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Pure sine wave inverter reviews and buying guide

What are pure sine wave inverters?

Pure sine wave inverters are devices that change direct current to alternating current. This means that it changes electric charge, but it does not store or produce electricity. It can be widely used to transform electricity from sources such as batteries and fuel cells to AC electricity (alternating current). They are also often used in automotive industry. This is why we will make some reviews of the best pure sine wave inverters here. A pure sine inverter produces a smooth sinusoidal AC waveform. There are also so-called modified sine inverter which are a bit cheaper. Those provide highest voltage for just a few seconds, while the pure sine inverter has a more gradual peak.


Why pure sine wave inverters?

They are preferred because most appliances and electronics these days require electricity from pure sine wave when they are plugged in the electricity. They are designed to work with them. Today the world is evolving and more and more appliances every day require true sine wave in order to work optimally. So it is not just that most appliances these days use it, even in the future it seems most of them will use it as well.

What to look for when choosing the best sine wave inverter?

As we all know, there are many different models on the market and they have different characteristics. It is essential that you know how to separate good from the rest so you know which one is the best for your particular needs. In order to know that, it is good to have a list of relevant factors which you should consider. We will discuss some of the most important factors for choosing best wave inverter below.

Watt power

Probably the most important thing when buying an inverter is the watt size. Which one do you need really depends on what you are buying it for. Two different things are generally not able to run on the same power inverter. You do not need an inverter which will have exactly the same power as you need. It is actually good if it has slightly higher watt power than you need since this will save you a lot of troubles. Here is the list of some appliances and how much watt power they need (in case you need to know)

Appliance Watts
Cell phone 50
Computer, small electronics 300
Large TV 600
Coffee maker, iron 1000
Toaster 1200
Vacuum cleaner 1500
Toaster oven 1700
Microwave oven 2000
Generator, electric  chainsaw 3000


So different appliances have different watt power.

Peak load and continuous load

There is a difference between peak load and continuous load. Peak load is the maximum load that inverter can handle, usually only for short amount of time (few seconds). Continuous load is generally advertised and it means how much it can run normally.

Feature: USB port

Many inverters come with USB port included. They are here so power inverters can charge through USB. This is generally useful for smaller watt sizes. So power inverters with larger watt sizes generally do not have USB port.


Some inverters have actual LCD display and some do not. This is usually the feature of more expensive power inverters.

Does it allow solar charging?

This is especially useful for people who want to live off the clean energy. Some people value the nature a lot and power inverter manufacturers have adapted to that and they now offer many inverters that are being charged by solar energy. It is a useful feature.

Power jump starter

This feature is especially important if you want to use it on your car and car battery. In this way in case your car stops you can have power jump starter together with the inverter with which you can start a car then.

Air compressor

Some compressors have air compressor built in. This is very useful if you have to pump your tires or some other equipment.

Overload protection

This is mostly the feature of better and more expensive inverters. In case you plugged them in too high powered device, they automatically adapt. Some power inverters could blow up in this case, so it is very important to have the protection.


Of course in the end you also have to look at the cost. Naturally with more features the price will increase. In this guide we will review some of the best pure sine power inverters. They are the best based on the price for which you are buying them.

Power Bright APS600-12 Pure Sine Power Inverter 600 Watt continuous / 1000 watt Peak 12 Volt DC To 120 Volt AC

This power inverter is 600 watts power inverter. It has aluminum case which will provide a good longevity of this product. In case it falls somewhere, it should still work. Its maximum power is 1000 watts. What is more is that this power inverter is relatively quiet and easy to use. It will certainly come in very handy in the situations of need. It has an attractive price point and a built-in thermos cooling fan. Although it does not have many features, it is still quite a good power inverter for the price. It can be used in variety of applications. This multifunctionality is something you will appreciate a lot if you decide to buy this inverter. It is also easy to transport and to simply set it to work. It does not have many buttons and it is generally known to have a good durability.

So in case you are looking for simple, relatively cheap, power sine wave inverter that still works good, you should definitely consider this product. It will leave you satisfied.

