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Low profile truck tool box

For manufacturers, builders, contractors, hunters, fishermen, mechanics, etc. their tools of the trade are an invaluable part of their lives. Because of that, the safety of their tools is a top priority and for those who drive trucks, truck toolboxes are an essential part of their lives. It doesn’t matter whether they want to keep their tools safe from thieves or from undesirable weather conditions. Different from standard truck toolboxes the low profile truck toolboxes do not provide just safety but much more. In addition of being able to safely store your tools they offer a slick design and a clear line of sight through the rear window of your truck. Varying in dimensions, colors and materiel low profile truck toolboxes are abundant. There are a number of low profile toolboxes that fit almost every truck and it is highly probable that you can find the one that fits your own truck. Low – pro toolboxes are a small but integral part of any truck and the materiel that they are made of can withstand either high loads, oxidation or bending. The most important thing is to find a low – pro toolbox that will fit your needs. As people’s needs vary so do toolboxes. The modularity of the toolbox design helps you manage your tools as you please. If you’re a hunter in some toolboxes you can install a V grip system and you can transport your shotgun or rifle without fear of them being damaged or being handled inappropriately. Low profile truck toolboxes are a great way to accommodate the tools of your trade and for you to work without worrying that your tools can be stolen or damaged.

Black low profile truck tool box

As mentioned before, low profile truck toolboxes come in various shapes, sizes and colors and the black low profile truck toolboxes have proven to be the most appealing of them all. The latest pickup trucks are now being made with a black color finished cargo bed and that is why black low profile toolboxes are highly demanded on the market nowadays. The availability of different finishes of black colors, like matte or gloss, provide the added ability to make your truck as appealing as possible. Apart from looking good on a black cargo bed of a truck most of the black toolboxes come with a coating that protects the toolbox from rusting and that can prove to be a real advantage over the stock aluminum of some toolboxes.



The Black Northern Tool + Equipment Lo-Pro Slimline truck toolbox is made out of aluminum which makes it very lightweight and easy to install. With its overall dimensions are 60″ wide across the bottom, 69″ wide across the top, 13″ high and 12″ deep the toolbox can fit almost every truck. It has a low profile design that keeps your line of sight of the rear window unobstructed. The lid is reinforced and it somewhat helps it from not bending too much. It also includes two handles that provide moderate security for the stored content. It also includes a gas strut that enables you to open the toolbox with one hand. The body is a one piece of aluminum body and the metal is very thin and because of that the toolbox is very susceptible to bending. The other problem that this toolbox faces is that you cannot close the lid with one hand because the gas strut is placed in the middle of the lid which is not heavily reinforced and the lid easily bends when you are trying to close it from one side. The lid doesn’t feature a rubber or foam seal and because of that water can easily get inside the box and damage the tools stored there. The aluminum being quite thin the toolbox can be broken into with a crowbar and because of that your tools are not very safe.


The DeeZee DZ 6160NB 12″ Crossover Tool Box is made of a non-rusting aluminum and is very thin but lightweight and easy to install. The toolbox has a finish of protective gloss black powder coat that protects it from rusting. Couple that with the non-rusting aluminum and you have a very rust resistant box which helps extend its lifespan. The narrow design with a length of 60″, width of 12″ and height of 14.25″ makes it very space saving for the truck bed. It also includes 2 lockable push buttons handles for which you get two keys and that helps you in keeping your tools more safe and secure. The lid is reinforced and features two dampened gas shocks that work very well although some force is necessary to close the lid on both sides because it bends a little. The toolbox’s lid is laced with closed cell foam that prevents water from dripping into the compartment. DeeZee also include J-Bolt mounting hardware that is perfect for short bed crew cabins. The narrow design of the toolbox is great for truckers that want to save some space for the rest of the truck bed but because of the design the aluminum is very thin and it is prone to bends. Although the lid is solid enough the base and walls of the toolbox can bend in time while transporting heavy tools and that can lead to the inability to open the lid because it gets stuck to the walls of the box.


UWS TBS-72-LP-MB is a low profile single lid crossover matte black truck toolbox with a length of 72″, width of 48″ and height of 24″ than can fit most trucks. Being made of aluminum it is light and easy to install and it takes around 15 minutes. The toolbox’s fully foamed lid provides good rigidity and an ease of use. The body and the lid of the toolbox are quite robust and they seem to be specially designed to withstand light loads and prevent leakage. The lid is not supported by a gas strut and therefore it has to be opened with by the handles but because of that the lid can be closed very easily and without bending. With its 2 stainless steel handles the UWS toolbox can be opened from both the passengers and drivers side. Also, the 2 lock handles are made of stainless steel and they offer strength and security and are fairly rust resistant which helps in prolonging the toolbox’s lifetime. The body of the box includes 2 built in screwdriver holders and tool trays that can come in handy for storing some tools. The UWS toolbox has a seal strip that prevents water and dust from entering the compartment. All in all it is a strong toolbox that keeps your tools safe and dry.