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How to avoid slinging in tire shine


For many years since the early inception of tires on the wheels of cars, tire sling or even tire dressing sling has been a huge issue that they’ve had to look into and treat or even battle on a daily or weekly basis. Most of the time people don’t know how to set it up or even apply it but like you may have guess, they often place the blame onto the product they are using and how it is bad and so on. So as to avoid this, we’ll try to show you how it is done so as you have a better understanding of it and can apply and install them easily and well yourself.


Cleaning the tires

The most important thing to do so as to avoid sling is cleaning the tires and make sure that they are completely clean. Nowadays, this step or cleaning process is overlooked by many car owners because they don’t cost as much as the other equipment, so they don’t really think it is a big deal. If your tires haven’t been cleaned for a while and then you start cleaning it, you will probably be surprised by the amount of grime and dirt that will come off. Since they are the closest thing to the floor or road, they are more open to getting dirt easily. If grime, grease or dirt has built over a long period of time, then not only it will look bad but it will also ensure that the tire bonding does not last which will create a whole mess of dirt and not look good at all. If you want your tires to remain clean and as good as you every day, then it requires in depth routing cleaning, dressing and maintenance.

Tire cleaner works well to break the dirt and grime of the surface of the tire. You may also want to use a bristled brush so as to make it easy for you to scrub the dirt and grease off it without much effort. If your tire hasn’t been cleaned for a few months, then it might be possible that you have to repeat the process a few times so as to remove every layer of dirt off it and like mentioned above, to avoid this, then just stick tire cleaning into your routine car cleaning.


Tire Dressing

Although silicone dressing is very good and looks nice, the best dressing are usually water based. Water based dressing don’t have any chemicals and will not harm your tires as well as your hands and as an added benefit, you won’t have to tolerate the smell of it when applying since water based dressing are mostly odorless. A water based product will quickly get absorbed into the rubber lines of your tire and make them look great and dry your touch. Silicon base will mostly be like a small film of dry liquid that sits onto the surface of your tire and may look bad on some occasion. It will also save you all the time of the world since silicon dressing usually accumulate over the surface of the tire and when it is time to clean, you will require much more effort to scrub it off and even more if grime has built onto it.

Most people apply tire dressing like there is no tomorrow but the good way of applying tire dressing so as to avoid slinging is to use a little product as possible. Even though a large amount of coating will initially look good and shiny, on the longer run it will just be a big waste and mess. A thin application of the product (water based) will enable it to dry as quickly as possible and leave a longer lasting impression. To apply it, just get yourself a tire applicator sponge and put a small amount of the product onto it and make numerous passes all around the tire if needed so as to make sure that the product or coating as spread evenly leaving no excess or shortage on any part of the tire. Excess are usually found in tire cracks and grooves.


Final Touches

Now that you’ve done all the necessary things to avoid tire slinging, there are a few things that are left to do. Now things that should not be said but you already know it that you should allow time for the dressing to dry before driving your vehicle. The minimum of about to wait before the last coat application is between 30 – 45 minutes. As an added measure, it is a good thing if you have a micro fiber towel on hand. The latter will help you check if the coating is already dry and has been absorbed well before you can drive and all you have to you is to wipe it before driving the car. The wiping of the tire will make sure that if there are any excess of coating that have built up onto the tire, then it will be removed and absorbed into the towel. Before getting ready to drive, it is a good idea to wipe your face, forearm, fingers and any part of your body that have had contact with the coating so that it is not transferred onto you.



To avoid tire slinging, there a few steps that you need to implement into your life. First off making it a routine to clean your tires, either weekly or every two weeks so that dirt is not accumulated. It might be a good idea to use a tire scrub when doing that. Next is that it is better to use water based coating than silicone ones since it is easier to get absorbed into the rubber and does not build up over time. Lastly is that you just need to give the tires a delay of 30 – 45 minutes to dry before driving, and make sure you clean yourself too!