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All you need to know about fuel pressure regulator


Fuel pressure regulator – what is it and what does it do:

The fuel pressure regulator is a component of a vehicle’s fuel management system needed to regulate fuel pressure. Its main function is not only to control the fuel pressure but to ensure that excess fuel goes back to the fuel tank. It is connected to a car’s internal computer and continuously scans your tanks and fuel line for any leak or damage. Though data collected through these scans, the fuel pressure can immediately detect any anomalies in your fuel system coming from defective or damaged parts as well as irregularities during normal vehicle use.

When the fuel is summoned by the vehicle’s engine from the tank, the pressure needs to be stabilized to ensure that only the exact amount of fuel is delivered. Most modern automobiles have a fuel pressure regulator installed as standard. It comes very hand in conjunction with fuel pressure sensor.

fuel pressure regulatorWarnings coming from the vehicles fuel scanners can indicate that the car needs immediate repair in regards to the fuel system. There are several vehicular malfunctions are caused by a damaged fuel system. The vehicle might experience lower mileage, leaks, thick black smoke coming from the exhaust, and the engine begins to run roughly.

The fuel pressure regulator might also need to be replaced due to wear-and-tear. The more telling signs of a damaged fuel pressure regulator are strong odor of fuel or gasoline, failure to pass emission tests, or engine malfunction regarding electronics associated with the fuel system. This makes a fuel pressure regulator one of the most important parts in a car’s fuel tank to ensure smooth operation.


Diesel fuel pressure regulator – what it is and what does it do?

The diesel fuel pressure regulator is similar to other vehicular pressure regulators in terms of its function and purpose in the fuel management system. As the name implies, it is designed to work with a diesel engines instead, and has certain differences in design and materials.  A diesel fuel pressure regulator comes in the form of a solenoid valve that is installed to high-pressure pumps or the fuel rail of diesel engine.  Like a normal fuel pressure regulator, its job is to maintain the fuel pressure between the engine and the fuel tank. It also prevents a better rate of fuel consumption as the presence of a fuel pressure regulator eliminates unnecessary fuel vapors from remaining in the fuel lines. To ensure maximum efficiency and engine longevity, most car manufacturers produce their vehicles with a fuel maintenance system connected to a computer. The pressure regulator is a crucial component for these systems.

 Fuel pressure regulator reviews

Holley 12-803 Fuel Pump Fuel Pressure Regulator

The Holley 12-803 fuel pump pressure regulator is a part manufactured by Holley. They specialize in parts and part replacement for vehicle fuel systems. More specifically they focus on engine parts designed for improving car performance. As well as this fuel pump pressure regulator, Holley are known for their production of other fuel system parts such as fuel pumps and intake manifolds. Holley is also a well-known manufacturer of parts for NASCAR teams and are a sought after brand of custom car enthusiasts. With this lineage, the Holley 12-803 is sure to perform at peak performance even when subjected to extreme conditions.

This fuel pump pressure regulator is made from the most durable materials available. The total weight for this product is just 8.8 ounces and it measures 3.7 x 3.6 x 2.6 inches. Its relatively compact size makes it easy to install, needing only basic mechanical tools. Although this fuel pump pressure regulator has a compact size, it is very durable. Its main responsibility is to adjust and regulate the fuel pressure in your engine to prevent engine flooding and other fuel related anomalies. This product is designed to operate with a single carburetor installation, offering high quality at an economical price.

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GENSSI Type S Adjustable Fuel pressure Regulator FPR Universal JDM Turbo (Red)

This fuel pressure regular regulator is called an adjustable model with universal applications. This product is manufactured and designed by Genssi, a company that focuses on several automotive parts and components such as aftermarket accessories, lights, and performance tools. The GENSSI Type S adjustable fuel pressure regulator FPR Universal JDM Turbo falls under the performance tools category, and is made with high quality materials. More specifically, this model is manufactured with anodized aluminum known as the 6061-T6 CNC, meaning that it is extremely resistant to corrosion and damage.

This apparatus allows for optimized fuel delivery and can increase vehicle performance. By raising and lowering the fuel pressure, it regulates and maintains the amount of fuel that is summoned by the engine from its fuel tanks and fuel lines. Like most fuel pressure regulators, this product prevents unnecessary fuel evaporation, engine longevity, as well as improving overall engine performance. Due to the fact that high-end durable materials make it, it is designed to cope with cars that have a high horsepower output, specifically those who can deliver up to 450 hp.  This device weighs a total of 11 ounces and is easy to install, only needing basic mechanical tools. Consumers have praised it for being competitively priced while capable of performing up to par with most parts manufactured by leading automobile manufacturers.

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Holley 12-804 Fuel Pressure Regulator

This fuel pressure regulator is called the Holley 12-804, manufactured by Holley, a company focused on making components for fuel pressure systems that are used in automobiles particularly racing cars and customized street machines. This pressure regulator is made with a chrome finish and is designed specifically for carbureted applications. The Holley 12-804 Fuel Pressure Regulator is made with two ports that can be adjusted from 1-4 psi.

It is made from high quality materials that are guaranteed to be durable, perform under extreme conditions, and is just as good as fuel system parts made by leading automotive parts manufacturers. The Holley 12-804 fuel pressure regulator weighs a total of 7.2 ounces and measures 3.7 x  2.7 x 3.6 inches. Individually, each of its dual pipe thread port measures 3/8 inches in diameter. The product comes with its own mounting bracket, and is very easy to install. Customers reported only minimal use of tools, needing at least an hour for installation. It attaches to the fuel tank near the firewall or inner fender wells of the vehicle’s engine, which makes for convenient access as well as additional safety.

This product is also reported to be very economical, but is well worth it in terms of performance and durability.

