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Reviewing Best Fuel Containers

Fuel containers or tanks are used by people of all fields. Therefore they are available under many brand names within different price range. If you are confused and don’t know which one to buy then you have arrived at right place. Here we have discussed five most appropriate and affordable fuel containers with their positive and negative qualities with our recommendation. This will definitely help you to make a valuable and appropriate purchase. So here we begin:-

MSR Fuel Bottle is specially designed to accept the thread on MSR fuel pump and it also comes with twist caps which are leak proof. It is a good product for carrying additional fuel for two wheelers.

No Spill 14505-Gallon Poly Gas Can (CARB Compliment) is a user controlled product because user can tip its can vertical, and insert spout into vessel opening. After this user can press start button and control pouring.

DuraMax Flo n’ Go LE Fluid Transfer Pump and 14- Gallon Rolling Gas Can is a high quality durable product. It is specially designed for commercial, recreational, and industrial applications.

No Spill 1405 2-1/2 Gallon Poly Gas Cans has a thumb button control that offers precise pouring. It is completely user controlled product. This product is tested and certified to offer you good quality.

No Spill 1415 1-1/4 Gallon Poly Gas Can (CARB Compliment) like other products from No Spill comes with thumb button control technique to offer precise pouring to its users. There is an attached dust cover which is there to keep users spout clean.

Detailed description of each product is explained below

MSR Fuel Bottle

It is a quality product that can handle required pressurization in order to correctly operate MSR liquid fuel stoves. It is also capable of carrying additional amount of fuel for vehicles.

By preventing air from entering and degrading fuel, it provides opportunity to users to store their fuel for longer duration. These bottles are leak proof and hence are safe to use.

Things we liked

  1. Leak proof
  2. Safe
  3. Good quality
  4. Affordable

Things we did not like

  1. Hot seal leaks
  2. Dirt sensitive caps
  3. Low capacity

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No Spill 14505-Gallon Poly Gas Can (CARB Compliment)

This product comes with thumb button control which does not push downwards on tank’s filler neck to pour. If user follows few tips, then he can get more control over this product.

It has a 7-8 inch funnel spout that can even fill smallest equipment.

The can also contain 20 mesh integrated stainless steel screen.

Things we liked

  1. Easy to use.
  2. Nice spout system

Things we did not like

  1. Average quality of product.
  2. Bad quality of valve.
  3. Sometimes leaks.

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DuraMax Flo n’ Go LE Fluid Transfer Pump and Rolling Gas Can

It is a right option for those who want to use this for commercial and industrial applications because it is specially designed to serve such purposes.

It can be used with generators, boats, lawn tractors, ATVS, snowmobiles, etc. It offers easy and comfortable transportation and is also rust free and is resistant to dents.

Things we liked                                                                                                                                                                               

  1. Rust resistant.
  2. Comfortable transportation.
  3. Easy to use.

Things we did not like

  1. Hard instructions.
  2. Average safety level.
  3. Not cheap.

Check price and availability here

No Spill 1405 Poly Gas Can

It is a user controlled product which crosses standard certification test to deliver good quality. There is an attached dust cover that can keep spout clean.

Smallest equipments can also be filled using this product. This well built product has a nice spout system. Its spill proof design increases its attractiveness.

Things we liked

  1. Automatically shut off technique
  2. Spill proof product
  3. Leak proof
  4. Well designed

Things we did not like

  1. Hard to handle
  2. Bulky

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No Spill 1415 Poly Gas Can (CARB Compliment)

The No Spill spout is completely user controlled product. It has a quickly pouring nozzle that is spill proof and is also auto-stop in nature.

These gasoline cans are completely tested as well as certified to ASTM-85299 Standard Specification for transportable gasoline containers for usage of consumers.

Things we liked

  1. Spill proof
  2. Auto-control
  3. Great quality
  4. Safe
  5. No frills

Things we did not like

  1. Cap leaks
  2. Not easy to handle
  3. Thin plastic

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How Fuel Containers Can Help You?

There are many benefits of fuel containers as they make fuel carrying an easy and affordable task. Some other benefits of fuel cans are given below:-

  1. They are easily portable products therefore they can be used anywhere at the time of need.
  2. High quality fuel containers come with spill proof technology which makes them easy to handle.

Who Should Not Buy Fuel Containers?


  1. These products are quite hard to handle therefore those who are suffering from arthritis or any other kind of hand impairments should not buy fuel containers.
  2. Residue of some additional substance may also react with fuel; therefore if someone is not aware of safety steps then he should not take risk of buying fuel containers.

Special Considerations

There are a lot of thing that require your concentration during using or purchasing fuel containers. Some of these are discussed here for your safety.

  1. Some of these products are not spill proof or leak proof therefore buyers are advised to buy only spill proof products for their safety.
  2. Quality is a major factor in case of fuel tanks therefore buyers should buy fuel containers made up of non reactive durable metal or plastic.
  3. Fuel handling is a risky task therefore perfect sealing cap should be used.


In this review, our top choice No Spill 1415 1-1/4 Gallon Poly Gas Can (CARB Compliment). We have specially chosen this product because it is loaded with positive qualities. It offers quality service through auto shut technology.

Apart from this it is spill proof as well as leak proof and perfectly designed and affordable product.