The process of car tinting is the use of laminated films which coat the glass of the windows of the car. The main material is Polyester because it has the strongest durability and clarity.
The benefits of having tinted windows are numerous and should give a good indication of what you can achieve.

You must get the laws for each state before you apply a tint and this can be done by reading through the DMV Department of Motor Vehicles) guidelines and laws on the subject. Failure to comply will often result in a fine, and the added expense of removing the film and sometimes even damage to the windows themselves because the authorities are a bit heavy handed when making sure that you get the stuff off.

What do you need to know when you choose to tint your car windows?

The car window tint laws require you to comply with luminous reluctance levels as set out by the DMV for your state – this is how much light passes through the tinted glass. For example, in Alabama, the VLT (Visible Light Transmission Percentage) is 32% for sedans.

When you know what you are allowed to install, it makes it easier to choose the product.

Dyed Film is a type of laminated which is used for protection against light. It is the cheapest film and often fades quickly. However, it offers the most blacked-out appearance is popular because of the price. It offers little in the way of heat reduction but it does prevent sun damage to upholstery.

Carbon Film looks similar to the dyed film, but it is a higher quality and blocks out about 40% of the light. This film does not contain metal components, which means that it will not interfere with wireless frequency and it also lasts a bit longer than dyed film.

Crystalline Film is the best form of window tint available. It is also the most expensive. This is a multi-layered tint and the final finish looks great and extremely professional. The tint ability of this film blocks infrared up to 97% and allows light of up to 90% to enter the car, whilst at the same time blocking out 60% of the heat from the sun.

By opting for the ceramic in place of regular tint, will also give a lot more bang for your bucks, because it looks good and lasts longer than regular.

How to choose the Right Tint Brand

With so many brands I think it is best to offer just the best so that you can make a decent comparison.

The top brands are Llumar, FormulaOne, Solar Guard and Madico. If you are thinking of 3m, it is not a bad choice, but it doesn’t come up to the same standard as the others mentioned. Find out which have the best qualities for what you can afford and ask at the tint shops which offer the best value for money related to performance and durability.

Tint Installation and Costs

​This is where the price and charges differ a lot. You will be charged more to fit the high-end products and it also depends on the vehicle you drive. Home installation is also charged according to product and vehicle. But getting the job done by a professional will actually mean that you can rely on a warranty and professional finish.

Some of the smaller, lesser known tint shops will charge somewhere around $100, but professional, high-end cars and tinting will cost you anywhere from $400 and more. You can also do it by yourself by following our guide.


​Before you do anything, get the warranty sorted out. The warranty is the only insurance that you have against poor product or service. Sign it before you close the deal and make sure it covers any damages or breakages that are not normal wear and tear to the film.

Shop around for the best warranty – some places offer a lifetime guarantee or warranty, others only give you a year. ​


Here are some of the best film tints that you should consider for your car:

Complete Car Window Wrap 40% Medium Dark Tint Glass Vinyl Film 30″ x 60″ 

The complete car window wraps 40% medium dark tint glass vinyl film is an amazing product to get for tinting your car. This kit is useful and applicable to wrap all windows of your car, even be it a truck. You do not need any previous wrapping experience to apply or remove this tinting film but however requires precision in order to have all the windows covered with the 2 rolls. The benefits to this tinting film are far much greater having them and cost effective, value for money.

The full car kit comes with acrylic based air-release adhesive which is easy to use and helps to install easily. In the long run, it also helps when removing the film for whatever purposes. With the 40% medium dark tint, the window tint vinyl is enough for privacy in the car, while also adds one to protection from damages, scratches and road grime on the windows. It’s also easily cleanable with just soap and water. This is a great quality for protection and comfort while traveling during extreme sunny and just any other days.

To a great extent, this tint vinyl adds on to the style and security of your car. It protects from UV rays which are a good feature to help in maintaining good skin health. Installing this vinyl film is a great option for whichever reasons you choose to and lasts at least roughly around 5-7 years without fading, cracking or peeling.

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Shade Sox Universal Fit Baby Car Side Window Sun Shade with Travel E-Book

The Shade Sox Universal fit baby car side window sunshade is a must have a kit for anyone with children. This kit inclusive of a travel eBook is a great way to be creative, living healthy and protected in the long run for your children and even for anyone else. The shade sox are an incredible invention, which protects passengers in the back seat from bright sunlight and high temperatures. It provides UV protection, among other discomforts caused by the direct sunlight on a passenger.

It’s easy to install and use is offered through its great features of flexibility and stretchy mesh which goes over and pulls down an open car door, and fits almost every car, with a maximum of 44.3 x 20 inches. This mesh is usable even when windows are rolled down. This is possible through the breathable feature allowing in a nice breeze while still protecting from the sun. This product is unique and basic tinting cannot cover all the benefits it has.

The shade sox also ensure privacy while in the back passenger seats. It reduces heat and allows cooler breezes through flowing air which works easier with the shade unlike on a bare rolled down the window. In addition, it is a classy finish to your car to protect your child or anyone in the back seats and does not affect the paint job when held fast to the door.

Check price and availability here

LEXEN Two Front Window Precut Tint Kit Computer Cut Tinting Glass Film Car Any Shade

The LEXEN two front window precut tint kit is a great deal for your two door vehicle. The precut tinting glass film is a value for your money, when compared to the advantages it comes with. This package only covers the driver and passenger sides of the windows and is easy to install all on your own, needing no help. The qualities of the tint film coincidentally work at par with the reasons for tinting your car; be it privacy or just mere sunlight blocking.