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Docooler Universal Car Adjustable 140PSI Fuel Pressure Regulator with Gauge Silver

The Docooler Universal Car Adjustable 140PSI Fuel Pressure Regulator with Gauge Silver is a fuel pressure regulator manufactured by Docooler. It is designed to be compatible to most vehicles, due to its universal design. It is made in-house, ensuring a high quality and completely brand new component. As with other fuel pressure regulators, this part is designed to monitor and regulate the fuel pressure systems of your automobile. By controlling the fuel pressure that passes from the tank, and fuel line to your car’s engine, this regulator is guaranteed to boost engine performance as well as extending its longevity.

This fuel pressure regulator weighs a total of 1.4 pounds and measures 7.1 x 6.6 x 4.5 inches. You may adjust the fuel pressure settings from 0 to 140 psi, making it possible to precisely calibrate your vehicle’s fuel intake. By increasing or decreasing the fuel injection pressure, you can also increase or lower the power output of your engine to suit your needs. This fuel pressure regulator is made from an aluminum alloy material, making it resistant to rust and corrosion. It comes complete with a dial so you can monitor the fuel pressure read-out. Installation is relatively easy, as it comes with complete with its own bag of hardware as well as two rubber hoses for connecting.

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140psi Adjustable Aluminum Fuel Pressure Regulator+Gauge Kit (Red)

This fuel pressure regulator comes from Auto Dynasty, a manufacturer of quality automotive products. They also produce vehicle components such as mirrors, lights, bumpers, and other car-related products. They are also known to manufacturer quality fuel pressure system components that are competitively priced and can deliver performance as well as those manufactured by other leading brands.  This particular device is designed to be compatible with most modern fuel injected cars. Like other fuel pressure regulators, it is fitted to a fuel tank to regulate how much fuel is pumped to the engine. However, for this product, the installation manual is not included, and it is highly recommended that you seek the services of a professional installer.

The manufacturer part number for this fuel pressure regulator is AD-FPR-S-RD, and weighs a total of just under 3 pounds. It is designed specifically to be compatible with turbocharged engines only. You can adjust your fuel injection pressure from 0-140 with this device. A dial is provided for accurate readings. The benefits of installing this particular fuel pressure regulator are improved performance, improved engine longevity, and very reliable engine operation.  Made from high-quality materials, this fuel pressure regulator is reported by customers to be efficient when it comes to adjusting and comes with noticeable improvement after installation.

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Aeromotive 13129 EFI Fuel Pressure Regulator

The Aeromotive 13129 EFI fuel pressure regulator is Aeromotive’s latest release in their line of fuel system components. This fuel pressure regulator is made with high-grade aluminum; designed to withstand extreme stress and wear-and-tear from the most powerful vehicles. It is capable of reinforcing an engine with a power output of up to one thousand horsepower. This product is most compatible with GM, Ford, and Chrysler models, although they may also be used with other engine models that have similar specifications.  The Aeromotive 13129 is competitively priced when compared to other fuel system parts and components manufactured by leading automotive product developers.

This particular fuel pressure regulator weighs just a total of five pounds and measures 7 x 5 x4 inches. Aeromotive claim that this regulator has been redesigned to be more compact and lightweight specifically with vehicle weight reduction in mind. This gives racing cars an added bonus along with getting a higher power output and cleaner fuel performance. This regulator is made from durable materials such as proprietary elastomer and anodized aluminum. This product comes with its own mounting bracket for simple and convenient installation. Precision engineering gives the Aeromotive 13129 an adjustable fuel injection pressure from 30-70 psi.

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160psi Adjustable Aluminum Fuel Pressure Regulator+Oil Filled Gauge (Black)

This fuel pressure regulator is manufactured by Auto Dynasty and designed to be compatible with modern fuel injected vehicles. This product is fitted to the fuel tank and the fuel rail, allowing it to control and regulate the fuel pressure. Depending on its calibration, it will only allow a certain amount of fuel to be drawn up by the engine during normal operation. It is fully adjustable, which gives you complete control with regards to your fuel system settings. For this particular model of fuel pressure regulator, you may adjust fuel injection from 0 to 160 psi. It also comes with a read out dial for you to monitor the fuel pressure. This allows you to be more accurate when performing adjustments.

As with other fuel pressure regulators, installing this component will allow your fuel management system to deliver a more efficient performance. You will dramatically lower your fuel consumption as well as increase the lifespan of your engine with this product. However this model is designed for high-powered, turbocharged engines only. It is highly recommended that you consult a professional for installation. Customers have raved that it will give an instant boost to your engine’s performance, as well as rating this fuel pressures regulator to be great value for money.

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Delphi FP10020 Fuel Injection Pressure Regulator

This fuel injection pressure regulator is manufactured by Delphi. The model number for this particular design is the FP10020. Delphi has a reputation for partnering with other manufacturers to provide high-quality car parts, namely fuel system components. This product has been built to perform just as well as the original equipment found as standard in the latest vehicles. Reasonably priced and relatively simple to install, consumers have raved that this product created by Delphi is just as good as parts manufactured by leading automotive component and parts makers. You may need to modify minimal aspects of this regulator such as the mounting brackets, but this is considered to be a fair trade off due to the excellent quality and low price.

The Delphi FP10020 Fuel Injection Pressure Regulator weighs a lightweight 1pound and measures 2.5 x 2.5 x 3 inches. Its lightweight and compact design contributes to its durability and general compatibility with a wide variety of engines. This product comes with a one-year warranty, which is considered a great bargain, as it will definitely prevent complications arising from fuel system management. Protect your engine from wear-and-tear, fuel evaporation, and poor performance with this state-of-the-art fuel pressure regulator. Put your mind at ease and avail of this high-quality product now.
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