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Homemade tire dressing – recipes and guides

Making homemade tire dressing frees up your expenditure on that score. With a handy recipe to create your own tire shine, you can forget about checking about how many applications each cleaner product provides. As most tire shine products last a month or two at max, it is a regular purchase that you would need to make. Further, with different products on the market, you might even buy and use a product only to have it deliver an unsatisfactory outcome. This will cause an unproductive outcome and dissatisfaction as well if the product leaves some lasting signs in the form of a botched up job. Keeping it simple and making your own tire shine at home is a great way to keep your tires looking their best at all times without any expenditure at all as well as without any experimentation with the different products out there.

homemade tire shine

Homemade tire dressing dressing recipes

  1. Following one has baby oil as the primary ingredient. Looks very harmless and even like a bit of pampering for your tires. It is stated to be suitable on leather as well.


  • 2dl of of baby oil (brand is not important)
  • 75 dl of water
  • 3 drops of dish soap


  1. Mix all the ingrediens in a bottle.
  2. Shake it well.
  3. Put it on a towel and start cleaning.

Take the particular oil that you have selected, either baby oil, castor oil or lemon oil. The baby oil shine is for making up a spray bottle of tire shine. A cup of any baby oil is mixed with half a cup of water and two to three drops of dish soap. You now have your own tire dressing. Fill it up in a spray bottle and use it just like you would use a product that you have bought at a store. You need to shake up the spray well before applying it. Spray it on the tire and rub the tires with a towel. According to the recipe, you can make 4 bottles of homemade tire shine with one bottle of baby oil.


2. This concoction is made of castor oil and alcohol. The castor oil is laid on as the final layer after you have gone through the preliminary process. It is said to be similar to waxing your tires.


  • Castor oil (100 mililiters)
  • Dish soap (30 mililiters)
  • Alcohol
  • 2 gallons of warm water


  1. Clean the tire with alcohol
  2. Mix dish soap with water
  3. Wash it with the mixture
  4. As the final step apply Castor oil. This ensures that tire shine will last.

For the second recipe which is based on castor oil, you first need to have a clean and damp tire. Use dish soap mixed up with warm water to clean the tire. You would then need to take a cloth and dip it in alcohol and apply it on the tire. The castor oil is then applied in circular movements.bucket


3. In this one, lemon oil is the active ingredient. It is stated to be a good conditioner for rubber.


  • Dish soap (30 milliliters)
  • 15 milliliters of lemon oil
  • 50 milliliters of borax
  • 2 gallons of warm water


  1. First mix dish soap and borax with water.
  2. Add lemon oil to the mixture.
  3. Scrub tires with the mixture on your brush.
  4. Rinse the tires with fresh water and dry them.

The tire shine that is made with lemon oil is a preparation that combines cleaning and shining into one job.  You need to take dish soap and soap flakes in a bucket with water. The lemon oil is added to this mixture itself. It is then used to clean the tire by making use of a brush. After rinsing the tire, you need to dry the tire with a towel.

Other things that can make your tire shine and that you can find in your home are:

  • Mustard
  • Mayonaise
  • Motor oil
  • Cooking spray
  • Vegetable oil
  • Lemon juice

All those can be applied to the tired and then wiped off and will give your tire a nice shine.

As castor oil seems to be a very useful ingredient in the making of a homemade tire shine, let us look at its pricing.

NOW Solutions Castor Oil, 100% Pure, 16 ounce is available on Amazon.

washing bucket
Recommended equipment: washing bucket and sponge

Now, getting on with the job, you need to take care when you apply your homemade shine or any real tire shine product as well. The first part of the job is of course to clean your tires. The best time of day to clean your tires just like for cleaning your car is when there is not too much heat out there. But, you surely need some warm water for the process. You also need to have all of the necessary implements. Two buckets are the way to do it with one containing the cleaning solution and the other containing water to rinse the cloth. When you hose your tires, you should not have one that has too much pressure. Finally, when you set out to dry your tires before applying the shine, you need to use an appropriate cloth for it and not just any available cloth. A microfiber is suitable both for drying the car as well as drying the tires.

Now, to look at some of the issues that tires have. The most important is that with oil. As it can cause rubber to degrade, you need to get your tires cleaned up as soon as possible when you have driven over oil. With tire shine, you need to stay clear of the treads. Other aspects of taking care of your tires when using a shine is to ensure that the recommendations of the manufacturer are not met. As tires are made with a combination of compounds, you need to take care to follow the specifications that are provided by the manufacturer.

As brake dust and brake fluid find their way to your tires, you need to first and foremost ensure that your tire is always clean. If you have the time to wash your tires by yourself, it is surely a great way to take care of your car. But, you also need to learn the bits of information that is essential when cleaning your tires. With all of the essential knowledge, and with a good homemade shine, you can easily keep your tires looking their very best.

When you take care of your tires well, they go the distance and are always reliable. You should not ever loosen your focus when it comes to your tires. With these homemade tire shines, you also have them looking picture perfect, making up a great looking automobile that is a sight to behold.



  1. The baby oil mixture seems to darken the tires a bit , but no shine

    • Hi Marty,

      can you tell us how much you applied it and if you did mix it with dish soap? If so, how much dish soap did you use?

  2. I applied baby oil/ olive oil/ vege oil directly but my tyres dries up quickly with no shine. Must we mix dish soap?what purpose does it make? And if i do..will the shine stays?

    • Hi Eric,

      Indeed, you have to mix it. Then the shine will stay longer. No shine lasts forever and it’s a good reason it doesn’t; you can read more about why here…

  3. I’m mixed coke , glucose and dishwasher great results

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