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All about fuel pressure sensor


What is fuel pressure sensor and how it works?

A fuel pressure sensor measures the pressure inside an automobile’s fuel tank. They are a component of the returnless fuel injection system, which is installed in almost all vehicles that are produced today. The fuel pressure sensor is attached to the fuel rail. More specifically, the sensor is connected to a tube called the common rail, which acts as a supply line for pressurized fuel. The pressurized fuel is then sent to the engines by fuel injectors. You can learn also some more about fuel pressure regulators here.

fuel pressure sensorThe fuel pressure sensor is essential for this system to function. The small electronic device serves as the module to gather critical data used by the computer regarding fuel pressure. This computer is called the power control module, also known as PCM.  With the data provided by the fuel pressure sensor, the PCM regulates the quantity of fuel to be released from the engine.

As the fuel pressure sensor allows the engine to draw only the amount of fuel it needs, the main effect is a reduction of evaporative emissions. The PCM and the fuel pressure sensor ensure that there is no retention of fuel in the vehicle’s fuel line. However, the fuel pressure sensor is susceptible to damage, as it is considered to be one of the weakest components of a returnless fuel injection system. Usually, an error code is displayed in the dashboard once your fuel pressure sensor experiences a malfunction. Other signs include a noticeable change in engine performance such as irregular transmission, stalling, and failure to start the engine.


Diesel Fuel Pressure Sensor

In a common rail diesel, injection pressure is regulated and monitored by the electronic diesel control unit. The diesel fuel pressure sensor is more rugged than a regular fuel pressure sensor. The sensor operates on five volts and provides a 0.5 to 0.45 volts analog output proportional to pressure. The sensor provides highly reliable and repeatable measurements.


The sensor is the feedback component in a controlled loop and informs the electronic diesel control unit the pressure in the rail. Also known as the ECM, the ECM can then tell the pump to increase or decrease fuel output accordingly. The ECM controls the pressure limiter to control pump pressure when you press the pedal. The ECM will immediately calculate how much fuel to give the engine based on speed, load, and aninternal calibration table. The sensor gives a continual feedback of rail pressure used by the ECM to make pressure adjustment instantaneously.

Fuel pressure sensor reviewed

Motorcraft CM5229 Fuel Injection Pressure Sensor

This fuel injection pressure sensor is called the Motorcraft CM5229. Motorcraft, which offers a 12-month and twelve thousand mile warranty manufacture the CM5229 fuel injection pressure sensor. The Motorcraft Fuel Injection Pressure is guaranteed to improve the performance of your fuel delivery system with the CM5229. The Motorcraft CM5229 Fuel Injection Pressure Sensor was manufactured from high-quality materials designed to endure years of rugged use. The Motorcraft CM5229 Fuel Injection Pressure Sensor meets original equipment manufacturer standards while sold at a noticeably lower price when compared to factory standard components.  This product meets the strict manufacturing standards of the Ford Motor Company and comes highly recommended by them.


The Motorcraft CM5229 Fuel Injection Pressure Sensor is designed to be compatible with original equipment manufacturer engines. This fuel sensor maintains and regulates your vehicle’s fuel delivery system. The system is hinges on the performance of the Motorcraft CM5229 Fuel Injection Pressure Sensor to monitor the fuel injectors connected to the fuel tank and the engine for accurate fuel delivery.


A system failure can result to inferior engine performance or your engine not starting at all. Prevent system failures in your car’s fuel delivery system with the Motorcraft CM5229 Fuel Injection Pressure Sensor.

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Standard Motor Products FPS18 Fuel Pressure Sensor

This fuel pressure sensor is called the FPS18, and is manufactured by Standard Motor Products. It was manufactured under strict guidelines following consultation and recommendations by global industry experts. They follow strict standards similar to European manufacturing, and are designed to correct internal fuel failure issues. The development and production of the FPS18 Fuel Pressure Sensor was regulated by Standard Motor Products, who have complete control over the entirety of the manufacturing process from beginning to end. Standard Motor Products, ensuring precision engineering for their fuel regulators, also produced the components for the FPS18 Fuel Pressure.


