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Valuable tips on tinting car windows with a spray

Tinted car windows give extra privacy and security. It is like seeing others while being unseen. A tinted window soothes the sunlight and creates a cooler atmosphere inside the car. It gives an extra level of comfort while traveling by car. Also, it makes difficult for someone to peer in search of valuable things. So, you can park your car leaving valuable things inside it without any tension. The intensity of the shade depends on your choice. It can be imperceptible or hazy.

Though tinted windows have many advantages, there are some regulations. It varies from country to country. For example, in some countries using dark color is prohibited. There are some common regulations which everyone should maintain. It is better no to tint the windscreen (front). This can diminish driver’s sight. Even if you tint the windscreen, use light colors which fade away. Also, do not use mirror tint on the windscreen. It will create a vision confusion for other drivers.

You can either buy a car with tinted windows or tint the windows by professionals. But in case you are thinking to tint the windows by yourself, here is some help.

How to tint car windows with spray

Step 1: Clean all the windows carefully. Make it grime, dust and grease free.

Step 2: Ensure close-by ranges of bodywork, trim, and upholstery from the spray by covering them with lots of paper and ceiling tape. For more safety, you can cover dashboard and other important machines also.

Step 3: Before you spray do not forget to shake the can thoroughly. This way all the material will mix up well.

Step 4: Start spraying from the top. Bring down the window a little bit. It will make easy to spray the top edges. When the spray dries move, the window up and spray the rest of it. Remember, always hold the can about fifteen cm away from the glass.

Step 5: Give the tint enough time to dry. Do not move the window up or down in the meantime. Finally, when the tint dries up to remove all the papers and tapes.


As you are tinting the windows on your own you may face some problems. Here are some common problems and their solutions regarding tinting car windows.

Are the windows hazier than you wanted?

Do not worry. This is absolutely normal. This state will remain for some days after tinting but gradually they will fade away.

Is the color turned into purple?

This happens because of the UV rays. In this case, the spray was low quality.

When can I wash my car after tinting?

It is better to wash the car after one or two days if you used tint spray. In the case of tint film, you will need to wait two to three days.

What type of cleaner should I use?

You can use anything except something which has ‘ammonia’ in it.

Is it a wise decision to tint in a wet day?

If you are doing this on your own, it is probably not a wise idea.

Do I need to remove air bubbles?

If you are using the spray tinting method, there is no chance of occurring any air bubble.

Here are some tiny sprays to consider:

VHT SP999 Niter-Shades Lens Cover Tint Translucent Black Paint Can

Is Ideal for that rider or driver whose always on the go. This VHT SP999 Niter-Shades Lens Cover Tint Translucent Black Paint Can is good to be used and can’t be remove when you apply it already, so no need to spray every other month or no need to worry if your tail lights look like changing colors or look old because this Lens cover tint is you can trust in a long term, you can save money and also time. Signal lights are very important to recognize from the other car just to make sure that the color of your lights is more highlights and it has been covered with a high quality of paint. It is very easy to use simple as you will just clean you tail lights and after drying it you can use this Lens cover tint four coating is good enough to look your tail lights good it will appear black after but the red color will actually come out when it is used but you can see instructions to see detailed steps. Good outcome comes from a good and high-quality product.

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Duratrax PC294 Polycarb Spray Window Tint

Has a good combination of substance that will give your car a nice and glossy color not same as other dry. Has many color option whatever you want and should be used properly should not spray more to the body of the car or else it might give the color not good.

Putting color on this product is a very good choice it won’t remove easily as what you thinking even if you will not color it, again and again, this product lift the real good color of your car. It should allow drying the first coat before applying the second coat.

You can use hair blower if you have if you want to dry it up fast. Just be careful when using it because vapors may cause a fire. Duratrax PC294 Polycarp Spray Window Tint, 4.5 oz. is enough to cover an RC body’s trucks or car.

A good choice of color might bring your car how you take care of it. It is affordable so you can buy many colors as you want just make sure you keep it and hid away from children to avoid the problem and if it may happen to see a doctor make sure that it will not worst.

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