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Fuel Pumps – Reviews and buying tips


What is the use of a fuel system and how does it benefit your car? Car owners need to stop thinking of maintaining their car or getting work done on it as an extremely excruciating process. Taking care of your car is not ridiculously costly and even if you do end up spending a bit of money, it is all for the best in the long term as it is guaranteed to work out for the betterment of your car’s system.

It is also not something that requires too much effort or is too painful to carry out, as it can easily be done for you by a company or even carried out at home with the proper equipment and guidance. Car Maintenance is a necessity that every vehicle should have the right to access.

If you make the right choices, every penny of your initial investment is going to be made up for as a good car is definitely worth every penny, and the life of your car is essentially prolonged because of this. More importantly, it even improves the performance of your car and ensures great driving and a great engine.

This kind of thinking makes maintenance work a bit more of an exciting process because, in the end, it is your car that is permanently benefiting from your temporary work.

One of the most important things that should be done on the car is its fuel system maintenance. If done correctly and wisely, it can result in quite a few important advantages that work for the betterment of your car and ensure good performance.

 These are the basic components of a cars’ fuel system

1) Fuel lines

2) Fuel pump

3) Fuel injector.

4) Fuel tank.

5) Fuel injection pumps assembly.


First and foremost, what exactly is a fuel pump and what are its benefits? Also, what is its main function and how does it contribute to the car’s functions. A fuel pump is usually a necessary component on a car or any other vehicle.

However, not all engines may require fuel pumps (for example – old motorbikes and such), because it can work itself by using either high pressure or just the force of gravity to feed a car fuel from the fuel tank. Nevertheless, in most cases, it is a critical part required for the proper functioning and maintenance of your car.

So, the question is, how does it work? Here’s how: The Fuel is pumped from the gas tank up into the engine of the vehicle by this pump, and these convenient little devices are available in a large and flexible variety.

Although, the simplest (and most widely used for the most part) design is the basic mechanical fuel pump. This design has only a few moving parts and is popularly used with diesel engines and also other engines such as engines with carburetors instead of the normal fuel injectors.

A device called crankshaft or camshaft is used for the provision of power, meaning by this that the volume of the fuel being pumped simultaneously increases with the increasing acceleration of the speed so that the engine can consume significantly more amounts as per its basic requirement.

Another mostly used kind of fuel pump is the electrical fuel pump, these are also less commonly known as inline fuel pumps. These pumps help to get the gas to the engine in a short amount of time whenever the engine needs an additional boost of fuel since they can have an internal fuel pump combined with it as well.

Usually, this type of pump hovers inside the gas tank and are enclosed by a covering called “sock” for protection from rubbish and other unwanted materials in the gas tank.

This helps to prevent unwanted dirt and such from reaching inside where it can cause damage.

Conclusively, it is also necessary to state that the height of the float and the float retention ought to be matching the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications to assure that the gas gauge reading will be exactly precise. You will want to be sure that the part has been approved, coordinated and verified to the correct vehicle application before the purchase.

Some good suggestions for the choice of which fuel pumps you should consider are listed below:

TOPSCOPE FP7127MN – Fuel Pump Module Assembly E7127MN fits 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE

The TOPSCOPE FP7127MN – Fuel Pump Module Assembly is a great and effective device for your vehicle’s fuel tank. It is by far the best and high-quality aftermarket replacement parts for your Grand Cherokee Jeep. The Module assembly fits the 1999 to 2004 models, and you can as well check your vehicle’s compatibility through a search on the vehicle’s year, make and model. It runs on a 12 volts voltage in the vehicle, and only weighs 3.1 pounds, which is a standard part for a Grand Cherokee.

This assembly is a complete module made through state of the art technology and does not require any modifications to fit and work in your vehicle’s fuel tank. It comes with a 1-year unlimited mileage warranty, guaranteeing you of the best quality service on it. For the best and effective use of this fuel pump, do not reuse any old parts in it. A list of the OEM part numbers is provided in the description for any other purchases and compatibility. The TOPSCOPE devices are made to precision for quality and durability, which guarantees value for money.

Check price and availability here

HFP-382 Replacement Fuel Pump with Strainer and Installation Kit

The HFP – 382 Replacement Fuel pump with Strainer and Installation Kit is a great deal for anyone looking to improve the performance/service of the fuel operations. This fuel pump is a state of the art device, not only for the fuel tank and its performance but also incorporates great benefits for which users would appreciate. Inclusive in this package is the Installation kit that ensures the fuel strainer that’s compatible and a perfect fit for your vehicle. Thus, the HFP 382 pumps are designed for quieter operations and meet and/or exceed OEM specifications.

With the upgraded polymers, brushes among other features, the HFP 382 pump is patented with check valve technology and is ensured for long life and durability in multiple fuel blends; and thus includes a lifetime warranty; this means that the HFP Fuel Systems Company offers free replacements. It is also designed for problem free operations in excess of 100,000 miles. This Kit is guaranteed of quality and performance, lasting long operating in your vehicle.

