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Loudest car horn without compressor

A horn is not only a sound-making device to call for your girlfriend while you’re waiting inside your vehicle. A horn is mainly used to warn others of the vehicle’s approach or to call attention to some hazard. Car horns are usually electric with sound levels not high enough to warn anyone in a city that uses cell phones or where people enjoy high volume music inside their cars.

Some customized automobiles use horns driven by air from a small electrical compressor to increase the sound volume. Sound levels are higher but the current consumption can lead to increase the size of the battery and additional installation costs. To overcome these problems, recently have appeared compacted horns easy to install in any type of vehicle with some special advantages:

  • No bulky air compressor/tank to mount.
  • Easy to install in all types of vehicles: one single bolt usually
  • No drilling into the roof of the vehicle.
  • Compact size, not the bulky one as the long trumpet type.
  • Low price.

Hope these benefits are enough to persuade you to install a compact horn without an external bulky compressor. Good luck. Below we present some of the best horns without compressor on the market.

HELLA 003399803 Supertone 12V High Tone/Low Tone Twin Horn Kit

HELLA 003399803 Supertone 12V High Tone/Low Tone is a loud and powerful Dual Supertone Horns with a level of safety to your driving with 118db of sound. A black mooted metal body with a red protective grille gives them a distinctive appearance that combines with excellent performance and safety.

These ultra-reliable 12-volt disc horns look and sound like nothing else on the road. In the Hella tradition, the Supertone Kit allows flexible mounting options and easy installation. Kit includes one high-tone Supertone horn, one low-tone Supertone horn, one 12V relay, two mounting brackets, and mounting instructions.

Can you hear me? As the roads get busier and mood get shorter, it seems like everyone out there is trying to slaughter you. These horns are very loud when properly installed and for sure will get the attention needed in all traffic situations, with a current draw of 5.5 amp at 12V, similar than a conventional horn, but more potent. Besides, they are weather protected. Sound quality never fades, always it shows its consistency; however, some people have found that the paint could fade pretty fast if you are commuting normally on the highways.

After installing a set of Supertones, people know when they’re coming into your lane or about to pull in front of you. Not being the loudest ones on the market, they are pretty loud and a great upgrade. They fit in any type of car as long as you use the relay kit so you don’t pop a fuse. The installation is so easy that a shade tree mechanic couldn’t tackle. With blade type terminal contacts it is only needed a single screw to mount them?

Check price and availability here

Wolo (619) Big Bad Max Air Horn – 12 Volt

This product has a sound chamber designed to create a deep big rig sound, two times (2X) louder than a factory horns. The Big Bad Max requires no hoses like conventional air horns. Built with a heavy-duty compressor that is maintenance free assuring years of dependable service.

The housing is made from super strong ABS plastic with a black stealth finish. The kit includes a 30-amp relay, mounting hardware, and window decal. It provides a deep sounding powerful air horn sound that will allow them, especially the guys that are immersed in their cell phone world to hear you before they can see you.

Wolo, as their representative, guarantees the product and they will replace it in case they have a “bad” sound. Although their first batch came with a faulty diaphragm and the horn produced a squeak instead of a horn blast, the problem has been corrected already. If by chance you get a wimpy sound, contact them and they will replace it.

Big Bad Max Air Horn has no bulky air compressor/tank to mount, no finding space for, no drilling into the roof. It so easily to install that you could do it: fix it with the provided bolt and just transfer the vehicle’s factory horn wires to Big Bad Max’s compressor and the installation is complete.

This horn is definitely more convincing with a deeper tone than many others in the market.

Check price and availability here

Stebel 11690019 – Nautilus Compact Mini Air Horn Black

it provides 2 great sounding tones in 1 compact tuned horn. The main feature of this horn is its breathtaking harmonized sound while being loud, at 139dB. You will have a difficult time finding a louder horn for the price. Ii has a compact size for easy installation built with a water resistant compressor that consumes only 18 amps at 12volts.

It can be installed in any vehicle with any 12-volt system (car, truck, motorcycle, golf cart, RV, bus, Rhino, Gator, ATV, boat, Hi-Lo, etc.) However, even with instructions and wiring kit, mounting this horn on a motorcycle may require some advanced skills.

When ordered the Nautilus Compact Mini Air Horn I strongly suggest you ask for the optional wiring kit which comes in the same box, unless you have at home different gauge wires and connectors.

With the cell-phone arrival, the vast majority of drivers need to “Be here now” and the Nautilus air horns are quite effective in that respect. THIS HORN IS LOUD! It does exactly what it says it does. It corrects what I believe is a major safety flaw on the most bike and some cars.

The horns are now glued together (compressor and plastic horn segment) so that separating them is impossible without destroying the plastic horn. It seems like its new marketing strategy is working as they are flooding the market due to their efficiency. A word of caution – there are a number of compact air horns on the market, obviously a cheap copy of the Stebel Nautilus but at much lower prices. In a direct comparison with the original, the copy is not as load as the original.

 Check price and availability here

Stebel #11690053 Nautilus Series Chrome Car Air Horn Kit 12v 139dB Italy Made

The Nautilus Series Chrome Car Air Horn Kit 12v 139dB is practically new in the market, however, their efficiency and level of loudness are above of what is advertised. Their design is extremely attractive, the chrome cover gives the horn not only an antique style but also makes its surface’s horn durable. There is no need to repaint them later as other models.

The package contains: 1 Horn, 1 Relay, Fixing Kit and it comes with general wire diagram and mounting instruction; .however, professional installation is recommended for motorbikes, due to its shape. It is recommended to buy some brackets.

With the cell-phone mania an enormous majority of drivers need to stay awakened in order to avoid accidents and the Nautilus Series Chrome Car Air Horn are pretty effective in that respect. The horn does exactly what it says it does: it is loud.

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