This product meets the standards of original equipment manufacturers such as Bosch and Volvo. However, this product comes at a much lower cost. Consumers have praised it as an excellent replacement fuel pressure sensor for models such as the Volvo C70, the Volvo V70R, the Volvo s60, and the Volvo S40. The Standard Motor Products FPS18 Fuel Pressure sensor is designed for installation in a turbo engine. Keep in mind that fuel pressure sensors for turbo and non-turbo engines are different. Other consumers of this product claim to have saved $500 dollars when compared to products offered by a dealership, including labor. This product is easy to install, needing only basic mechanical tools.

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OES Genuine Fuel Pressure Sensor

OES Genuine has manufactured this high-quality replacement fuel Pressure Sensor with a low budget in mind. This product will deliver at peak performance just as efficiently as standard stock engine parts. It is also very easy to install. The OES Genuine Fuel Pressure sensor comes with a set of instructions derived from the original manufacturer.

OES Genuine has gone to great lengths to incorporate state-of-the art technological equipment to ensure that this component will fit the make and model of the specified vehicle. Replacement of a damaged part is as simple as taking out the damaged or defective part, and slotting the brand new replacement part into place.

Installation of the OES Genuine Fuel Pressure Sensor is relatively simple, with minimal mechanical skills and standard tools. Thanks to the instruction manual and the relative simplicity of installing this product, you don’t have to spend countless hours trying to replace your damaged fuel sensor.

The direct fit replacement feature developed by OES Genuine is guaranteed to provide maximum comfort and convenience. You can rest assured that your engine will function at maximum capacity once all the new components are installed. The OES Genuine Fuel Pressure Sensor weighs just 0.2 ounces and measures 2.1 x 1 x 1 inches.

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PartsSquare Pressure transducer/sender/sensor 100 psi stainless steel for oil,fuel,air,water

Manufactured by PartsSquare, this pressure transmitter is guaranteed to be one hundred percent brand-new. It is made from high quality stainless steel and auto-graded plastic. This pressure sensor has a power output of 0.5-4.5 linear voltage output and uses a pressure medium of gas and liquid. This combination of gas and liquid is compatible with its stainless steel material. It is electromagnetism compatible with EN50081-1; EN50082-2; IEC61000-4-3 using a wiring connector. The wiring connector is water sealed, ensuring that the mating connector and wire harness are safe from damage.

This PartsSquare pressure transducer can operate at a working temperature up to 125 degrees Celsius. It is designed to measure the pressure for several mediums such as oil, water, fuel, and air pressure. It can be fitted as a key component for fuel and oil systems and can be fitted to the gas and oil tank.  It has a quick response time; with an overload capacity of this pressure sensor is two times while being able to resist shock for up to 100g.

This product is definitely guaranteed not to explode during operation, with an explosion-proof class rating of ExiaTTCT6. It utilizes an advance pressure sender, making it more efficient and reliable than traditional mechanical pressure senders.

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Standard Motor Products FPS7 Fuel Injection Pressure Sensor

This pressure regulator is manufactured by Standard Motor Products, who specialize in making replacement parts for vehicles. Standard Motor Products have a separate division for engine management, ensuring that they produce high-quality fuel injection pressure sensors. It factories across Europe and Asia are certified with TS16949 and ISO9001 certification. Equipped with the latest technology and advanced engineering capabilities, also make other automotive parts in-house.  You can rest assured that this fuel pressure sensor has passed strict engineering standards and was made with high-quality materials.