The pump is designed for E85/ethanol use, and includes a gradient density fuel strainer for superior contaminant filtration, offering the best operation and flow through for best performance in your vehicle. With its exact drop-in replacement, weighing only 1 pound and with dimensions of 7 x 4 x 2.7 inches it is simple and easy to replace/fix in without needing modifications or advanced fixture.

Check price and availability here


TOPSCOPE FP3500M – Fuel Pump Module Assembly E3500M 


TOPSCOPE FP3500M – Fuel pump module assembly E3500M is a great deal for replacing your fuel pump module assembly. This state of the art device is a high-quality aftermarket replacement fuel pump module assembly, which cannot be compared to any other devices in its range. For a direct OE replacement, you can use in your vehicle fuel tank without any modifications needed, it’s easy and direct to fix in. TOPSCOPE’s quality and outstanding work make the parts guaranteed of quality and durability thus are a value for money device.

This FP3500M fuel pump module assembly is compatible with a range number of Chevrolet Silverado models and GMC Sierra models. To get the best fit, compatibility and performance for the fuel pump module assembly on your vehicle, a quick search on the year, make and model of the vehicle will help you get the exact assembly. A good vehicle deserves the best fuel efficiency, and thus this assembly should be of great benefits to your truck.

The assembly has conditions in which it works best and performs to the maximum, without any problems; you must not reuse old parts such as fuel strainers, fuel pressure sensors. The aim for this is to provide ultimate performance, and thus, purchase of this assembly has a list of OEM part numbers that are compatible and workable for it.

Check price and availability here

Delphi HP10074 Hanger Pump Assembly

The Delphi HP10074 Hanger Pump Assembly is a state of the art device designed for best and effective performances in a vehicle. If you’re in search of a technology that is capable of handling the best fuel pumping performance and is of great quality solving other design needs, the Delphi HP10074 is your deal. The Delphi’s reputation and many years of OE heritage ensure great quality and fitment for HP10074 Hanger Pump assembly among any other Delphi parts.

The design and construction of this device have been matched with an OE-rigorous test that ensures the pump withstands extreme temperatures. An inclusion of a casing/routing for the metal tubes in the Delphi hanger helps by eliminating any contact with the tank or vehicle underbody; thus noise and vibrations when the vehicle is running are eliminated. In the long run, the pump assembly is ensured for a long lasting performance and service of the device, with a limited lifetime warranty. The expectancy of this Delphi HP10074 hanger pump assembly is 7-10 years of operation.

For best performance and durability of the pump, there are directions which you must consider; one includes checking and cleaning fuel tank to avoid unnecessary returns and impurities from jamming in the pump. The pump only weighs 2 pounds with dimensions of 15.7 x 8.2 x 8.2 inches and is easy to install.

Check price and availability here

Bosch 69544 Original Equipment Replacement Electric Fuel Pump

The Bosch 69544 Original replacement electric fuel pump is a device that requires attention for anyone needing great and quality performance for their vehicle. The technology used in this fuel pump is reliable to manage the service and performance it’s tasked to do. Bosch state of the art turbine fuel pumps offers many advantages when compared to other pump designs, which maximizes the benefits of acquiring this Bosch 69544 pump over any other in the market.

The impeller ring provides smooth fuel flow and the superior turbine pump design eliminates most fuel pulsations which cause inconveniences and problems in the long run in the whole fuel system. It’s built and designed precisely with spin-balanced and polymer-encased armature reduce noise and vibration while running; this is also advanced through the noise suppression coil which eliminates radio frequency interferences on it.

Its design incorporates premium carbon brushes which utilize advanced materials to provide longer and reliable service life. The turbines’ core components as designed reduce wear increasing service and performance life. This guarantees for best and quality performance, with durability. Its weight of 8 ounces and size of 5.6 x 4.5 x 4.6 inches dimensions, it’s nearly identical to other units they replace and fit well.

Bosch sells step by step instructions for the Bosch 69544 fuel pumps for safe and easy installations, even on your own.

Check price and availability here

TOPSCOPE FP7086M – Fuel Pump Module Assembly E7086M

The TOPSCOPE FP7086M – fuel pump module assembly E7086M for 1995 Dodge RAM is a must have for this quality, tough truck. This pump works a great deal for an aftermarket replacement, beating all other types of pumps in its range. It fits and is compatible with a diverse range of 1995 Dodge RAM models, with different engine capacities and specifications. This assembly is built to handle tough performances and thus performs best for this kind of a truck.

With TOPSCOPE’s heritage on quality parts, the FP7086M is built through state of the art technology, ensuring that it performs best with maximum durability.

The FP7086M requires that you do not reuse any old parts in servicing it, and an OEM parts numbers list is available for any purchases or modifications needed. It is a direct OE replacement for the fuel pump assembly module that can be used in your truck’s fuel tank and needs no modifications and very easy to fit. Its size is 15.8 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches and only weighs 3.1 pounds.

Check price and availability here


We hope you<> understand the importance of changing your fuel system frequently, as it gets damaged over time. These products are some of the best ones available in the market for fuel systems and most buyers recommended them with security. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that to get a good result one should be ready to spend money on it first. Investment is a tool key in car Maintenance.