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Reviewing Racing Exhausts


There are various types of exhausts but we’ll stick to the two main types so that you have a greater understanding of it. The two types are normal (street) car exhausts and race cars exhausts. They are both different and let’s see their main differences before getting to the review.


Normal car exhaust

The street everyday car exhaust has to adhere to the rules and regulations set by the government of the country in question about the exhaust emissions and noises. Your everyday car will have to reduce noise to a good dB and must also contain catalytic converters to do reduce gas emissions as much as possible. The bad or amateur position and bends can sometimes cause the pipes to crack under pressure and thus reducing power output and more gas emission. The exhausts’ length also add to their weight of your car, if your engine is in front which it probably is.


Race car exhaust

For the race car exhaust, the car body itself needs to be light, as this applies to its exhaust system as well. They are usually made of titanium so as to reduce as much weight as possible and also for the good properties of the metal in sustaining high degrees of temperature. They do not have any noise restriction meaning no baffles or chambered mufflers needed. Usually short and straight, there is practically no chance of back pressure. They can be custom made so as to fit the requirements of races and the race cars.


Now without any further ado, let’s review those racing exhausts.


AKRAPOVIC Evolution Line (Titanium) Cat-back Exhaust with Carbon Tips

This exhaust is made by AKRAPOVIC, one of the most well-known car exhaust around the world.


Pros and Cons

This exhaust is one of the most powerful and light-weight you might find on the market. Since it is made of titanium, it keeps the weight down. Also this exhaust is designed so as to give you the deepest and most race like sound you can probably get. With it 105mm of carbon fiber, it works very well will all kind of temperatures meaning it won’t crack or bend from the compressed exhaust gas of varying degrees. The exhaust valves can also be regulated with the factory button. Overall it is probably one of the best around and does all the features as advertised.

As a matter of fact, there weren’t any cons for this one.

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Ducati Superbike Evolution Complete Titanium Racing Exhaust System

Another one of Akrapovic’s exhaust systems. Let’s check what is has to offer.


Pros and Cons

For motorcycles or bike, the Ducati line is one of the best. Made from titanium like its car counterpart, this exhaust is extremely light and durable. In addition it also resists to the heat generated within the engine to the pipe exhaust, meaning there won’t be any cracks. At 5150 rpm, it provides an added power of 9.4kW, less a weight of 4.8kg and finally provides an added torque of 17.9Nm at 5300 rpm making it one of the best.

As a matter of fact, there were no cons for this one too.

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Capristo | Ferrari 430 Racing Exhaust System (Valveless)

Manufactured by Capristo, one of the common brands around.


Pros and Cons

This exhaust system is simply one for the loud sound amateurs or professional. It does come with a valve-less system that allows the free flowing of gasses through the pipe giving your engine maximum performance. It is also pretty lightweight being made with in stainless steel meaning you engine won’t have to work too hard to carry it. As mentioned, it is one of the loudest and popular version. It is also very easy to fix since it come in complete set, including the brackets that will allow you to adjust the movement of the exhaust.

The third one on our list that we couldn’t find any con.

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Another one of Capristo exhaust line.


Pros and Cons

The pros of this one is that it instantly gives you an increase in horsepower as well as the sound output from it. It is also very convenient since it can be mounted directly into the existing mounting points if you have a Ferrari or used a similar exhaust before. As mentioned before, this is one of the ‘sound 3’ line meaning it is specially designed to have the loudest pipe output. Made from stainless steel, it handles heat much better which results in boosting the overall performance of your vehicle.

As a matter of fact, we couldn’t find any inconvenience to be considered as a con.

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Remus 689612 1584CS Cat-Back Exhaust System (sportexhaust L/R with integrated valve system, 4 polished tips Carbon Race 84 mm)

Made by Remus, one of the most well-known exhaust manufacturers for all brand.


Pros and Cons

Coming with it Y-cable for both of the actuators, the Remus exhaust system does everything so as to decrease the weight and maximizing performance of the exhaust. Made from stainless steel, it is resistant to high temperature as well as water making it rust resistant in the process. The tube diameter is also precisely adjusted for the specifications of your engine so as to give you an optimized flow for the back pressure.

As a matter of fact, this product too has no inconvenience to be considered as a con.

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Now that we’ve reached the end of this exhaust system performance review, it’s time to reveal our pick. This has been extremely difficult as none of the above have any inconvenience to be considered as a con. Before we get to the revealing, we would also like to remind you that even though we are choosing one, it doesn’t mean that all the other products are bad. In fact they are all very good as you’ve seen above.

Now without any further ado, our pick was the CAPRISTO | FERRARI 355 – SOUND 3 – RACING EXHAUST SYSTEM. The reason for this is that we found it really easy to understand the instructions and mount it. Along with its stainless steel coating, it means that it is really solid and resistant to heat.

Now you can re-read the reviews and come to your own conclusion that meets your needs.