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Guide to choosing water based tire dressing


Easy and perfect tire dressing with water-based products

Tire dressing can be done with two types of products, water-based or silicone-based. The former does not have any solid suspension whereas the latter consists of a solid suspension. A silicone-based suspension becomes a layer on the tire which does not come off easily at the time of the next application of the dressing. This causes a slow accumulation of silicone on the tire which eventually causes the tire to acquire a brown tinge, that is surely not what you set out to do. Of course, you can spend some extended time on scraping the previous layer of dressing off before applying the next layer. However, a better alternative is non silicone tire dressing.

Water based tire dressing reviews

Duragloss 321

This automotive Non-Silicone Dressing  can be used on vinyl, leather and tires. The product provides the shine that you desire without any of the greasiness of a silicone-based dressing. Duragloss says the product is designed to extend the longevity of the rubber. Other products that are bought along with it are tire cleaners, applicators, drying towels and leather conditioners.

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3M 39042 Tire Restore

3M 39042 Tire Restore can be bought on Amazon at a price slightly higher than Duraglosses and free shipping on orders over $35. It promises a new look to tires and a natural appearance to rubber bumpers and vinyl moldings. The glow is not entirely shiny but that of a new tire which is a bit subdued. It is reviewed as lasting long. For those who do not prefer a high degree of shine, 3M is the product to go for.

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Chemical Guys TVD10716 V.R.P. Super Shine Dressing

Chemical Guys TVD10716 V.R.P. Super Shine Dressing can be used on tires, plastic and leather. It has the characteristic of repelling water as well as UV rays. The product works to resist cracking of the surface while delivering the shine. With protection against UV rays, it is a product that comes with quite a number of features including the essential aspect of non-greasiness of a silicone free tire dressing.

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HD Dress premium Exterior Dressing

HD Dress premium Exterior Dressing is described as having a special non-surfactant composition that delivers longer shine. It also has the option of varying the degree of shine. The product imparts protection against UV rays.

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Lucas Oil 10513 Slick Mist Tire and Trim Shine

Lucas Oil 10513 Slick Mist Tire and Trim Shine is described as being ideal for cars, trucks, boats and airplanes. The product also comes with UV resistance. You can use it on bumpers, plastic or any rubber and vinyl trim.

water based tire dressing
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How to apply tire dressing

The process that you undertake with water based tire shine products begins with a preliminary cleaning of the tire surface. Next, you can spray the tire protectant on a sponge and then apply it on the surface. The applicator that is suitable for you can be opted for along with the product or as a separate purchase. You might even prefer to directly spray the tire with the silicon free tire dressing instead of putting it into the applicator. However, you will probably disperse a portion of the dressing into the air if you spray it directly.water based tire dressing
Another inherent aspect of non silicone tire dressing is that it does not have a sticky character. This stickiness could lead to accumulation of dirt if you set out on a drive into dusty environs. As a result, you can be doubly sure that water based tire shine products are not acting contrary to their functionality even when you go on a dusty road. Combined with the feature of not forming a solid layer over the tire, the feature of not creating a sticky surface makes silicone free tire dressing the preferred choice of car owners.

You would need to take care when applying the product as each has its own chemical composition and therefore certain unique aspects of utilization. The most important part of a tire protectant is that it has to be compatible with the materials and chemicals that have gone into the manufacture of the tire. If the water based tire shine products have a negative reaction with the underlying materials in the tire, then you would have a real problem on your hands.

Why do you want to go water based?

The formulation of the product has to be such that it does its job perfectly and delivers shine over a considerable stretch of time. Water-based tire dressing products are ideal as they do not react with the rubber at all. The same feature is required of the tire cleaning liquid as well. It should not lead to the tire being impacted in a negative manner. When a product is formulated such that it has the right amount of chemical strength that is needed to sustain itself for a while but not too much of a heavy composition that can cause rubber to get impacted, it will be just the right tire dressing.

Professionals who have been in the business for many years will spot the minor differences that each product brings to the job of tire dressing. Those who are trying out the job for the first time can check out a number of products that are based on water and can avoid the greasy effect that comes with silicones. This greasiness adds to the work that is necessary the next time round. With a water-based dressing, you are spared this extra work as you will be starting out at the same level of dressing each time you carry out the job.

Another aspect that makes water-based tire dressing a better choice is that it does not have any harmful ingredient with respect of the environment as well as your health. Further, with a water-based dressing, you get a solution that does its job perfectly and one that does not get thrown out onto the adjoining parts of your automobile.