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Detachable steering wheel reviews

Below we decided to review some of the best detachable (or also quick release) steering wheels on the market. Also some hints for use are described here.

Gear up for some racing action with the all new SPCC Universal Racing Steering Wheels

The steering wheel of a car is one of the most important components. The handling of the vehicle depends on how flexible and comfortable the steering wheel is and people, especially while buying racing cars, keep this into consideration.

What is the Rxmotor Universal Fit 320mm JDM Battle Racing Steering?

The Rxmotor Universal Fit 320mm JDM Battle Racing Steering is a leather spoke steering wheel meant for the racing cars. It is a universal steering wheel, meaning that you just need to use the correct fitment adaptor hub in order to use this steering wheel. Weighing in at only 2.8 pounds, this steering wheel is a good option for those looking to stylize their interiors and get better handling on their cars.

The PVC leather is glued on the steering wheel, giving it a firm and mean look, ideal for your racing car styles. Moreover, the handle is designed in a way to provide better grip and enhanced handling of your vehicle.

How does it work?

The steering wheel cannot be attached directly to your vehicle. Since it is universal, it requires a standard 6 bolt universal steering hub for fitting the  steering wheel unit. Once the wheel unit is attached, the steering wheel is ready to go and you can now experience enhanced performance in terms of handling from your car.

Which cars use this type of steering wheel?

The steering wheel is meant for the racing vehicles. The style and design of the steering wheel are meant to enhance the interiors of racing vehicles and the wheel will not look as good when used in a regular sedan or a luxury sedan.

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Deep Dish Drift Spec Steering Wheel 350mm – Whole Black & Red Stitch

About the product

This is a type of steering when that has been designed with the deep dish drift. It is a revolutionary type of steering with 350 mm aluminum steering. Just like other types of steering, the main purpose of the Deep Dish Drift Spec Steering Wheel 350mm – Whole Black & Red Stitch is to act as a form of steering control in a car. This type of steering is light weight, stylish and sporty, thus making it the perfect steering for daily driving and sporting.

How does it Work

This sort of steering wheel works in conjunction with the central steering system by helping the driver have a firm control of the steering.  It has red stitches along the edges, thus helping the driver have a former grip apart from improving the physical outlook of the steering. The deep dish technology ensures that the steering is far from the turn signal as well as the wiper stalks, so you won’t turn them on accidentally.

Which cars use it?

The Deep Dish Drift Spec Steering Wheel 350mm – Whole Black & Red Stitch is used in a majority of modern vehicles. It can be fitted in any car that uses the 6 whole aftermarket hub. However, it is most convenient for race cars. Due to its deep dish technology, it is also convenient for tall or long legged drivers.

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NRG ST-015MC-WT 350mm Classic Wood Grain White Steering Wheel 3-Spoke Center In Neochrome

Before we jump into analyzing this model of the detachable steering wheel, let’s say something about detachable steering wheels in general.

The detachable steering wheel is a steering wheel that is not fixed. This means that this type of steering wheel can be removed if necessary. Detachable steering wheels are mostly used for sports cars and/or race cars and are not used for an everyday sedan or limousine-like cars.

There are many types of detachable steering wheels available on the market and each type differentiates by many characteristics such as material they are made of, size, longevity, and durability, etc.

Below we will be talking about characteristics of this particular model of detachable steering wheel starting with its usage.



NRG ST-015MC-WT is made from luxurious wood, which also improves grip, enables easier handling and far better control. The dimension of NRG ST-015MC-WT is 350 mm and it can be used with almost any 6 Bolt Hub Adapter.

To make sure that you install it properly, it is very highly recommended for you that a professional does an installation job for you, but in case that you know what you are doing (or at least you think that you do), it has many installation guides that can be found on world wide web. The weight of this model is 14 pounds.

So, if you are into sports cars and/or if you want to add sports dimension to your own car, try NRG ST-015MC-WT . Excellent grip, great and easy handling with affordable price is what you will get with this model.

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320mm 3 Chrome Center Spoke Aluminum Racing Steering Wheel With Silver Inserts

It is a sports design wheel which you can use to customize your car for beauty, or you can use this wheel if you want extra comfort in your wheel movement. This wheel frame is made up of high quality % light weight Aluminum and is of 320mm. This wheel is covered with leather so that you can grip the wheel accurately and the wheel will not slip from your hands. It is so accurately designed that single hand wheel grip driver and use it and double hand wheel grip driver can also use it very smoothly.

How does it work?

This wheel is designed accurately for sports and casual street drivers. The use of aluminium in this wheel make it lighter than other wheels and it is way much durable than others. Its leverage is increased so that you can turn or move your car easily and with a bit of effort than other casual wheels. Three spoke design gives comfort and accurate wheel grip of you are a single or double hand wheel grip driver. Sweat proof leather on the wheel will allow you the perfect movement while turning or sudden movement.

Which cars use it?

This 320mm Racing Steering Wheel can be used in sports cars and in casual cars with customizing base and hub adaptor fitting placement. Most of the cars are using it.

