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How to clean car and motorcycle tires

how to clean tiresIntroduction

When you look to learn how to clean tires, you would probably already know that it is not just an issue of looks but also equally one of safeguarding the value of your vehicle. The value that you help to retain by learning how to clean tires in the most efficient way is that of the brake pad. The particles that keep flying off the brake pad can have an impact on your wheels. Without regular cleaning, you will be faced with corrosion and the accompanying loss of value of your automobile. You need to determine the material that your wheel is made of so that you do not end up using a tire cleaner that is not recommended for a particular material. Further, you have to make sure that the cleaner does not contain acid which can be a real letdown as you might be left with damaged wheels and tires. If you are cleaning your car too, it is preferable to finish tire cleaning first. Go in for a degreaser that is good for use with both the wheel and the tire. When you have selected the perfect product after reading reviews and trying them yourself, you will be able to address both brake dust as well as the grime that the tire and the wheel well contain.tire-668041_640

Each custom wheel has its own specialized makeup and a product from the top manufacturers will have the essential guarantees about the safety of the cleaner with regard to the different types of wheels such as polished, powder coated, anodized and chrome.

When you get down to the job, you need to make sure that you have all of the required accessories to get it done smoothly. You should have a separate brush, sponge and cloth for the tires. The recommended way to implement tire cleaning is to do it one tire at a time. At the outset, you need to wash the tire and wheel before applying the cleaning liquid or solution. This way, you won’t have any problem with too much of dirt splattering around when you start to brush after applying the cleaning liquid.

tires can get quite dirty
Tires can get quite dirty

Next, apply the cleaner by using the spray. Allow it a few moments to get absorbed into the rubber. Then, use a brush to wipe away the dirt and grease. Finally, you rinse it off. This is the standard methodology. You need to take care when brushing the edges of the tires so that you do not cause any damage to the rubber. It is essential to get the right brush. Most tire cleaner manufacturers also have brushes available.

If you have got new wheels, it is better to go in for ordinary home detergents. You should not wash your tires right away after having used the vehicle. Give it a bit of time to cool down and then set out to do the job. The same needs to be done after you have cleaned the vehicle. Allow time for the tires to dry out before taking the vehicle out.

Make your pick of the cleaner and set aside regular time slots for cleaning your wheels and tires so that you get the best braking performance. Get the appropriate brushes for cleaning the spokes and the lug nuts so that you get a thorough cleaning of your wheels. After the cleaning has been completed, you can put on an appropriate dressing so that the tire looks great and also is protected from UV rays as well as insulated from dirt. With the cleaning, you need to get a thorough job done and it might be necessary to do the rinsing with the cleaner and brushing more than once. Not only do you need to get the grime and brake dust away but also any dressing residue as well.

How to clean motorcycle tires

The pride and joy of your life could be made even more outstanding if you have a good grip on how to clean motorcycle tires. A motorcycle is as good as the time that you spend to get acquainted with all its details. And the detail that you achieve with the tires is of foremost importance as they make your ride a reliable one over all conditions.how to clean motorcycle tire

When you clean your motorcycle tires and wheels, utmost care has to be paid to select a tire cleaner that does not have too strong chemical component. You have to take care to ensure that a product that is marked for cars is also safe for motorcycles. You should not assume that it will be fine and then get your wheels and tires damaged. The key when selecting a cleaner for your motorcycle tires is a mild detergent. If you are using a separate cleaner for your wheels, take absolute care to avoid any contact with your tires.

When cleaning your motorcycle, it has to be on a stand so that you can move the rear tires freely. Clean your tires one at a time. Use a water spray to start out the cleaning process and get all the dirt out of the surface. Do not use too high a pressure in the water spray. Next, spray on the cleaner. After spraying on the cleaner onto the tires, allow a couple of minutes for it to work its way into the dirt and grease. Apply light pressure using the brush. Rinse it off and look around for any spot that needs further attention. If there is any area that has not been cleaned up, repeat the cleaner again. Drying the tires needs to be done with a microfiber towel.

Keep a close watch on your tires at all times

Always watch out for signs of cracks. It is only when you observe them closely that you will be able to spot them early. When you clean your tires on a regular basis, you are never in for a surprise/shock with respect of your tires.