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Is there such a thing as a permanent tire shine?

Taking care of your car tires:

Tires are obviously an important part of a car as it would be pretty much useless without even one them. it is necessary to take care of them and keep them clean and tidy all the time, this provides the best results for driving and a comfortable glide on the road without noise or getting stuck because of bad tires. It is necessary to clean the tires as well as change them when needed. What is important for cleaning them? The answer is tire shines.

Tire shines products:

it is important to keep the car looking new for it to keep performing new as a dirty car is no good to anyone or for anything at all. The best way to keep your car looking good is keeping it clean. Outside and inside. A good paint job never goes to waste and a good tire shine does wonder. So, the best way to keep your car shining is to get shining tires of course. Tire shine products are such products that provide shine for your car tires to make them look new, no matter how much time has passed or how much the car has traveled. So, what are permanent tire shines? And do they work?

Is there such a thing as permanent tire shine?

Permanent tire shineThe question that first comes to mind related to this question is whether and why tire shine is important. The answer is simple, if you love your car and want to keep your car looking new and working exceptionally at all times, tires are an important part to take care of. So, how do you take care of tires? You replace them frequently and you keep the current tires shining and looking as good as new. Here’s how you can do that; by tire shine products.

There are many tire shine products in the market, some are expensive, and some are cheap. Some work, some don’t. So, which ones are the best ones? And which type should you use for your car tires? There are two types in total –a water based dressing and a non-water based one. As both of them come in sprays, gels, spray containers and Foams, you can only tell the difference by looking at the labels.

Water based dressing:  this type of tire dressing is environment-friendly and doesn’t contain toxins. It’s much easier to apply than a non-water based dressing. It is proven to not be harmful to the environment. Many layers of it can be applied without a problem, and it does not harm the paint of the car. It layers smoothly and overspray is easy to clean off. It’s non-sticky so the dirt doesn’t stick to the tires. You can find more information about water based tire dressing here.

Non-water based:

This type of dressing for tire shine products has a great resistance to water and can bear a lot of washes, it has significantly more shine than the other dressing and it is longer lasting than a water based dressing. But since these can harm paint jobs and wheels (sometimes), they should be applied with extreme care as to not cause too much damage. This is also called silicone based tire dressing.

Permanent tire shine products:

Despite many products in the market claiming they last forever, permanent shine products do not exist. It is simply not possible for a product to be so good that its shine never wears off. Maybe, it could be invented in the future but as of now, there are none. We do not have that technology right now. However, there are many shine products that last a very long time. Here is one of them.

1) Tuff-tire shine gel: this is a product for getting shiny tires, it comes in the form of a gel. It is said to be one of the best products for tire shine. It is water based and claims to have the same shine after a thousand miles traveled or multiple washes. It has a unique formula that doesn’t contain silicone or any oils. It is said to bear intense pressure. To be honest, this is a good product but it doesn’t last forever. It may also be harmful to the tire as it causes damage over time. But for the most case, it is reliable.

What is semi-permanent tire shine?

Semi-permanent tire shines are those tire shine products that last for a certain period ranging from 5-7 months. Do these exist? Yes. Are all of them reliable? No. But some of them are. After a while, it gets tiring to keep applying normal tire shine product week after week of even more frequently when the tires get dull and lose their luster. These tire shine products also have to be reapplied after each car wash, which can be a total bothersome act. So why not just install a semi-permanent tire shine that can last up to 6 months?

They only have minimal upkeep but you can be dependent of its long lasting shine. If a good semi-permanent shine is applied, the tires can withstand different and various types of difficulties like rain, mud, grime or basically any climate and still retain their shine after a simple wash.

What is matter finish for tires?

Some people do not like shining tires on their cars and would prefer a matte finish on their tires. That can also be achieved. This process leaves the tires looking like new fresh rubber but it still can be cleaned the same way as semi-permanent shine. But it is up to you to decide which product you would like to use or you would like to get it done by a company. It is useful to read the reviews and check out the results before getting it applied on your car tires.


It is obviously necessary to take good care of your car if you want to maintain its beauty over time. So, tire shine products are definitely a necessity in the list of things that are needed to help your car look and work as good as new.