The high-quality LEXAN dyed window films are precut to the specifications of your car; year, model, make and body type. There are precut kits for models from 1990 all the way to the current year models. These specifications help produce exact fitting films that are easy to handle and install.

The films come with varying tint shades of 5% all the way to 50%, which is darkest to lightest respectively. Your choice and desires influence the kind of tint you should have and thus on ordering, this feature must be selected and specified.

Installation is easy and the kit comes with a squeegee to aid in the perfect installation. There are instructions and installation videos available in case of referencing for perfect results. The film guarantees 99% UV block and is non-reflective, keeping it safe from reflective flashes on bright days.

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The LEXEN computer pre-cut complete tint kit for all windows

The LEXEN computer pre-cut complete tint kit for all windows is a must have set for your vehicle, to suit your preferences. Driving in comfort is a must-have feature, and having direct sun into your vehicle can be irritating and harmful to your skin health. With this tint kit, you get both comfort and health to match your desired driving needs. Tinting can also be for reasons of privacy, which without, anyone can see through into your vehicle windows.

This tint kit offers a variety of shade values as needed; from 5%, 15%, 35%, and 50%. These specifications cover your needs for tinting. The tint blocks off 99% of UV rays, which helps with maintaining good health on your skin. With such qualities, this product is of great significance as to the reasons you get it and is guaranteed quality.

The tint film is installer friendly needing just a bit of patience doing it but is, however, easy to put on by yourself. There are available videos on how to apply tint films, and you wouldn’t have to spend more to get it fixed on. The computer pre-cut shapes of your specified vehicle year, make, and model and body type help to get the exact shapes and specifications needing no other modifications while applying them on the windows.

The films are non-reflective dyed and are scratch resistant guaranteeing for durability. You only need to apply 1-ply per window and does not need replacing due to the durability.

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Complete Car Window Wrap 20% Dark Tint Glass Vinyl Film 30″ x 60”

It is an easy to apply, full black tint which requires no prior specialist wrapping experience. With new and improved acrylic based, air release technology, it lasts more than half a decade while not damaging the window surface even a tad bit. This is the most reliable and economically feasible product which is resistant to dust and water and does not corrode or tear off regardless of the terrain it may face. With 2 of 30” x 60” rolls of tint film, your life just became easier as the tint films can even be washed completely clean with just a little soap and water. All of your concerns of securing your privacy are scaled out with this newest glass vinyl tint film. Anyone with a car needs to get themselves one of these!

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PROTINT WINDOWS 36-Inch-by-10-Feet Window Tint Film Roll

Use it to cover your window or –wait, what’s that? Your entire car! Aiming to reduce the glaring heat of summer sun to a bare minimum, this product is hitting the markets hard. It has revolutionized the film tint industry and has set the bar way up for its competitors. Available all across the globe in its dark black glory, this tint film is set out to make your drives a cool, shady experience. With heat and light as its arch nemesis, this 36 inch and 10 feet tint film vows to combat UV light at a near 100% rate and guarantees the user a safe, heat resistant and stylish journey. With an incredible endurance rate, it guarantees no tear offs and promises a scratch-free experience for a suitable time period. It is available in a broad range of 5-50% light transmission spectrum from which the user may select according to their liking. Set at an economic price, this is the new must-have product for all car owners.

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Complete Car Window Wrap 60% Smoke Tint Glass Vinyl Film 30″ x 60”

I like this product but you will need to buy a few other items to install it and it comes without instructions.

Otherwise, it does the job really well and gives at least a 60% tint cover. I have only just installed it, so I don’t know how long it will last, but it was quite easy to apply and is very reasonably priced.

You need to have a lint free cloth, a Stanley knife or something similar, a squeegee with a flat scraper. You should work in a dust free area and make sure you don’t try to fix the film when it is very cold or humid.


Clean the windows really well with your squeegee and a proper window cleaner.

They blow dry with a hairdryer.  Just do one window at a time.

When the window is dry, apply the film, by sticking it to the window and making sure that you get all their air bubbles out with the scraper blade and make sure that the film doesn’t move while you are sticking it in place. It is a two man job unless you are a professional.

Now cut away the excess. You must make sure that you leave enough of the film all the way around so that you can get it under the rubber window gaskets on the sides and especially at the base. It is better to have too much so that you can trim at the end, rather than cut away too much and have slivers of light shining in where the film doesn’t meet the edge of the window. This is important at the top because it can make the difference between a cool look and ugly!

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EZ-Slip Adjustable Brightness Car Side Window Sunshade – Universal Fit Rear Car Window Sun Shade Screen

This brilliant product does exactly what it says on the box and that makes it a High 5 Star rating for me. It is really easy to apply, and you will be impressed that there are no rubber suction cups with this sun filter. The shade cloth is so good that it blocks out 98% of the sun’s UV Rays and with two in the box, it means that everyone in the back of the car is fully protected.

One extra good feature is that you can unzip the inner section to create more vision, so there is not a danger of having a blind spot when you need to see out the back.

We don’t advise having the window down and the shade up when driving, it flaps a bit and we don’t think it was meant to get this type of treatment. If you are stopped, then you can easily open the window and still have shade, which makes it 100 times better than any other window shade on the market.

The sunshade protects from bugs and other flying objects, so if your car is parked in the shade you can easily leave a pet inside with the window open and even a baby can sleep peacefully in the safety of a net shade cloth.

All in all a wonderful invention, value for money and easy to use and even better, it is easiest of all to wash and keep clean.

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We hope you benefited from this guide, and are now aware of your best options and choices. Happy buying!