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Reviewing best roll up Tonneau cover

The best Rollup Tonneau covers increase the usability of your Truck Bed; offer you security, functionality, and protection from the elements. They help protect your cargo from theft, provide functionality that allows you to haul anything at any time and ensure your cargo gets protection from weather conditions like rain, sun, wind and snow.

Trucks are great tools for moving cargo and there are several ways to maximize the use of your truck. While there are so many ways to enjoy your truck, adding a retractable Tonneau cover to your truck triples those reasons. Retractable Tonneau covers allow you the freedom of an open truck bed and the functionality of a cover.

Lund 96893 Genesis Elite Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

This product has a material with a double-sided construction of high-quality vinyl with a black matte finish. It also has a hassle-free tension control, which allows it to fit snugly on the edges of your truck. This quality make of the material gives your cargo protection from moisture and theft.

The Lund Genesis has a heavy-duty Velcro hook and a quick release rear latch, which allows easy opening and closing. This Tonneau cover will withstand the test of time and weather because it is tearing and weather resistant. You will complete the installation yourself less than 30 minutes due to its pre-assembled package.

  • Premium HAARTZ Twill Weave Fabric
  • Heavy duty, attractive and affordable
  • Conceals, secures and protects cargo
  • Tear – resistant, durable, double – sided fabric with black matte finish
  • Low – profile design with tapered and finished corners
  • Heavy – duty aluminum rails and bows
  • Hassle – free tension control keeps the cover tight
  • Designed specifically for your make, model and year

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Lund 96064 Genesis Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

This Lund Genesis™ Elite Roll up Tonneau Cover is able to provide you with the complete protection you’re looking for in a truck bed cover. Its roll-up design makes it extremely easy to install and remove, and you can even do it yourself because everything comes pre-assembled. You can expect the absolute best quality when buying a LUND cover for your truck and that’s why you’ll receive a limited lifetime warranty with this purchase.

The Lund Genesis Roll Up Tonneau Cover employs heavy-duty Velcro hook and loop fasteners for easy opening and closing. After rolling up, the bed cover is secured by nylon straps. The easy, no-drill installation gets the Roll Up Tonneau Cover on your truck and ready to go in around 20 minutes.

  • LUND Genesis Roll Up Tonneau Series
  • Soft Design
  • Twill Weaved Material for Extra Strength
  • Simple Installation – No Drilling Needed
  • Cable Clamp Lock
  • Made in the United States of America

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Lund 96892 Genesis Elite Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

In the beginning of Tonneau-dom, there was the vinyl Lund Genesis Roll Up. And truck owners looked upon it, and it was good. Then, Lund developed their Elite Genesis Tonneau Cover with the HAARTZ twill-weave fabric tarp. And pick up people looked upon its canvas-rescue pattern with a matte black finish, and their jaws dropped from its goodness.

The Lund Genesis Elite Roll up Tonneau Cover does more than just turn heads. It helps protect your cargo from foul weather, blistering sunlight and sticky-fingered thieves. Plus, you’ll start seeking a few extra miles out of every tank of gas because your Genesis Elite Tonneau Cover cuts MPG-draining tailgate drag.

Even though the Elite line of Tonneau Covers uses a new fabric for its tarp, it’s still a Lund Roll Up Tonneau Cover underneath. So, it’s packed with all the premium features that made this one of the most popular tonneaus in town: hassle-free tension controls, a low-profile stance, and total bed access. Custom designed to mount easily with no drilling required, these tonneaus are USA made.

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TruXedo 246901 TruXport Soft Roll-Up Dual Latch Tonneau Cover

The reoccurrence of TruXedo products in this review is an indication of how much quality they churn out when it comes to tonneau covers.

The TruXedo 246901 Rollup Tonneau cover has a black construction of an industrial grade fabric with a sleek look. This material is highly durable and does not have broken arched bows. A cover height of about 1.2 inches above bed rails gives your truck an addition of aerodynamic contours and thus improves its MPG to about 10%. Its top-mount design fits perfectly with most truck bed caps and liners.

This dual latch system requires a single user at the tailgate to give you quick release and access. It also has simple headers and clamp-on rails with an industrial grade Velcro that fastens the cover to the rails thereby keeping it taut. This also reduces wear and tear on the tonneau cover.

Adjusting its tension control knob requires just seconds and no tools. The TruXedo 246901 tonneau cover does not require drilling or cutting so its installation is easy.

It has a smooth, sleek look, and is constructed with black industrial grade fabric for durability. The positive dual latching mechanisms provide added security and adjustable tension control keeps the cover tight. TruXport features easy clamp-on installation in less than 30 minutes and all side and corner sealing to ensure your truck bed contents stay clean and dry. The cover quickly rolls open and stores at the front of the bed with two security straps when hauling large cargo.

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Gator Roll Up Tonneau Cover 53107 Chevy Silverado GMC Sierra 2007-2013 6.5 ft Bed

This 6.5 ft. Tonneau cover has a high-quality material with good modern touches of vinyl to ensure it lasts long. This material has a sleek appearance and there is a hook, which you can use to hold the cover when you roll it up. T

The cover accommodates the cover cross brows well. At the end of the truck is a tension control to provide easy access to adjust the Tonneau cover. If you want better protection, MPG, and style at an affordable price, then the Gator 53110 Chevy Roll up Tonneau Cover is what you should get.

The trigger latch on the driver’s side of the cover only takes one hand to operate. When the Gator Roll Up is rolled up completely, it allows full truck bed access to use as normal. Secured with hooks, you are able to drive safely down the road with the cover fastened at the cab. The included drill-free clamps ensure you won’t have to drill into the truck bed.

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