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PowerTech On Advanced Technology PURE SINE WAVE Inverter 3000W Cont/6000W Peak, 12V DC to 120V AC w/ Black&Red Cables w/Ring Terminals

This power inverter has 3000 watt continuous power. It can be used in car accidents, for vessels and power failure emergencies and other events. So you should consider this power inverter if you are looking for high watt pure sine wave inverter. It has a peak load at 6000 watt. Moreover, the inverter has USB port through which it can charge and some other features as well. It is portable, so it can be used in cars and boats and also other vehicles. It has overload protection and some other protections as well (low voltage protection, etc.). Its variety of functions makes it extremely useful. That and quality build-in put this product slightly higher price range. You will also have some cables and instructions which you will get with this purchase. So that will make it considerably easier to use. It weighs around 10 pounds and it will certainly do the good job.

If you are looking for sine wave inverter that is well designed and has a good quality, you should definitely check that one out. It rarely fails you. Although it has slightly higher price, it is well worth the purchase!

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MicroSolar – 12V 2000W (Peak 4000W) Pure Sine Wave Inverter – with Battery Cable & Remote Wire Controller

This is a 2000 watt inverter. There are many things that are very good about this sine wave inverter. It warms up very slowly or it hardly even does. Also a cooling fan does its job when there is overheating. So it will last you for a very long time before it will be overheated. It also has some nice features such as input under voltage protection and others. It has conversion efficiency of 90% which is very good. The very good thing about this one is also that it is pure sine wave inverter. The other model is modified so it is not that good anymore.

This product has a great durability, so it will last you a long time. Moreover, it is easy to use, so you will not have big problems with figuring out how to set it up. The price range is quite good for inverters. So if you want a quality product for relatively low price, this is the one you should look at. It is reliable and strong power inverter.

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Go Power! GP-SW300-12 300-Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Are you looking for an inverter with lower power? This is a 300 watt pure sine wave inverter and 450 watt at the peak. Although this product is relatively cheap compared to other wave inverters, it still has some useful features such as overvoltage and overload protection. What is worth mentioning about this product is that it runs quietly and effectively which can be very useful in some applications. It can be portable, so you can also use it in different applications and while travelling. It weighs less than 8 pounds which makes it relatively light. Besides silence and reliability the strongest point of this inverter is also durability. Because of that, it is certainly the kind of item that somebody who is buying long term wants to buy. What is more is that it does come with the manual for easier installation. It is a very cheap inverter, so it is good if you are looking for something in slightly lower price range and if you are ok with only few features. Despite the cheap price, it does not disappoint you and you will grow fond of it.

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Xantrex PROWatt 2000 Inverter, Model# 806-1220

This is a 1800 watt pure sine wave inverter. This inverter includes USB charging receptacle and many other useful features. It has compact design and it is very useful in variety of circumstances. It is most useful in automotive applications. It can be also used in many other application, for example for microwaves and others. This product works like charm. It is one of the more quality inverters so you will certainly get a good inverter with this purchase. Besides being well built, it is worth mentioning that it is also remarkably silent. It is also very efficient and it has well designed cooling. This is why you will be able to leave it on for an extended period of time. With the purchase you will also get cables and that will solve a lot of your problems. Installation is not too hard and you are also given the instructions. Moreover it is very durable, so it will last you for a long time.

If you are looking for a quality inverter and are willing to pay a fair price for that, this one is perfect for you!

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24V MicroSolar 3000W (Peak 6000W) Pure Sine Wave Inverter – with Remote Wire Controller – with 2 Foot Battery Cable

This is another sine wave inverter which enables you to have high watt power. The inverter has 90% efficiency and performs very good in terms of heating. It does not overheat often and it can therefore last for a very long time without any big problem. It has a sturdy design which should withstand some shocks. Another great thing about this one is again that it does not produce a lot of noise. This makes it quieter and more attractive to use. Noise is often the problem with sine wave inverters and manufacturer has done a good job with this one to prevent a lot of noise. It can also be portable so you can use it in many different situations. It has slightly higher price range but it offers high quality. You can really rely on this pure sine wave inverter. It weighs around 17 pounds, which is a bit heavy, but still acceptable.

This power inverter is for those who are looking for high power quality power inverter. It will not fail you easily and it is still quite easy to use.

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