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Looking For the Best Tire Cleaner

Had a long day at beach, but can’t get the sand out of the wheels? Sand and dirt on the tires which gives a bad look to the wheels after a good weekend isn’t acceptable to car enthusiasts.

Today, most of the people are using alloy wheels due to its light weight and strength of the material. Such tires are light and have open spoke design which exposes the brakes open behind the wheels and makes home for dust and dirt. This may damage the tires too which can be costly.

Using proper tools, contamination on the tires can be properly eliminated and polishing of the wheels can be done. These wheels are prone to dirt sand and road grime, which tarnishes its look. But don’t worry we will help you in identifying as well as defining what are exactly tire cleaners?

How Can Tire Cleaners Help You?

The wheel/tire cleaners are used to clean the dirt off the tires of car. Proper care of the tires are to be done with removal of dirt and polishing is must in order to maintain the looks of your car tires. Some major benefits of tire cleaners are given as follows:-

  1. The alloy based tires are prone to dirt; the wheel cleaners keep the dirt off the tires.
  2. It is also used to remove the sand from tires.
  3. Clean tires make the locomotive more attractive.
  4. It has an appropriate price range.
  5. Rust on tires can damages the looks of the tires which is better avoided using tire cleaners.

Given below is the list of the best three different products with their pros and cons which will help you to choose the best that fully matches with your requirements. So here we begin:-

Adam’s All Purpose Cleaner is tough on the dirt and cleans the tires, wheels and the engine too. It is a versatile cleaner which covers your entire car cleaning needs efficiently.

Adam’s Deep Wheel Cleaner Gallon Refill is a neutral pH wheel cleaner. It is hence safe for all types of tires. Even very stubborn metallic rust cannot withstand this product. It has the special property of changing the color when it works so as to know the work is done.

Wheel Cleaner – Safe for all Wheels Tires and Rims – Works on Alloy Chrome Aluminum Clear Coated Painted Polished and Plasti Dip – White Wall Tire Cleaner – by Car Guys Auto Detailing helps in keeping away the salts and rust which once gets on your vehicle starts eating it. This product not only does that but helps in cleaning and brightening of tire walls too.

Detailed description of each product is explained below

Adam’s All Purpose Cleaner

If your wheels have a baked combination of tar, dirt and other contamination, then this product is very useful.

Adam’s all-purpose cleaner is easy to use and is designed to remove the worst contamination the wheels. You can use the cleaner in different dilution in order to remove light to heavy dirt. The cleaner will literally melt away the dirt when used at its full strength.

It’s a versatile cleaner without the harsh odor.

Things we like

  1. Versatile cleaner
  2. Removes dirt, contamination successfully
  3. Doesn’t damages the tires

Things we do not like

  1. Not to be used for aluminium surfaces

Check price and availability here

Adam’s Deep Wheel Cleaner Gallon Refill

This product is used to remove the stubborn contamination stuck on the wheels as well as on the brakes.

It has a thick formula which clings on the wheels and the break dirt and melts the dirt away.The formula has its color changing proper which lets you know that the formula is working.

It is safe for all the wheel finishes.

It is great for cleaning brake dust from modern sport brakes

Things we like

  1. Neutral pH allows to work on any surface
  2. Visible working formula (change in colour)
  3. Removes most baked contamination

Things we do not like

  1. Applicable only if tires are not hot
  2. Produces a slight odor
  3. Costly

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Wheel Cleaner – Safe for all Wheels Tires and Rims – Works on Alloy Chrome Aluminum Clear Coated Painted Polished and Plasti Dip – White Wall Tire Cleaner – by Car Guys Auto Detailing

CarGuy’s wheel cleaner effectively works on the corrosive salts and washes it away.

Irrespective of the material of the tire, the wheel cleaner will work on it effectively. It can be used on cars, trucks as well as motorcycles.

It is acid free, non-toxic and pH-balanced.

Things we like

  1. Environmental friendly
  2. Optimum use of the product gives best results
  3. Effectively removes the road grimes and dirt

Things we do not like

  1. Costly

Check price and availability here

Who Should Not Buy Wheel Cleaners?

Every product is not made for everyone. It is not necessary that everyone should buy tire cleaners. Here are few reasons for this:-

  1. If anyone is not comfortable with using the product by yourself and believe it in giving it to garage or professional cleaners only.
  2. If not sure about the composition of the metal of tires.
  3. If wrong application of the cleaner is done, then it can lead to damaging of the tires.

Special Considerations

  1. Check the material of the tires whether which kind of metal is used.
  2. Check how to apply the product without damaging the car.
  3. Check the appropriate amount to be used to apply to wash the tires.
  4. Check the tire cleaner is – acid based or non-acidic.
  5. Acid based cleaner can be harmful for aluminum based tires so used the cleaner accordingly.
  6. A pH balance (neutral) tire cleaner is safest in use in order to remove dirt or stains from the wheels.
  7. Allow the tire to cool first before applying the tire cleaner so as to avoid the chemical reaction which is accelerated by heat.


By far Wheel Cleaner 1 Gallon Refill – Safe for all Wheels Tires and Rims – Works on Alloy Chrome Aluminium Clear Coated Painted Polished and Plasti Dip – White Wall Tire Cleaner – by Car Guys Auto Detailing is the best choice on the basis of above reviews.

Apart from being costly, it uses environmental friendly formula which effectively cleans away all the harmful content on the wheels and can be used on any kind of metal due to its balanced pH.