Standard Motor Products are also very durable and relatively simple to install. All that’s required are simple mechanical tools. Several consumers who have purchased the Standard Motor Products FPS7 Fuel Injection Pressure Sensor have praised this product for its competitive price. Others have stated that the quality is just as good as some of those you can buy from other leading manufacturers. Due to the fact that they are made adhering to industry standards, the replacement parts are configured to be interchangeable, and can fit to your engine perfectly.

The Standard Motor Products FPS7 Fuel Injection Pressure Sensor weighs approximately 1 pound and measures 2.4 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches. This product is highly recommendable. Save money and get the best quality with this fuel injection pressure sensor.

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Wells SU1390 Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor

The Wells SU1390 Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor is manufactured by Wells Vehicle Electronics; a pioneering company vehicle components. They are well-known suppliers for a wide variety of electronic vehicle parts for leading car manufacturers. With precision engineering and the latest in engineering technology, they have headquarters located in Wisconsin, Iowa, and even Mexico. Their team of engineers is well versed in cutting-edge design behind world-class manufacturing.  You are ensured of high-quality electronic vehicle components, such as this fuel tank pressure sensors, with a maker such as Wells Electronics. A stringent system is employed from start to finish. The Wells SU1390 Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor is guaranteed to be of the highest quality with its strict manufacturing standards enforced through a regimented system. From the molding through the testing stage, these fuel tank pressure sensors are definitely high quality.

This fuel pressure tank pressures is compatible with several models from premiere automobile manufacturers. Namely these are : Acura, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Honda, Hummer, Isuzu, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saab, Saturn. There is a wide range of makes and models that the Wells SU1390 Fuel Tank Pressure, most commonly sedans and SUV’s.  This product also meets OE specifications for fit, form, and function. They are recommended as durable, top quality, and easy-to-install replacement parts for your engine fuel tank troubles.

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ACDelco 13502903 GM Original Equipment Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor

The AC Delco 13502903 GM Original Equipment Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor is a top-quality fuel sensor manufactured by AC Delco. They are focused on manufacturing a wide range of automobile spare components from maintenance parts, engine parts, and other automotive functions. AC Delco also offers a specialty line for certain product lines including this fuel tank pressure sensor. They are focused specifically on manufacturing GM parts and components. They have made manufactured parts for virtually all models of the GM range including cars, trucks, and SUV’s.  Easy to install needing only basic engine tools, this product is guaranteed to be a high-quality replacement when you experience engine troubles.

Today’s modern vehicles are prone to wear out its components, which is especially true for your car’s fuel system. The excellent build standards of the AC Delco 12302903 fuel tank pressure sensor will last you for a very long time. Its durability also makes it an excellent choice, since they will not easily break down when subjected to wear and tear from normal vehicle operation.

With this product, you can prevent an assortment of further damage to other parts of your car. These are most notably electrical short circuits and corroded electrical components in your GM vehicle. Prevent this from happening to your fuel tank with the AC Delco 13502903 GM Original Equipment Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor.

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Wells SU1390 Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor

The Wells SU1390 Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor is also another high quality product from Wells Vehicle Electronics. This particular fuel pressure sensor is guaranteed to perform as your car’s original equipment. They have been designed with the latest in vehicle electrical equipment. Wells Electronics also manufactures this product to meet strict industry specifications. Their production facilities are also equipped with the most advanced technological manufacturing devices available in the world today. These factors ensure that the Wells SU1390 Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor will not be a quality component, very durable, and good value for money.

This fuel tank pressure sensor weights a total of just 0.3 ounces while measuring a compact 2.8 x 1.8 x 1.5 inches. Despite its small size and its relatively lightweight, the Wells SU1390 Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor has been reported by its customers to be very easy to install, needing only basic mechanical tools. This fuel tank pressure sensor will definitely prevent other forms of engine failure and damaged parts regarding your car’s fuel system. This pressure system is the key for an efficient your vehicles fuel evaporation system as well as improved emission control.  Improve the performance and longevity of your car with the Wells SU1390 fuel tank pressure sensor.

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