2. Pets will no longer carry
  3. Safe for children who have allergies on the hair of dogs and cats.
  4. Easily to set up

Disadvantage of dog hitch

  1. A little spacious on your car or at home.

Hope this information can benefit everyone for the dog hitch.


The SOLVIT PUPSTEP HITCHSTEP is a product that your pets needed. It is adjustable for the convenience of your pets in stepping up and down. Easily attach on your cars and when it’s done it can detach immediately.

This product can assembly easily. Don’t let the product to stay in the wet area, this can rust the bolts and surface of the said item. Rusting can harm your pets.  You can put in the compartment at your confidence when traveling.

Usually, this product can accommodate 200 lbs. It can also use as a step up when you want to reach some items from the roof of your car. Provided you have children it can be a training ground for her/him to step up and down with the guidance of the parents.

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The HEININGER 3052 PORTABLEPET TWISTEP Dog is useful for dogs and people exclusively for Service Unit Vehicle (SUV). It is easy to assembly once unbox. Usually, this product can adjust the height up to 6 inches. The item is about 27 pounds with 22 inches in length by 19 inches in width and 10 inches thickness. The item is unfolded able.

It is very efficient to your dogs and people to get in and out on your SUV’s. It can also use as a chair when you are out of the town. Hassle free no need to detach on your cars it is very convenient.

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The Otto Step Car Pet Ramp Pet Step is provided for your pets. The actual size is 18” in length and 16” width, the shape is rectangular and it can carry up to 200 lbs. the weight of your pets. Usually, this product can lessen jumping injuries with your pets. Easy to assembly, can detach anytime at your convenient. Helps your pets to exercise their joints to avoid bone problems. When you are about to travel detach the item because it is not advice able to be attach on the car while driving.

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The Otto Step Pet Dog Truck SUV Van Hitch is a type of dog hitch design for Service Unit Vehicle (SUV). Easily to attach and detach. Helps your dogs to exercise their joints to avoid bone problems.  When you are about to travel detach the item because it is not advice able to be attached to the car while driving.   Otto step assist your Dog to step back easily- no more picking up back legs! Make thought of this product as preventive medicine for your companion. It helps your Dog to protect from injuries caused by jumping from Vans, SUVs, Truck and station wagons. This product is made of lightweight and durable glass filled nylon that can carry 200 lbs.

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Orvis Twistep Vehicle Step

The Orvis Twistep Vehicle Step can hold up 400 lbs. the weight of your pets are even people who are very skinny and thin. Easy to attach and detach. It can also store at your bumper at your convenience no swing mood can be done.  Helps reduces bone fracture for your pets especially when jumping.

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