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NRG Steering wheel ST-015MC-BK Classic Wood Grain Wheel, 350mm, Blackwood, 3 spoke center in Neochrome NEO

What is this?

This steering wheel is a new gem in the market brought to you by NRG Innovations. Belonging to the ST-015MC-BK series, this wheel is made from superior quality materials with a very sober and sophisticated finish enhancing the style and looks of any car.

How does it work?

It basically works like any other steering wheel with an inbuilt horn button in it. What makes it stand out is the smooth, black colored luxurious wood and the neo chrome finish on the three-spoke center. The wood grain feels great against the hands and the black really complements the neo chrome finish on spokes of the wheel making it aggressive, bold and edgy. Its dimensions are 14 X 14 X 4 inches. It is available in 350mm.

Which cars use it?

The NRG ST-015MC-BK steering wheel can fit into any of the cars out there. There are no problems related to dimensions or efficiency that one can face if they choose to replace their old steering wheel with this one. The only thing that the buyers may have to look out for is the need for an adapter to make the steering wheel fit.

Prospective buyers can log on to the NRG website where they can find a list of adapters corresponding to the various models of cars. One can either buy this adapter or order online as per their convenience.

It should be kept in mind that this steering wheel doesn’t exhibit any difference compared to a normal steering wheel on a functional level. It is there for a great feel and to add to the style and looks of the interiors of the car.


  • Use of superior quality, black color wood
  • Neochrome finish
  • Great for styling


  • No way to add an air bag to this steering wheel
  • Will have to purchase a steering wheel adapter specific to your car.
  • Direct exposure to sunlight will make its temperature rise

I would like to summarize by saying that the NRG steering wheel does its job and looks pretty doing it. It would completely depend on the car owners to decide whether they need it or not.

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NRG Steering Wheel – 06 (Deep Dish) – 350mm (13.78 inches) – Black Leather with Red Spokes – Part # ST-006R-RD

What is this?

The NGR Steering wheel is a game changer, an exceptional new quality product in the market. It was designed by NGR Innovations with materials of high aesthetic value. This steering wheel comes in 350mm and is the ST-006R-RD series while it gives any kind of car more sophisticated looks

How does it work?

It is fully functional like any other car steering and comes with a greater grip and balance to allow for smoother usage. This steering comes with a sleek dimension of about 14 x 14 x 4 inches with a simple 3 pounds weight. The superior black leather finishing gives the user a great feel while the red spokes design that comes with it has the user experiencing its fierce, sensitive and balanced feel

Which cars use it?

The ST-006R-RD steering was fully designed to suit most cars out there. Cars owners have no known issues with wanting to change an old car steering with this excellent replacement as it comes with regular dimensions and still offers greater efficiency. However, the user will need to have a 6 -Hole Hub Adapter to enable the steering fit in well. It is important to note that there is little or no disparity between the NGR ST-006R-RD and your regular steering wheels as per functionality and capability but only needed to offer a greater grip and aesthetic looks.

For potential buyers who need details on the product as regards vehicle models, vehicle hub adapters, they have access to such information on the NGR website in other to help them make an informed decision as to their needs.


  • Made from superior black leather
  • Amazing décor option for car interior


  • Not budget friendly but worth the quality
  • Hole Hub adapter must be specific to your vehicle brand
  • It comes with no space for air- bag fit to it.



This quality NGR product has lived up to its billing of offering some beautiful interior looks to your vehicle. It is specially meant to give a great user experience to buyers and that is exactly what it does.

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NRG Innovation BLUE wood wheel, 350mm, 3 spoke center in NEO CHROME steering wheel

People already consider cars as necessities nowadays. They use such vehicles in order to conveniently and quickly reach their respective destinations. In this case, it is important for the car owners to have proper control of their vehicles. For this matter, the steering wheel plays such an important role with regards to how the owners can properly and comfortably maneuver their own cars.

What This Is?

The steering wheel is a product from NRG Innovations. This is part of the ST-015MC-BI series. The company uses high-quality materials in order to manufacture such product. The buyer will surely appreciate the design of such item since it is made from luxurious wood. To top it all off, the company applies a neo chrome finish to the surface of the steering wheel. The center shows the three spokes which usually are available in 350mm.

How Does It Work?

If you are tired of the plain design of the steering wheel that came along with your car, or if you have always wanted to have your chipped or damaged steering wheel replaced, this product from NRG Innovations is surely the best product that suits your needs. You just have to remove the old steering wheel from your car with the use of a screwdriver. Afterward, you need to replace it with this new item. You can tighten up the product with the use of six bolts.

Which Cars Use It?

The product has been designed by the company to be compatible with any car that you have, no matter what make and model of the vehicle may be. In this case, it is suitable for use with a truck, a sedan, a van, and others. This is universal so you will not have any difficulty with the compatibility of this branded steering wheel to your own car. You can also consider having steering wheel with airbag in your car if you prefer safety.

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