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Rear Camera for Truck Reviews


A wireless truck rear-view camera (also known as backup) is one of the few special types of video camera that are specifically produced for the purpose of being attached to the back of a truck so as to help the driver in backing up and aiding him in seeing blind spots that would normally not be in sight. It is designed mainly so as to avoid any sort of collision when backing up with the area being the truck when backing up often described as being a “kill zone” due to the damage it can cause. The rear view or back up cameras for trucks are usually connected to a head unit display for the convenience of the driver in the front interior of the truck. The design of wireless rear-view camera is very distinct from that of other cameras because the image is horizontally flipped so that it shows a mirror image. As a result, the mirrored view will show a consistent display which is same as the driver since without it, the camera would be showing left, which would be the drivers right and vice versa. It is also consistent with the display of the vehicles’ mirror making it easier to use both at the same time. The camera, most of the time pointed downwards in a very fish lens wide angled so that the driver is able to potentially view obstacles on the floor as well as walls, parking lines and so on.

Now without losing much time, let’s review the products below.


Camecho Vehicle Backup Camera 7″ TFT Monitor 18 IR Night Vision Rear View Camera

Made by Camecho one of the emerging brands in terms of truck rear view camera. Let’s see what it has to offer.


Pros and Cons

The pros of this rear camera is that it is waterproof and it addition to that it has a 120 degree fish-lens wide view. The waterproof IP being IP68 means it can withstand the harshest weather and rain. The monitor and ‘wireless’ also have an anti-interference setup meaning you won’t get any interference from vehicles using same system around. The camera is also made with very high quality material which you can feel just by touching it and in addition to that, it is really easy and fast to install just by following the instructions. When in reverse mode, the display of the monitor will automatically switch to rear view without any lag. Lastly in addition to all those advantages, it comes in a 7″ monitor meaning it is larger than most monitors of the same kind. As a bonus, the camera also has infrared vision meaning you can use it at night too.

As a matter of fact, there were no cons for this one.


Check price and availability here


License Plate Backup Camera, Esky Rear View Camera 170° Viewing Angle

Made by Esky, it is another one of the innovative brands around.


Pros and Cons

The Esky is a pretty good rear view camera as it is extremely well constructed and designed. Having a 170 degree viewing angle means that it will cover most of the blind sport that might encounter while reversing. Having IR vision means you can also see at night in the dark or in low light settings. Having micro lenses mean that you’ll always get a clear image as well as having the perfect mirror view to aid in you reversing. No additional wires are needed as those provided are good enough meaning you won’t have to purchase extra ones. Even after a few uses, we found that even in the worst rainy weather, there are no signs of damage or any lasting effects. And lastly coming with 12V power setup means it is pretty universal.

The IR vision is okay but you will still not see much in the darkest places.

Check price and availability here


NATIKA Backup Camera with Waterproof and 170 Degree Super Wide

This camera made from NATIKA is another one of the emerging brand.


Pros and Cons

This rear view camera is also one of the best as its waterproof rating is IP69K which is better than most. You don’t have to worry using it on rainy days or even when washing your car. Coming with wide viewing angle lenses, it grants you a 170 degree wide vision meaning you can see pretty much everything that is behind you as you reverse. The monitor is not bad either coming at 7′ and HD. As a plus, it is also very easy to install onto any truck. And lastly the camera is adjustable to display the angle you prefer.

As a matter of fact, we found no cons with this one.


Check price and availability here


LeeKooLuu Backup Camera Waterproof Night Vision License Plate rear view

LeeKooLuu another one of the emerging brands on the market.


Pros and Cons

This rear view camera is extremely easy to install. Once you get in reverse gear, the display will switch from GPS or DVD to rear view camera. Being IP68 means it can resist the harshest rainy weather. Coming in 12V means that it is pretty universal. The 4.3 inch LCD display is pretty convenient as it can be attacked to the dashboard with the provided material. In addition there are two video inputs meaning you can purchase an additional camera, one for the front and one for the back. At 135 degrees wide view, it is over the average you can find.

The con is that sometimes it can come without the 12V wire needed.

Check price and availability here


Now that we’ve reached the end of this review, it’s time to reveal our pick. As always, just because we chose one doesn’t mean that the others are not good. In fact, they are all pretty good, it will all depend on your type of car and for what particular use you will have for it.

Now without any further ado, our choice was the NATIKA Backup Camera with Waterproof and 170 Degree Super Wide. The reason for this is because in contrast to the others, it does have a 170 degree vision and a 7” monitor which is one of the best combination you might get on the market.

Now you can come up with your own conclusion by using the review above.