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Looking for mufflers for sale? Read this

What is a muffler

Muffler is a device which decreases amount of noise produced by exhaust. In many countries (non-US) it is also called a silencer. They are sometimes also used to decrease power and fuel consumption and in order to just make a car look better. But in general, mufflers decrease the loudness of the engine and are used widely in car industry. The muffler helps silencing the banging of the pistons in the engine. Without it, you will have an incredibly loud noise and many states even require cars to drive with working muffler. It case it fails, it is very easy and inexpensive to replace one. It is good to look for a muffler for sale, but usually all mufflers are actually good and what is best to look for is price versus quality. In this guide we will present some those mufflers which are priced really good for the quality they provide.

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What are some good mufflers?

Below some of the best mufflers are described. Many people buy mufflers for different purposes, so we will also discuss loud mufflers and quite performance mufflers.

Walker 18558 SoundFX Muffler

This muffler is just great! First thing you will notice after purchasing this item is that it is very easy to install on your car. It takes only around 15 minutes and you are good to go.  But what it even more important is that it does its job well. It will make your car quitter than ever. Usually it performs the job even better than original parts and that is the reason why this muffler is so good.

The muffler itself weighs around 12 pounds and it is made of aluminum. It has a very good durability and it provides great stability and system support. What is more is that it also does not rust fast and therefore looks good for an extended period of time. It is made by Walker which one of the biggest and most trusted manufacturers in this section. For those who care about how car will look after the installation, you can see it is made of standard gray color and it does not look much different than other products. Overall, this is a good product with very competitive pricing!

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DC Sport EX-5015 Stainless Steel Round Muffler and Slant Cut Exhaust tip

This muffler comes in many different colors and you have the freedom to choose your personal favorite color. It is fairly easy to install on your car and in case you have troubles with installing, you can easily find many guides which will make the job easier. Moreover, it reduces sound a lot, but it is not completely quite. It can be quite loud if you want it to be loud. It gives the sound which sounds really good and professional. Although this muffler has a very low price, it surely does not feel like a cheap product once you buy it. It sounds very good and professional. It is also not too long or too short and suits most of the cars.

The product is made off stainless steel. It is not too heavy though – it weights around 7 pounds. This makes it very useful for variety of purposes, which is why you could also call it multipurpose muffler. Also the metal on this item is quite thick and will therefore last you a long time. It is definitely worth a buy and it will give you good bang for the buck.

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Walker 54744 Quiet-Flow Stainless Steel Muffler Assembly

This is another great product from Walker. Although it comes into higher price range, it definitely is worth a purchase. Because with this muffler you get the quality. If you own it, your troubles will be solved.

First of all, it is very easy to install. This will save you quite some problems and also there are many guides on internet. Second of all, it makes your car very quiet. This will really be felt, since it blocks the noise very well. It is much better to install it manually than to pay four figures at your local dealership so they install you a meagre muffler while you can do so much better yourself. You can drive almost soundless with this one.

Some characteristics: it weights around 14 pounds, making it relatively light. The inbuilt material is stainless steel. That is very good for its longevity because it should last you quite a long time; couple of years at minimum!

So, if you are looking at a model which has an OK price, but offers outstanding quality, this is definitely the one to go. Not only it is quiet, it also lasts long.

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Loud mufflers

Many people love to hear a good sound on a car while accelerating. They are usually car enthusiasts and therefore try to listen to car sounds. If you are focused on car sounds a lot, then perhaps you want to consider louder exhausts. They show how car really should sound like and are normally installed on sport looking cars or on sport cars. Loud exhaust systems are not well favored by the government and majority of the people. Reason for that is that for example a car that is loud and driving at 4 am in the morning on the street might be irritating for some well behaving sleeping citizens. Below you will see two mufflers that are relatively loud and produce attractive sounds.

MegaBrand N1 4″ Burnt Tip Muffler Exhaust 2.5″ Inlet Universal

This product will provide you with a nice and deep tone that every car enthusiast likes. It will make your average car sound like a racing Ferrari or other luxurious car. This is why it is that popular. Moreover, it has a very good quality for the price. It has a lightweight design that will suit almost every car. It weighs less than 6 pounds altogether making it one of the least heavy mufflers out there. It has a very good design (it is made of stainless steel) and long durability which means that it will last you a long time. What is more, the whole package also includes removable silencer. This makes it even more useful.

Overall, it is a great product for the price and if you are looking for something to make your car sound like a truly professional sports car, you should most definitely consider this muffler. It is built in relatively good quality and it is quite cheap. The quality itself is not the highest on the market, but it is not bad either.

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Aero Exhaust AT4040 Diesel Muffler 4″ inside diameter

This is another great product from a company called Aero which is quite famous exhaust manufacturer. They made sure that they had an attractive design which will not only suit your car perfectly but it will also make it look very modern and stylish. But when having this muffler, it is not all just about the looks. On the contrary. You buy quality with it. It is designed for high-output Diesel engines and it has patented airfoil technology. Your car will sound great again with deep tone when accelerating. You will most definitely gain some positive exposure and attention with it.

It is made of stainless steel and materials should also last you for a very long time. They will make your exhaust quality and well designed. Although the price is slightly higher than for most mufflers, it is well worth it because you get the quality for that price.

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Quiet performance muffler

Most people like to have their exhausts quiet and keep the high performance. So then they are able to have the best of the both worlds. Such mufflers are usually more expensive and sometimes even harder to get. The goal is that you should always look if it fits your car. Not every muffler will fit a car and it is best to ask a manufacturer directly if it is compliant. In this way you will make sure that you buy the right thing. Below we will make a quick description of two of the quite performance mufflers which we believe do the job the best. You should definitely consider them for your car as well!

Vibrant 1142 3″ Ultra Quiet Resonator

This is a muffler that will make your car very quiet. Although its size is not the biggest, it still does the job just great! You reduce the noise of your engine considerably. You will still have a little bit of noise, but this is one of the products which reduces noise the most. None of the products will ever reduce the engine noise completely, but some do better than the others. It is also lightweight – it only weighs less than 6 pounds. This is due to its smallness. Smallness is the reason why you should check if it fits your car. Other than that, it has a beautiful design which is good mostly for the cars that are a bit taller. It is made, like most other exhausts from stainless steel. Another great thing is that it does withstand high exhaust temperature which can be a problem for some other exhausts.

So if you are looking for quiet performance muffler with relatively cheap price (most of them are very expensive), you should most definitely give this one a look. It is not a product that disappoints!

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MBRP M2220A 31″ Aluminized Quiet Tone Muffler

This is another great exhaust! It does what it is made to do and it does it extremely well. It keeps up the high performance of your engine, but at the same time it will also reduce the noise of it considerably. It is one of the best mufflers on the market. This is why the price is higher than usual. But it is most certainly worth it since you really get what you paid for. It is relatively small and lightweight. This makes it very attractive for all kinds of cars, but it would suit best a bit more sporty looking cars because of its design. From the outside it looks very stylish and fast. It also has a good durability. You should purchase this if you value quality and are willing to pay few dollars more for it. You will not be disappointed!

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Also if you are interested in this topic, then perhaps you want to know more about quiet mufflers and mufflers that will suit your vehicle most. Most people search for quiter mufflers so that might be of interest to many. However some like the sound of it, so we are also trying to support people who like loud mufflers.

A tip: Whenever you are buying a muffler, you should always check if those additional aftermarket parts are applicable to your car and local laws