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Reviews for 10 inch touch screen car stereos and all you need to know about them


Ever since we’ve passed 2010, car stereos started popping out of nowhere, and even in their touch screen format. It was a new way of playing music since it had integrated memory slots, SD cards and so on. It was mostly developed to compete with FM radio as well as CD and DVD car players but as we progressed, instead of putting them to the side, they can know be played onto the stereo and support all those formats. The touchscreen stereos today seems to be important for a family car and even personal one as it is compatible with a plethora of things such as smartphones and so on. Monitors within the car stereo can also be used with third party backup cameras meaning you can get 2 benefits or advantages in one. Smartphones as well as tablets can now by synched with the touch screen stereo and be used as a playback device.

Now the purpose of this review is to give you a better idea of what these products offers so that you can have a broader idea of it as well as helping you make a decision when you decide that you need one.


10 inch Android 5.1 Car Stereo

Made by Etong which is one of the Asian manufacturers, you are sure to get an innovative product.


Pros and Cons

The pros of this 10.1″ car stereo firstly, is that it comes at a high resolution due to the large screen, making it convenient to not miss any information and watching movies and clips onto it. The fact that it is touch screen make its use easier. As a plus it comes along with an Android system making it compatible with most smartphones. The 1.6 GHz is not a small feat either as it provides enough processing power to run all of these simultaneously without overheating. Like with most stereo monitors, it is compatible with backup cameras meaning once you get into reverse gear, the display will automatically switch to the camera view, making it easy for you to back up. In addition to all of that, there is an integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi system that makes its use very convenient along other android devices. Lastly, it does support map change.

As a matter of fact, we found no inconveniences that could be considered as a con.


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Best Wi-Fi Model Android 7.1 Quad-Core 7 Inch Touch-screen Universal Car Stereo 

HIZPO is another one of the brands that manufactures Best Touch car stereos and have been around for a long time.


Pros and Cons

This touch screen stereo is one of the best with its latest android 7.1 OS making it sun as smooth as ever. As with most of its kind, it does support radio, music and also multimedia coming from USB, SD among others. With its built-in Bluetooth, it is possible to take hands free calls making it very convenient when driving. The mode of the monitor is only plug and play meaning no wiring is needed. The stereo is also like a mini mobile in itself as it support 4G network and Wi-Fi. With a 2GB RAM processor, we found that it does not slow at all when running every application simultaneously. The screen is pretty big offering a resolution of 1024×600 meaning you can watch HD movies onto it. As a plus, you can find all sorts of innovative inputs and outputs on it in the form of mic connect and video/audio in out making it easier for you to install.

The con that we found was that the monitor is pretty fragile and can stop working after some time.

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Jumbo 10.4” Quadcore Android 1280×768 Car Vertical Screen Stereo 

Jumbo is another one of the emerging and innovative stereo manufacturers around.


Pros and Cons

The pros of this touch screen stereo is that it is very simple and may come with a 2GB RAM processor if you chose it to be. It can support up to 32GB memory of data and the Telsa style gives your car an added magnetic look. Like most of the other stereos, it does support from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth to GPS navigation making it very convenient for use. The monitor or stereo is also compatible with most iPhone and android devices and connected via Bluetooth. Once connected, it is possible to play media from the mobiles/phones to the monitor as well as the stereo. If you have a factory backup camera, then it is possible to link it to the monitor and once you get into reverse gear, the display will automatically switch to the camera view.

The only con that we found was that it didn’t have a DVD player although that matters much since it supports all types of digital media.


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Quad-core Android 7.1 Double 2din Car Stereo in Dash 

Manufactured by EinCar, this touch screen stereo is sure to be innovative


Pros and Cons

The pros of this stereo is that it support most language and countries meaning you don’t have to worry about translation problems. Also it comes with a 10.1 monitor/display, making it one of the best of its kind. The stereo support most types of videos and music making it very convenient for use. The 7.1 nougat android system also makes it smooth to navigate across your files. The Bluetooth grants you the Hands Free feature while the Wi-Fi allows you to connect to different hotspots. Overall it is a very good stereo that supports navigation, music and backup camera.

As a matter of fact, there were no cons for this one.

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Now it is time to reveal the one we would most likely bet one if we had to choose. Without any further ado, the one we found suited us the best was the Quad-core Android 7.1 Double 2din Car Stereo in Dash. The reason for our choice is simple as it does not have any con and grants you all of the features you need and in most languages.